My Adventures in the Wrap World

When I began my journey with It Works! I was a new mom and it was the day before my daughter turned 2 months. I vowed I would do everything I could to make this work so I could be a stay at home mom to my little princess. From that day I pushed forward but was afraid of what people would say and wondered who would want to try this wrap that smelled like my grandmas house. Then I put the wrap on…. So I slapped on my first wrap once it arrived a few days later… 45 minutes later 1 inch down… WHAT??? 24 hours later 3 inches down 🎉🎉🎉…. I measured like 5 times… yes it really worked and I was in shock and excited but I made a HUGE mistake. I didn’t take pictures 🙁 because I was so embarrassed by my mommy belly that I didn’t want to share with anyone and then I stopped wrapping 😳.

I guess you can call me an emotional cutter, if something makes me happy or feel good I usually stop doing it because I am really bad at treating myself. So I hunkered down and posted and emailed and called everyone I knew telling them of these amazing wraps that took 3 inches from my waist in 24 hours but without the proof to hold it up. I shared other people’s results but they wanted to see mine and I was at a standstill because I didn’t have it in me to put myself out there.

Fast forward almost two years and here I am still trucking along, and I have finally gotten my butt into gear with a real exercise program and a wrapping regimen. I am still working toward that work from home mommy thing but I haven’t given up. I know I will get there. I have my own results and before and after pictures and I have a fire in me to achieve everything I have ever wanted and more.

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