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Following cosmetic industry trends do not always end up flawless. Every one has their own opinion on what beautiful is; what may be prefect in your eyes may possibly be ugly in another’s. Different fields of the beauty industry have their own opinion of beautiful. Brands then use models that have the “look” that fits their brand even if it means secluding other beauty appearances. Social media is filled with internet famous beauty icons. Glamour tutorials are becoming similar creating their own trends. Current day trends like, contouring, baking (setting concealer with heavy application of setting powder), strobing (intense facial highlight), false eyelash, etc., all these trends are trying to achieve that flawless selfie perfect look. Following all the current trends requires many cosmetic products to complete the look. Different sections of our face require their own individual product which can make cosmetic shopping expensive. So much money is spent on products making the glamour lifestyle quite a commitment. Pretty appearance is aimed for when using makeup products; but makeup doesn’t have the power to take away people’s insecurities, it can only hide them temporally. R&B artist Alicia Keys wants to see the beauty industry turn to a natural way. The New York Times news article published on September 14, 2016, “Alicia Keys and the ‘Tyranny of Makeup’” by Penelope Green goes into depth on Alicia’s makeup free movement. The news article shows importance of the makeup free movement by addressing the bare face backlash revealing societies’ stance on how to view others and self.

The #NoMakeup movement started in May 2016 when Alicia Keys decided to make her last album cover a makeup free portrait. The liberation she felt inspired her to continue the makeup free journey. In her journey she also attended red carpets events and even magazine covers with no makeup. Keys’s intentions were to promote female authenticity and start new cultural movements. By challenging the makeup beauty revolution Keys received all different types of responses. Though the intentions of the revolution were good, some people responded differently. The opposed public said that Keys’s movement was “annoying, incendiary, and invasive,” due to Keys’s use of expensive facials. Some believe that hate has risen though “contemporary ideals of beauty, proposed in large part by male-dominated cosmetic industry” as stated in “The beauty Myth,” a book written by Linda Wells addressing women insecurities. Other than hate Keys’s movement has encouraged other women to think of innovated ways to encourage women to embrace natural beauty. Such as Andrea Robinson’s idea of “Nakeds” a nude-toned makeup line made for women that want to wear makeup in a lighter and more natural way. Robinson’s Naked line success encourages embracing natural beauty. Along with Robinson’s makeup line, Kim Novak’s “as is” movement also helps encourage women to post a proud picture of their face clean and makeup free. The no makeup movement wasn’t meant to repent against makeup but more to except and love your face without makeup. Keys’s movement had positive and negative backlash but ultimately served her purpose of encouraging less makeup use.

Key’s no makeup movement isn’t just about makeup, it’s about embracing your own skin. Self love is often lacked in the beauty industry due to the cosmetic standards women hold on social media. Cosmetics maybe minor or insignificant to some, but to others cosmetics are their lively hood. Insecurities have control on our lives and by coming to peace with our natural appearance we can put some insecurities to rest. By removing some negative tensions from our lives it makes life a lot easier and happier to live. Overcoming insecurities is beyond the glamour industry and affects every organism that experiences feelings. By encouraging self love the beauty industry can make a big positive impact on society. With more positivity in society people will not be so afraid to express who they are and what they support/believe in. Judgments occur within everyone but wether people want to make them apparent is on them. By fighting our self judgements we can make confidence apparent to ourselves and others. With a more confident self we can make more confident decisions in life so we can take ourselves where we want to be. Keys’s movement is one of many and shouldn’t be ignored, encouraging one positive change can have a domino effect of more positive lifestyle changes.

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