Is Macklemore’s Growing Popularity a Good Thing?

I’d have to say that at this moment, we are exactly 30 days away from Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ next work of art. Did you just scoff at my qualifications of art? My guess is that you did- and that’s ok.

I have understood that Macklemore is not your every-white-rapper. He also is not the most prominent form of hip-hop. What I appreciate about Macklemore is that, for all the negative he receives in music and specifically hip-hop, he achieves far beyond that.

Macklemore I like to call a literal white knight. From lyrics and interviews I have deduced that he is simply trying to be a good person by living his life well, and sharing the joy with the world. He isn’t a musician that is intended to give back to every living soul, like Chance the Rapper, but he would if requested.

Macklemore is the crack in the icing, that reveals the ungodly creation of mouth-watering, sugar that is the cake of hip-hop.

Cake of hip-hop, what is cake, to hip-hop? Money. What is Macklemore to music? Money. He is the El Nino to the drought in LA. He is the motivation that every musician needs. For he allows his 7/10 ratings to be a better dream than the 10/10 ones.

What’s a million 7/10 days to one 10/10.

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