Who cares that you’re not making money off your writing (yet), and who cares that you’re doing this only to help others
Why Do We Write — What’s the Point?
Blake Powell

Isn’t this the truth? It seems like every time I tell my husband about something I’m proud of, or and opportunity he asks how much they pay. Ha!

It’s understandable. He wants me to make money off of doing something I love. So do I.

And that’s ok. Its like Jeff Goins new book talks about. Real artists don’t need to starve.

We should value our time and talent. Valuable talents are worth something more than simply exposure, as great as it is.

And yet, we do this for the love of it. A love that’s hard to understand unless you are in this crazy blogging, writing world.

We need friends who understand us. We need places like Medium connect.

Thanks for the article, for understanding, and your desire to help.

Keep picking at those posts. I look forward to reading them.