Games: Making Learning for Adults Engaging (and Fun!) Again

Oregon Trail. Gizmos & Gadgets. Lemonade Stand. Number Munchers. If any of those titles rings a bell, it probably brings you back to your schoool time when technology and gaming came together to make learning fun.

Oh how times have changed.

Lemonade Stand has helped many students learn business in a fun way!

Once we grow up, we’re saddled with time-consuming corporate training and rigorous higher ed programs, but somewhere along the way games are lost as a tool to learn. This doesn’t just make learning boring, not using games to educate is irresponsible at a time when smartphone users average up to 52 minutes per day playing games.

Companies and universities need to incorporate games into the learning process not just because it’s more fun, but also because time and time again, games have proven to improve learning engagement and retention, improving ROI for training and education.

So why should you use games to educate?

  1. Games make boring and complicated subjects bearable: By fully immersing users, well-designed games can make users forget they’re even learning, making the most difficult and academic subject matter more interesting.
  2. Games are proven to improve learning outcomes: Research has shown that digital games are more effective than other instructional methods by engaging learners’ cognitive processes, showing higher levels of self-efficacy, declarative knowledge, and retention.
  3. Games encourage learners to keep going and going: “Game developers strive to create a sense of flow during game play because when a player achieves a state of total or compete focus, complete immersion, and limited awareness of time, there is also created a strong desire to repeat or extend the experience.” (eSchool News).

Where Wrainbo comes in.

We’ve been desperate to see games re-enter the learning process for adults, and we used this inspiration to launch Wrainbo, an intelligent mobile-first platform for game-based learning.

Wrainbo’s platform is completely customizable for any learning experience

Our goal at Wrainbo is to create a fun, user-friendly gaming experience for any material. Through our customizable platform, corporate trainers and professors can engage new hires or students with immersive gameplay, generating data-driven insights. Using our cloud-based analytics, organizations can track training progress, provide personalized coaching, and better allocate training spend to drive ROI.

During a recent beta testing of our product with college students, 88% of participants said they would recommend this way of learning to their peers. That same group of students chose gaming as the most effective learning modality over video, case studies, and textbooks.

Wrainbo’s title Magitech, teaching business acumen for learners bored of reading textbooks!

Our first title, Magitech, is a fantasy mobile game that builds business analytics acumen in marketing, operations, and finance. Sounds boring? Not when you’re going head-to-head with classmates for business superiority!

With Wrainbo, trainers and educators can keep users coming back for more, making learning fun, engaging, and effective.

Want to create your own custom mobile game or use Magitech for your corporate training or higher ed program? Sign up for a demo!

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