My True Calling- A Short Memoir


Life and living define you, break you or test you. No two people have similar sailing even though they may come from similar circumstances. So, here I am a girl that has many dreams and aspirations from many years. However, my beginning and subsequent phases were not how they should have been. Though having a solid and sound base, I could not create an impact for some years.

No Set Plan

I got admitted to one of the best schools in Karachi during the early period of 1990s. The Springfield School was run by the most dynamic and remarkable principal at that time. She was Mrs. Nusrat Aga (late) who was an institution herself. She belonged to the era when people were honest and more dedicated to the task they had in their position.

When I progressed at the school, I was blessed to have the best teachers for acquiring of knowledge. Yet, at the latter stage I could not excel well when I appeared for the GCSE O’ Levels in 2003. I had chosen science group as I aspired to become a dentist and looked keen too. But the ensuing result was just fine and I regretted badly indeed.

In the next phase, I opted for intermediate level for education despite many others that chose A’ Levels. I had Pre-Medical subjects with me which became tough in the second year. Still, I scored better and my percentage was good enough. I sat for an entrance test of Jinnah Medical and Dental College that was known to have good faculty and learning environment. I scored well and got selected for the interview too. The interview was good but there was a disappointment later. Unfortunately, I could not pursue my education and field there. I became dejected and frustrated as my aim to become a dentist got done and dusted.

Without much thought or interest, I had to change the field. I did Bachelor of Arts that did not go too well and I was not much focused on it too. Though I learned different subjects (English Advanced, International Relations and Islamic Studies, yet I was not seeing them for a major in the future at all. So, after two years somehow, I passed them ensuring that my bachelors got over without a hurdle.

Next, there was a stage of getting enrolled in some Master’s program. I decided to go for MBA. It was never easy to change fields from science to arts to business at all. Yet, MBA came as a blessing in disguise or the true calling for me indeed. It was during MBA only, that my creative side of writing sparked up and I still treasure it since that day.

During the first semester only, I had written a small rough draft for the animation film. I still remember that day when during the afternoon, the idea came to me and I managed to write a few points well indeed. It involved an academic setting for the Bald Eagles that would have a competition within the school premises only. I kept the draft only to pursue it further when MBA got over.

Since my MBA was online, I had the luxury to go at my own pace. I followed video lectures and the course books when needed and only went to the campus for a few days. I spent my time online mostly, where I used to browse different websites or areas of my interest like writing and technology. I felt the creativity within me that I felt will augur good for me ahead. Off and on, I used to write some lines. In fact, I developed the habit of saving the online news content having a different title. A small change of the title mattered a lot later too.

Different Perspective- World of Writing

Two years on, I had completed MBA that ended well for me. I scored good and had a major in Human Resources. However, business side or HR was not in my mind at all. I rather went for the freelance writing gig that was my passion and I felt would polish my writing skills further. Initially, I got involved with two projects one after the other. Both were rewriting projects. I wrote about general articles in the first one and then moved to a niche of mobile phones for the latter. They went well, although I earned just about good.

Next year in 2011, I registered at to get better projects and to earn better too. I built a nice profile with a suitable objective and the relevant skills. I was lucky to get 3 to 4 writing projects quickly and each was different. I efficiently finished them and had received a good positive feedback. Despite the freelance work, I looked for good opportunities for the full-time job as well. In fact, I began taking tuitions that were good for me indeed.

The freelance work enabled me to think differently and to research differently. My writing skills became better and within years I became a poet as well. I cherished my poetic side till today and have begun writing in Urdu too. There came a time when I had to take a break from the freelance work, as I got busy with tuitions for two to three years. Yet, my personal writings did occupy some part of my routine too. I even thought to go for teaching at one stage, yet was not successful with it.

Year 2015 and Onwards

After tuitions got over, I resumed my freelance writing work by 2015. I was focused enough with the writing gig and wanted to purse it on the freelance basis only. That year remained good for me and I got quite a few projects that lasted nearly quarter of the year. I had changed my work style and moved cautiously with the work to avoid the writer’s block that had affected me before.

I had many dreams to pursue; from novel writing to film development and development of the student resource program at the school level. However, initially I was bent upon to write a novel. I had written a small rough draft of an historical and political novel during my MBA days. I thought to complete it later, yet I changed its perspective for the better. I did not pursue it still, as I went for another story idea by 2016.

The tragic incident of MH370 in 2014 had intrigued me much. The very nature of the incident was different and looked upon differently too. The moment it happened I thought it could be good novel idea or an idea for a film. Two years on, neither a film and nor a novel could be seen developed on that idea. However, an idea came to me write a story about it.

I still remember the time when in the dead of the night I had become restless. The anxiety was due to the novel idea bubbling inside me. Immediately, I took a notebook and wrote a rough draft. It filled twelve pages and looked good enough to be developed later. Still, it took time for me to pen it down and to progress with it in year 2016. I was busy with other of my interests especially, poetry. There had come a time where in a month I had written a few good poems that got gifted to relatives and friends.

The year 2017 began with nothing much for me on the freelance basis. I only planned to finally pursue a novel for which I wrote a few lines by end of April. However, I had changed my perspective on the story that I had initially for the MH370 incident. I thought to go for a fictional novel that was inspired by this incident. The small draft looked good and I had intended to go for small bits and pieces until the final story will get completed. I hope that the novel gets finished by the end of this year. I expect to publish in January of 2018. In the meantime, I have a few short story ideas that might become part of a blog online too.

In the end, I can say that one should have a never say die attitude. Your will needs to be strong. Nothing is lost until you lose hope in life. There are good times and there are tough times. Yet, you can only succeed when you try, and focus on what is best for you. For me writing is a goal, passion and a pleasure. The ability to express something and seeing that is holds value is truly remarkable indeed.