Is this rare quack Inhalatorium medical gas chamber the only one left?

An artist’s rendering of an Inhalatorium (appx. 1901)
Dr. Chas T. Harper had an Inhalatorium installed at The Wilmington Sanitarium in North Carolina. Clipped from The Wilmington Morning Star, 20 Nov 1910, Sun, Page 14.
Drugs are volatilized under steam pressure in the inhalatorium for treating respiratory, ear, nose, and throat diseases, or for giving medical baths. It is claimed that drugs can be introduced by the medicated bath to produce general systemic effect.

There has been a constant demand for a cheaper Inhalatorium; one that would come within reach of the practitioner who cannot see his way clear to invest $600 to $1000, and in order to meet this demand we are now manufacturing Inhalatoriums in eight different styles, ranging in price from $275 to $1000. They are the very best that can be furnished for the money and are sold on very reasonable terms.

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Worn Over Time

Worn Over Time

Have fun guessing and learning about our collection of unusual objects at

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