Blog #12: A Fitting End.

Blog #12: A fitting end.

Today, I am going to take a long look back on the year that has passed, specifically the three briefs that I have worked through on my course and what I felt went well with and what could have been improved with these projects.

To start off let’s look at the first brief I began work on, the Jonathon Vickers Catalogue brief. The aim of this brief was to design a catalogue for the recent winner of the Jonathon Vickers award, Eleanor Watson. To start off my project I did my research, I took a close look at different cover designs from a variety of different catalogues to give myself some ideas of what a typical cover designs looks like and what a unique cover design looks like. I also did a quick bit of research on the layout designs of the inside of a catalogue.

Now that I had done the research I took to my sketchbook to draw many different designs and layouts until I came across one that I thought would be the perfect design. I then took a look at font types and this is one of the key aspects of a catalogue.

I then took my project to InDesign where I started to piece together all the aspects of the catalogue I had thought of. What helped with this progress was that I had visited Eleanor’s workshop twice to take pictures of her work to know exactly how to layout the pictures and also what colour scheme to use.

To finish my catalogue off I got all my pages printed and also added coloured card that represents the different colours from each piece of Eleanor’s work and took all of this to the print shop at university, specifically the binding machine.

What I think went well with the final piece was that the front and back covers colour and typography worked really well creating this smooth design that blends with Eleanor’s work. For the inside of the catalogue the layout of imagery and typography worked really well and the use of the different card really brings out the bright colours. However, what I could have done better was on the front cover making the leather strip out of actual leather rather than a leather texture and to also fix the white buckled design and as for the inside of the catalogue what could of improved them was adding something else to the designs of the page to give them more eye catching responses.

Final Catalogue

The second brief was a choice between varieties of different briefs which all involved different outcomes, but I wanted to take on a challenge so I opted for the Eizo colour brief. What this brief entails is to create and design the identity for the Eizo colour exhibition so, name, banners, posters etc.

Well to start off I researched what exactly was colour and how to perceive colour, what caught my attention was the idea of the colour spectrum of the prism and this is what I based my project around.

Now I had chosen a theme I needed a name and the word Prism seemed to fit the bill. To make the logo more recognizable I took the typical shape of a prism, which is a triangle, and altered the angles and size of three of them to create this unique design.

Throughout my sketchbook for each product I wanted to design I had to do the initial research and development stages, at the end of it all my final products are as followed: Posters, Banners, Bus side signs, Bus stop signs, Billboard and a magazine spread all of which use a similar design but in a new way.

What I believe went well in my opinion is the way I took the simplicity of a prism and turned it into a wide spread theme of colour throughout my entire project. The work with colours really made me enjoy this brief and the abstracts of different colours and the way I displayed them hopefully shows this. On the other hand what could be improved would have been experimenting with other types of designs rather than just the prism.

Prism Poster and Logo

For the final brief, the design bridge brief, I have previously spoke about this project and what my ideas were with the design of Disnink, I also mentioned about what I had achieved in this project up till that point in time, so for now I will update you on what I had changed and what I had added to this project.

I ended the previous blog mentioning about how I had created my characters and my tattoo designs but I wanted to add more products such as fake sleeves and hats but also to take everything and put them into a website and that is just what I did.

Fake sleeves were a big products design for me as they aim at not just adults but also the younger ages expanding my target audience. What I did for my fake sleeves was take my drawings and use iron on transfer paper to place my designs onto some tights, which I cut to the size of my arm. To finish I did a photo-shoot to show the sleeves in action.

I then moved on to hat designs and decided to take a white baseball cap and add the Disnink logo and Mickey Mouse ink blot design. By using the same method as I did with the fake sleeves I ironed on my designs however this was more complicated than the sleeves were as getting the image to curve round the hat became quite the predicament, none the less I managed to get my designs on the hat and also do a small photo-shoot to display it.

Now that I had all the products I wanted I decided to take all my designs and put them into adobe muse (a website development program) , within this website I created a homepage, about us page, character page, tattoo design page, shop page and a contact us page each one containing different designs I had created.

Just before I wrapped up this project I also decided to add a couple extras to my work so I designed and printed a tattoo design brochure showing the designs with a short description and price. I also designed the one thing all companies have or need and that is, a business card.

What I think went well with this project is how I took the typical and iconic Disney figures and put them into the modern world. I also really like how my drawings turned out, showing my illustrative skills and also how every single of my products came out in the end. What could have gone better was when doing certain products, even though I do still like each one, the methods I used and the materials could have been changed along the way to produce the perfect design.

Sleeve Designs
Hat Design

My overall review of this year of work is that I had my ups and downs along the way just like any designer would but the final outcomes really show what I am capable of both within my discipline but also through others. Also I really enjoyed each project in their own ways but if I had to pick one that I was truly passionate about and really enjoyed doing and would openly attempt again in the future would be the third brief and my idea of Disnink.

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