Why is it the public school i go to depends on where my parents can afford to move to?

This wouldn’t be a problem if all public schools were great, but that isn’t the reality.

Ideally, all schools should be great. If “help those who need help the most” is true, then in this reality, shouldn’t the best schools be in the places the poorest can afford to move to first, because they need it the most?

The current system, where rich people can move to rich neighborhoods, and pay rich people taxes to fund their rich schools for their rich kids, perpetuates the status quo, rich get rich richer, poor get poorer. (Grossly speaking, obviously, rich kids become poor, and poor kids become rich, but those are more the exception than rule)

I don’t know, whenever that star trek beaming technology becomes a reality, then go to whatever school you want, even if its on mars or something. Whatever, you could probably just matrix (i.e. download into brain) education by then, so whatever.