Blog #3: What does the future hold?

Today I had watched a presentation by Debbie Longridge which was based all around the idea of me as a design student and what I will be doing or looking at when I enter the “real world”. Going through the presentation she asked, “what is it we want to do when we leave?” this made me think about the idea of going into advertising and marketing, but then she opened up the ideas of careers outside of the typical graphic design paths. Some of the careers she presented were: Marketing Assistant, Digital Designer, Apprentice Tattooist, Creative Assistant, Media Developer and Librarian. This made me think, what skills do I posses that I can transfer into another field from graphic design. Looking at the example of an Apprentice Tattooist, I believe the skills needed that I can transfer over are my eye for detail, layout design and my ability to draw. Also whilst looking at the idea of different jobs that I can work in, it reminded me of when I used my skills that I had gained from graphic design to develop tickets, posters and banners that were all needed for a football presentation night that I volunteered for. Now knowing all of this it has really made me think about what other skills do I posses, and what careers are out there that would suit my talents. Now I have looked at what I believe my skills are but I haven’t looked at what I struggle with, what stands out the most to me is confidence. Unless I am 100% sure of my designs I lack the confidence to present them. This is a an aspect of myself that I will learn to develop.

Football Presentation Night Banners

What I have learned from this presentation is that just because I am taking a graphic design course it doesn’t necessarily mean I have to pursue a job as a graphic designer, I can take the skills that I have developed and learned from this course and expand my reach.

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