Blog #2: All for one and one for all

The idea of group work can be such a wonderful idea but when it comes down to the actual work, as designers we all have our own interpretations and ideas. Individually we can make a design that has our own personal flare, but as collaboration the final outcome can vary. This can be all down to idea that one designer may have an idea of how to develop the design but another designer would disagree with it. However there is a positive side to this, after multiple ideas have been passed around sooner or later every designer in the group will see something they all like either as the whole design or just aspects that stand out to them individually. Another way group work can help improve the projects design is because due to multiple designers/practitioners you are all analysing and evaluating the work as you go along, this adds more ideas and feedback so that the design will be produced to its best.

To see how group collaboration has worked in a professional program I took a look at Graffiti for Designers, which was a revolutionary course that was held at Pratt Institute’s Center. The creative director of Mass Appeal magazine Sacha Jenkins taught this course and he examined the tenets of writing culture, and how they can be applied in graphic design. So what made this a group collaboration? Well the course took many different types of visual artists and combined their styles. For example a special part of the course was dedicated to Guerilla marketing, this took graffiti artists and collaborated their work with that of a graphic designers. The following image is a demonstration of what these two different designers created and also a representation of what can be produced when concepts from different outlooks are combined as one.

Graffiti For Designers Work

Carrying on from my previous statement about how working as a group has its pros and cons, I recently took part in some group work with three other students, one of which I know very well whilst the other two I had never spoken to before. In this session we got asked, “What’s good about 2017?” from this we took some paper and all began talking to each other giving our own personal opinions, some of which were very different from each others but some we all agreed on. As we were working through this it came clear to me that the more we started collaborating the more ideas we came up with and even though we were completely different people socially, we had more in common then what we first thought and this ended up leading to a large discussion about design in which we bounced off each other and really improved ourselves as designers. What this session had showed me is that even though we all have different ideas of how we see the world and also how we all took different courses, there are still some aspects that we all connect to.

My own collaboration ideas
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