This Can’t Keep Happening

I’ve had it with losing people.

I’m tired of having to walk away.

I’m weary of vacant pinpoint eyes and shaky hands.

I’m sick of seeing mug shots and long sleeved shirts.

I’m tired of devastated friends and grieving families.

I’m heartsick with the feeling being lied to and exhausted by worry.

I don’t want to see any more ‘not one more’ campaigns.

I’m fed up with there being a need for the posters and the billboards.

I’m desperate for a solution, praying for help.

I’ve cried with the families and felt my heart shatter at the news.

I’ve checked back allies and searched bedrooms for needles.

I’ve kissed track marks and listened to empty promises.

I’ve begged. I’ve pleaded.

I’ve spent sleepless nights and longer days asking someone to

Just, please stay alive.

It never gets easier. It gets harder.

The guilt gets heavier, the grief clings, the anger crashes like waves.

I’m tired right down to my bones. I’m weary and I’m drained.

Broken people are breaking me and I don’t know how much more I can handle.

How much more heartache, how much more loss, how much more despair.

This can’t go on, it can’t keep happening.

We’re losing them. Friends. Neighbors. Sons. Daughters.

It’s touching everyone.

Grabbing a hold of our loved ones and dragging them away to die

This can’t go on, it just can’t.