Medium is a Place for Writers

When I found Medium, I was referred to it by a writer. As a writer, I referred other writers to Medium.

Medium is a place for writers, as YouTube is a place for gamers. It’s the innate property that stems from simplicity, management and social integrity.

Medium, I thought, was just the more professional version of a blog, when really it has become something a bit more than that. Medium is your professional version of Tumblr. Medium is your long form version of Twitter. Medium is your personal version of Facebook.

These writing mediums take it the hardest. They have to deal with all the pain, the abuse, the thoughts, the ideas, the people and the emotions that if the internet was an artificial intelligence, I don’t know how emotionally sound it would be.

I want Medium to be a place for me- no, I want Medium to be my place. I want the confidence that PewDiePie has with YouTube. I want people to think of me, when they think of Medium, and I want Medium to think of me.

Practice makes perfect, and only time will show perfection.

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