Is Creativity Finally Dead?
Jonathan Ely

The line of thought was at first somewhat confusing but in the end I think I endorse the whole gist, if the right interpretation is the following: if creativity is the Art to thrive in embracing not-knowing to fuel renewed curiosity as source for progress, then with all the information-age ‘knowledge’ being at our finger tips, there is no not-knowing left. allegedly, and thereby the fuel for creativity is gone. However, knowledge (facts) is not all there is. Understanding, let alone attaching meaning, and using imagination to be able to attach different meanings than before are still alive and kicking. In fact, you could say that ironically, the need for this, i.e. creativity driven by curiosity, is only bigger.

The more worrying question becomes is whether this difference between information and meaning is realised sufficiently, e.g. in education

So, in more or less endorsement of your article: creativity is far from dead, it’s even more necessary than ever.