25 People to Avoid at Model UN

In a competition where people often take themseves too seriously or define themselves by the school they represent, it’s easy to just avoid everyone. Here you’ll find my list of 25 people that I’m planning on avoiding this year.

  1. Avoid the “I gaveled at last year” guy. He’s not gaveling anymore.
  2. Avoid the girl who flirts with everyone. We all know she’s just trying to whip votes, but she’s probably too ugly to get any.
  3. Avoid the guy wearing his dad’s suit. Just on principle.
  4. Avoid the guy handing out business cards. This isn’t a networking event dumbass.
  5. Avoid the senior who tells you what MUN was like four years ago. He should have a job by now.
  6. Avoid the South Americans. They’ve prepped all year for this, it’s life or death for them.
  7. Avoid kids from U Chicago. They’re either too good or too sneaky.
  8. Avoid the kids that cry when shit goes south. It’s just Model UN.
  9. Avoid anyone from Best Delegate. Those 30 year olds should have real careers.
  10. Avoid Florida International kids. Biggest try hards, but they’re good at it.
  11. Avoid faculty advisors. What the fuck are they doing here anyway.
  12. Avoid the laptop kid. If I’m sponsoring a resolution, it’s going to be on my laptop.
  13. Avoid the guy who creates group chats without you even knowing. I don’t need to be in a MUN group chat.
  14. Avoid the girl that has her eyes on the gavel. You won’t get with her.
  15. Avoid your chairs in a GA. You definitely don’t want to look like a kiss ass.
  16. Avoid the convenient feminists — the girls who use cleavage and short skirts to get ahead, and then when things don’t go their way, start bitching to the chair about sexism.
  17. Avoid those McGill kids. They’re the kids that show up to your room @ 4Am with booze and cards against humanity.
  18. Avoid the girl who wants to date you. We’re only in this for the friends with benefits part.
  19. Avoid the Brits. Those girl are too loud.
  20. Avoid the people that transfered from your school and now compete against you. These hoes ain’t loyal.
  21. Avoid the alcoholics. Everyone knows that’s vodka in their water bottle.
  22. Avoid anyone on the Best Delegate All Star list. There’s a reason they’re on it.
  23. Avoid the coffee guy. He really thinks a crappy Dunkin cup of coffee is enough to get my vote.
  24. Avoid the guy who keeps talking about his school. Dropping the H bomb to 500 kids that don’t go there isn’t cool.
  25. Avoid the gavel hunter.
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