How to Live a Better Life

Ten Simple Ways

1.Go places, do things. Be so alive that people stop and stare at you, so alive they can feel the energy coming off you.

2. Embrace everything that might make you better. Try everything you can, at least once. Push away the things that don’t work for you, hold on to the ones that do.

3. Make memories, of anything, of everything, just keep do things that make you want to remember them. Crazy things, things outside your boundaries.

4. Be with someone who’s charging ahead, not someone you have to drag along. Find someone who’s already on the dance floor, someone who’s not afraid to cheer for the losing team, or walk around a dirty fair ground for hours, looking at junk that just might be treasure.

5. Learn to have fun doing the little things, the mundane things, learn to make them interesting. Everything can be an adventure, but don’t forget to go big every now and then.

6. Write about it, talk about it. Tell people your story. Listen to theirs. Connect to everyone you can. Help people. Love people, believe in them, let them hurt you, hurt them and learn from it. Repeat.

7. Slow down once in awhile. Drink a cup of coffee on your porch. Take a walk to nowhere. Stop and smell the roses, literally. Take a long look around you, open your eyes and really see things.

8. Scream, cry, feel things. Feel them deep down in your soul. Take in the emotions. Cherish them. Let them make you human.

9. Laugh. A lot. At yourself, at stupid jokes. At the irony of life. Never stop finding things to laugh about.

10. Keep breathing. Inhale happiness. Gasp in wonder. Sigh in contentment. Breath through the pain, through the sadness, through life’s rough times. Just keep breathing.