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May 17 · 3 min read
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When we started our coffee company in 2011, we developed our brand around a reminder. We wanted something that, every time we looked at it, it would remind us about something important that we should keep in mind.

So we came across this idea of a wrecking ball. Everyone wants to be the change that they want to see in the world, but the wrecking ball reminds us that there’s work to be done to make room for that change.

logo development sketches from 2010 by Nikki LaRochelle

So we worked with our designer friend, Nikki LaRochelle, to design a logo that would be small. Almost like a toy. Pointed away, with a little gravity-defying curve in its chain.

Clearing the way for change, for that matter, any work that we need to do, doesn’t need to be big and dramatic in order to be effective.

It’s the little things that we do every day, in addition to the big stuff that we take on, that sums up the work that we need to do.

For over 8 years, this little wrecking ball rig has helped remind us of how to think about change.

This year, we will expand our company with more cafe locations, starting with a spot in North Berkeley. More importantly, we’re reexamining what it means when you open a community cafe in a particular city, town, or neighborhood. Whenever and wherever we open a cafe, we want to really think through what our priorities are.

So we decided that it’s also time to change our branding. And we found inspiration in a common item: the highlighter pen.

Everyone knows about highlighter pens. We use them to literally highlight words, phrases, sentences, ultimately, we use them to set certain ideas apart—to help us remember what’s important, what we’ve learned, that we don’t want to forget. When the world is offering us so many ideas every day, we use this pen to highlight the ideas that we think are important.

So we found inspiration in the highlighter pen, and every time we see this vibrant color anywhere, we want it to remind us to consider, and reconsider, what’s important—what our priorities are, in our company, in our work, and in our lives every day.

We should be always challenging what our priorities are. Are we prioritizing ambition over ethics? Are we prioritizing certain people over others? Is the quality of our coffee the only priority? Are we prioritizing our own comfort, or someone else’s comfort? What is the impact of our choices?

So you’ll see us use the highlighter yellow color in our new branding and packaging to remind us to consider and reconsider our priorities. This is the inspiration that we’re taking with us into the next phase of Wrecking Ball.

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