Ulysse Nardin Sonata Cathedral Ref. 676–88/212

Behold the Cadillac of alarm wristwatches; Ulysse Nardin’s Sonata re-wrote the half-century old rule book for alarm watches with the 2004 Sonata, and the 2005 Sonata Cathedral raised the stakes of tonal quality and alarm volume. This 42mm rose gold Ulysse Nardin Sonata Cathedral incorporates all of that plus the antimagnetic silicon hairspring technology pioneered by Ulysse Nardin.

With a dual-time display, a double-digit “grand” date, an alarm on/off selector, minute-repeater grade “cathedral” gongs, and automatic winding, the Sonata Cathedral is packed with practical and romantic complications alike.

A Sonata doesn’t “ring,” it sings.

But Ulysse Nardin goes two-better than conventional alarm watches. First, the alarm can be set to either a particular time of day or a 24-hour countdown. No other brand offers unique sub-dials that display alarm action times in this dual fashion. Second, the sound of the Sonata Cathedral lives up to its name.

Circumferential “cathedral” alarm gongs encircle the movement and provide the type of sound quality normally associated with the finest of minute repeaters. A Sonata doesn’t “ring,” it sings. With tone, sustain, and dulcet musical appeals that melt the hearts of connoisseurs, this is the minute repeater experience at half the price.

Still not a believer? Consider that the Sonata’s Ulysse Nardin caliber UN067 (109 jewels!) tag-teams its cathedral gongs with a rotating centrifugal governor that can be viewed through a skeletonized segment of the elaborate dial. Thanks to the governor, the sweet chimes of the Sonata are paced and spaced in order to permit full enjoyment of each individual strike of the black-polished alarm hammer.

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