How To Get Into Concerts/Festivals For Free

So you want to go to concerts and festivals but your bank account keeps telling you to not even think about going out this weekend?…


I’ll tell you my secret go volunteer! I personally have volunteered with over six different companies and have attended concerts and music festivals for free. YES FREE!

Now don’t get me wrong you can’t be shwaaasted and you have to actually do a little work, but a couple of hours of my time is worth free music. Plus I always end up meeting some truly amazing people while volunteering!

One organization I have volunteered with for over 4 years and I am now an intern and Team Leader for is HeadCount. They are a non-profit non-partisan (politically neutral) organization that registers people to vote at concerts and festivals across the country. They started out of the jam band scene (The Grateful Dead, Phish, Disco Biscuits, Widespread Panic etc.) and have only expanded the genre of artists that they work with. I have attended 9 concerts and 1 festival this year so far with HeadCount.

Other organizations to volunteer with are:

Love Hope Strength

Rock the Earth

Clean Vibes

Conscious Alliance


This is only to name a few!

Some of the other opportunities to volunteer are with the festival themselves! I have worked at Governor’s Ball in NYC and FireFly Music Festival in Dover, Delaware. These were both really cool experiences and I would not have traded them for anything.

SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Go get your good on and see some free live music!!

Later days homies