A fairy tale retelling of The Constant Tin Soldier


On a dark winter's night in the city of Birstow, heavy sleet pounded the cobbled streets. Gas lamps flickered in the gloom, casting pools of light onto men in frock coats, collars drawn high and heads down as they scurried home…

How to decide what type of editing your novel needs.

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

What Is Editing?

Before I started writing novels, if you’d asked me what editing was, I’d have said that after you’d written your book, you gave it to an editor, and they corrected any mistakes you’d made.

But then I began to see different terms bandied around. Copy editor. Content editor. Line editor…

Elise Edmonds

Magic Writer! YA Fantasy Fiction. Revels in Magic and Mayhem. Supports Indie Authors. Lover of Cats & Dragons. Introvert. Brit. http://magicwriter.co.uk

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