The Used is playing tonight, 4/27/2016, at Playstation Theater in New York, NY. I’m going to this show as a volunteer with HeadCount and I am really excited. I liked them when I was younger and never had the chance to see them. Don’t get me wrong they weren’t my FAVORITE FAVORITE band and the last time I actually knew that they were touring was back in 2010. They have toured pretty consistently since then actually.

A little research on their Facebook showed they have toured every year since 2007. TWO THOUSAND FRICKIN’ SEVEN where the hell have I been? Obviously not paying attention to what The Used were doing and eating pizza. My 15 year old self is really jealous of 22 year old me… just kidding I’m still angsty as all hell.

I’m hyped to not only see The Used but to register people to vote at their concert. My team leader Brigid is the bomb and I can’t wait to work with her again. I’ll write up an analysts of my time tonight and make sure to share the number of people we register!

Later days peeps!