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Essayist • Poet • Author • “tumbling: poetic thoughts from an anxious mind” NOW AVAILABLE in paperback & e-book formats •

At some point, even a thing I loved turned into a major trigger for my anxiety disorders.

photo by Elizabeth Joyce

While most people are looking forward to it, “normal” fills me with dread.

photo by Kat Jayne via Pexels

2020 is the perfect year to pare down

photo via Thought Catalog on Unsplash

History is the collective story we weave from as many — or as few — perspectives as we see fit.

Photo by Aaron Schwartz via Pexels.

Trump plans to create a “National Commission to Promote Patriotic Education.”

What is education?

I often hear about how “most” people are good. Moral. Compassionate.

In spite of my anxiety disorders — or because of them.

Times of true, external crisis are when I shine.

But, while technologies change rapidly, human nature barely changes at all.

National Museum of Health and Medicine

If anything it should stand as testament to why we need to take COVID-19 seriously.

Allie Smith via Unsplash

But, hey, it did leave me with debilitating anxiety!

photo by rawpixel via freepik

When things don’t go as expected, that is when I struggle with my anxieties the most.

Elizabeth Joyce

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