Now Hiring Friends: Whites Need not Apply
Real Talk: WOC & Allies

I’ve highlighted the parts of this I find fault with. In saying you will not befriend white people, you’re being racist. Imagine if a white woman said she would no longer accept black people as friends? I would call her a racist and I’m guessing so would a lot of other people. You have the right to chose who you are friends with. Just as I have the right to think you are part of the problem. You clearly outline that while other people (white people) see grey, you see only black and white. Don’t you think that segregates you?

You call your friendship with a white woman you’ve known twenty five years “unlikely.” Why? Because she’s white and you’re black? Who cares? Honestly? I don’t love my black friends because they’re black, I love them because they’re people, my people.

If I was your friend and you decided JUST because the color of my skin wasn’t what YOU wanted it to be to put strain on our friendship I would seriously reconsider who I allowed in my corner, and not for your reasons of skin tone. Your friend has been there unwavering for twenty five years and because a relative of hers voted for Trump you’re going to step back from her? I think she might be better off without you. She’s supported you whether you were black purple or otherwise and now you’re creating a race issue between you?

You are literally the problem. I’m white, you’re black. You’re bothered by it. I’m not in the least. Which one of us is a racist then?

Also, just a reminder, we’ve come a long way from segregation. I would hate to see it come back because people like you don’t want to to associate with whites.

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