Can the weekend be your powerhouse for writing?

We get dragged down by work all week. It isn’t that we don’t enjoy what we are doing, but there are so many pressures on our time. We have to contend with a lot. If we want to write a novel or a story then we need time and need to feel fresh.

And that is where the week gets in the way!

We don’t feel fresh. We often feel stressed. And this isn't a state of mind that is conducive to writing.

Welcome to the weekend!

The weekend, for many of us feels quite different. Whether it is watching sport on TV or reading the newspapers, we have a more relaxed time.

But we don’t use it as well as we might.

Now I am not advocating that you work all weekend as well — far from it. That will increase the stress and affect all of your life. But an hour or two here and there can go a long way.

An hour or two of writing can mean that you produce the core of a book in very little time at all.

Set yourself up for success

But, sitting down and forcing yourself to write doesn’t work. You won’t get anything meaningful down on paper and will feel like you are wasting your time.

Planning is the key. But writing for a few hours at the weekend requires a very different kind of planning.

You need to set yourself up to succeed. Planning that keeps the story fresh and allows you to focus for that short burst bears no relation to planning when you write daily. You need to be able to pick up the story exactly where you left it the week before.

So, think about how you can structure a story to support you in this way -

  1. Write a solid story line of where you want it to go
  2. Sketch out the characters so you can refer to them as you write
  3. Get a strong outline of the locations in the story to draw on
  4. Think about the start, middle and end

Getting all of these lined up in your mind before you put a single word into your story will help you to be a weekend writing warrior.

Think about how you can fit your writing into your life without causing a problem during the week.