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Immortality potions were notoriously unstable. He’d sacrificed his eyebrows to version three, and version five nearly took his head off. Four potions later, and none of them had worked.

Tenth time lucky? He swirled the slick purple liquid in the glass flask at arm’s length.

A spark flickered, and he put it down. But the spark turned into crackles, followed by furious spitting. He dived under the desk.

A deafening explosion broke the flask and coated nearby surfaces with purple goop.

Despondently, he crawled out, but then stared in wonder. A shimmering gold stone lay on the worktop. …

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They came like fire. No warning, no premonition. Our world changed overnight. They poured from the stratosphere, unrelenting, inhumane, and strange.

Humankind was bundled into bizarre transport, wholesale, not regarding families or friends. After a journey of days, little food and stale water, they herded us out and into deep mountain paths. Underground we travelled, far below the earth to unsurveyed depths, huge networks of caverns and tunnels. Our punishment for simply being human — to remain underneath, a vast subterranean species, while our overlords took our lands, our property, our livelihoods.

We adapted. We had to. The strange ones…

A fairy tale retelling of The Constant Tin Soldier

On a dark winter's night in the city of Birstow, heavy sleet pounded the cobbled streets. Gas lamps flickered in the gloom, casting pools of light onto men in frock coats, collars drawn high and heads down as they scurried home. The icy rain battered the mullioned windows of Archer's Automata, and gusts of wind searched for chinks.

Tom Archer, in his office workshop, ignored the inclement weather. He wiped his hands on his leather apron and picked up the pliers. Gently, he bent the copper strip into a loop before…

Lit Up Halloween Spooks

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Social niceties mattered. My siblings never realised.

Hence Vlad was staked, Zurie suffered garlic poisoning, and Stefan’s crucifix burns scarred him for life.

But me, I knew how to survive.

I held the door for Luci, bowing.

“Oh, Petrov,” she simpered. “You’re so last century. I just adore it.”

I led her to our table, my hand hovering in the small of her back.

“Let’s have that divine steak again.” Her wide eyes gleamed. A laugh played around her mouth, and I detected a faint sharpening of her canines.

I gave a closed-mouth smile back and clicked my fingers to…

How to decide what type of editing your novel needs.

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What Is Editing?

Before I started writing novels, if you’d asked me what editing was, I’d have said that after you’d written your book, you gave it to an editor, and they corrected any mistakes you’d made.

But then I began to see different terms bandied around. Copy editor. Content editor. Line editor. Beta reader. And so on. And I had no idea what the difference between them all was, and at what stage you should use them. I didn’t understand if the process was different if you self-published compared to if you published traditionally.

Things are further complicated because some types of…

Simple strategies to overcome writer’s block at difficult times in your life.

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Hard Times

Difficult times come to us all. Health problems, family problems, financial issues, housing issues — we’ve all been there, and we’ll all be there again.

In these situations, coping with life is our top priority. I call it ‘survival mode’. You have to take one day at a time, and deal as best you can.

How do you manage to write when life happens in unexpected ways? Writing is an art that involves mental agility and willpower. …

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