Tasan, a beautiful planet, located in the Vectaria Galaxy. On the surface of the planet lives the intelligent race of creatures called the Tasanlons. The Tasanlons act and look like human beings, from the planet earth except for the fact that they have greater and far more superior technology. Some Tasanlons are born with an extraordinary abilities. Some use their powers for good, some use them for evil. The Tasanlons who are born with powers are called Devianlons. The Tasanlons who do not have powers are forced to watch the two opposing forces fight. The war is fought between the S.D.U.T and the evil Deathtanlons. The S.D.U.T stands for the super defense unit for Tasan, the members of the S.D.U.T have sworn to use their powers for good to protect their fellow Tasanlons. The Deathtanlons are a group of evil Devianlons who fight for dominance over the Tasanlons. They want to kill all Tasanlons and build a world for the Devianlons. For hundreds of years, the S.D.U.T and Deathtalons battled against each other, with each battle resulting in a stalemate. Armaneus Gray leads the S.D.U.T while his old friend Luke leads the Deathtalons. Their wars have wrecked havoc across the planet, leaving many casualties. This has led to the people of Tasan fearing the Devianlons; The government created a system to oppress the Devianlons and keep them in check. Many believe that the Devianlons will one day turn on Tasan and create a world that is just for them. This has led the leaders of the Tasanlon government to create the Tasanlon Military Force. The military force tries their best to stop any Devianlon attacks, but they are always left in the dust, powerless to stop the Devianlons. Luke has attempted to conquer Tasan for himself numerous times, but each time he was stopped by Armaneus. Each of their battles ended in a stalemate, with both sides suffering heavy loses. After their last battle, Luke disappeared without a trace. During the 15 years that he was gone, Armaneus was able to marry the love of his life Cordelia. Seven years after they were married they had their first son Ray, two years later the couple would see the birth of their second child, who they named Susan. Both of the children were Devianlons just like their parents. Ray was born with the power to control and manifest fire, deep inside his soul unbeknownst to his family lies an amazing power that has yet to be unlocked. Susan was born with the ability to harness and control fairy powers. Him and his sister both had blue eyes that resembled their mother. The years of peace allowed Tasan to prosper and unite as a planet. The resentment for the Devianlons started to die down, allowing for some of the harsh laws to die down. Luke hid, waiting for his moment to strike. With the Deathtalon activity slowly rising, Armaneus knew that Luke would one day return. With this in mind, Armaneus keeps on the lookout, anticipating Luke's return. With Phil giving him instructions through an earpiece. At the moment he was enjoying the peace with his loved ones. Armaneus would put his kids to sleep and tell them goodnight before heading downstairs to look for any signs of Luke. This was a nightly routine for the Gray family but there was something odd about that night. There was an evil energy surrounding the Gray household and Armaneus could sense it. Tonight was the night that Ray and Susan's life would change forever.

Chapter 1

Peace and serenity fills the night sky at the Gray household. Ray and Susan sleep soundly in their beds, unaware of the tragedy that was about to take place. Aramaneus and Cordelia were downstairs looking up news on recent Deathtalons sightings. "Honey, I think you should give this a rest. You've been doing this every night ever since we beat Luke. I think you should take a break and get some well deserved rest." Cordelia says.

"Cordelia, you know I can't just let this go." Armaneus says as he continues his work on his computer. "Luke is a monster who won't hesitate to destroy this planet, in order to protect our children and ensure a better future for them, I must find and kill Luke as soon as possible. I will give my life to protect you and the kids, you guys mean everything to me and I refuse to lose you." Cordelia makes her way towards her husband and hugs him from behind.

"I want you to know that no matter what happens, I will always love you." Cordelia says.

"Awwe, I love you too honey." Armaneus says. "Maybe you're right, I should take a break from all of this. Let's go watch some T.V." He turns off his computer and stands up from his chair, stretching as he rises.

"Ahh ahh ah nooooo, you're going to bed mister!" Cordelia says.

"Aweeeee do I have to?" Armaneus asks, with a pouty face.

"Yes honey, you need to get some rest. Now come on let's go upstairs." Cordelia says with a smile on her face.

"Okay" Armaneus says. The two slowly make their way towards the stairs. Just before they go upstairs Armaneus hears a loud whizzing noise. "Get down Cordelia!" Armaneus yells, as small missiles strike the house and causes an explosion. Luke, Aten, Helene and attack Armaneus and his wife. Armaneus takes on Luke and Aten begin to attack Armaneus, while Helene attacks Cordelia. Armaneus is able to fend off the two Deathtalons. The commotion causes Ray to wake up.

"What's going on?" Ray asks himself. He gets out of bed and begins to walk downstairs. Right before he was able to walk downstairs, Cordelia is thrown up to the floor that Ray was on.

"Ray, grab Susan and run." says Cordelia as she is fighting Helene.

"I'm not gonna leave you mom." says Ray.

"Hurry up and get out of here. Mary-Ann is waiting for you outside." Cordelia yells. Armaneus is still fighting with Luke and Aten. He quickly knocks Luke away and then proceeds to focus his attack on Aten. After blasting Aten with a blast of pure energy, Aten staggers a bit, allowing for Armaneus to kill him. Armaneus turns his hand into a gun and blasts a hole in Aten's chest. Armaneus then completely destroys Aten's head by turning his two arms into a cannon and shooting him. After Aten is killed by Armaneus, Luke begins to attack Armaneus from behind. The two stand off, waiting to begin their battle.

"We can never be accepted in this world. So why?" Luke asks. "Why do you continue to fight for them?"

"Because, there is good in them, I believe that one day we can get along with them." Armaneus says. "We just have to show them that there is no need to fear us. We have to show them that we are just like them."

"You are a fool Armaneus. They fear us, do you know what that means?" Luke says.

"I'm pretty sure I do, but go ahead and tell me anyway" Armaneus says with a smirk on his face.

"I see you still have a smart mouth." Luke says. He chuckles a bit, before allowing the seriousness to return to his face. "Allow me to educate you then. You see fear is what controls us all, it makes us think only for ourselves and not for others. Fear is an emotion of the weak and helpless, those who have power do not fear, they use the fear of the people to control them. This is the perfect moment for us, we are gifted Armaneus, we deserve to be on top of this world. We do not deserve to be put down. We must takeover the weak and create a world where we rule, where the Devianlons rule the world."

"No, that is not the way to live." Armaneus says, with his arms crossed and a stern face. "What you're doing is making it worse for the Devianlons that want to live in peace. Trust me, we can live in peace with them, we are the same, just born with powers and abilities that's all."

"You fool, I'm tired of talking to you." Luke says. "You've foiled all of my plans up until now, but this is where you meet your end. Today is where the great Armaneus falls, and a new age begins!" Luke shifts his body into a fighting position, with both of his hands extended out into a fist.

"Well then Luke this shall be the final battle." Armaneus says as he moves into his own fighting stance. "I will do my best to end everything here. Let us fight!"

As the two begin to duel, Helene and Cordelia continue their fight. Cordelia seems to be at a disadvantage, but is able to turn the battle around to her favor. Cordelia uses her magic to freeze Helene in place. Helene is immobilized, and helpless as Cordelia uses her vast knowledge of Tasanlon pressure points to Incapacitate Helene. Cordelia then meets up with Ray and Susan.

"Kids, I really need you to get out of here." Cordelia says "I'm going to go help your father." Armaneus continues his fight with Luke, the two continue to exchange blows. Armaneus seems to be losing, when Cordelia joins in the fight. After a couple minutes, Luke is overwhelmed by the two and activates his Black Dragon. His power and speed are both increased exponentially. He soon overpowers Armaneus and Cordelia, he wounds Cordelia by blasting her with his black energy. Cordelia is laying on the ground, unconscious and Luke begins to focus his attention on Armaneus. The two begin to fight again and it becomes clear that Luke has the upper hand and he sends Armaneus to the ground. Luke grabs Armaneus' head and throws him against the bookshelves. As Armaneus is crawling, Luke kicks him right in the face. He then kneels next to him and speaks.

"You're truly pathetic, to think that I lost to you all those times. Luke says. He laughs as he rises to his feet. "Oh well, this is where it all ends, this is where the great Armaneus Gray dies!!"

Ray runs to his mother, who is coughing up blood and struggling to get up. "Ray, please run away and protect your sister." Cordelia says as she struggles to move. Ray refuses and runs to his father. As he is running to his father, Luke takes out a small sword and slahes Ray's right eye. Ray is stunned by the attack, and Luke walks up to him preparing to finish him for interfering. "Please Luke, don't kill him, he's only a kid." Armaneus says. Luke ignores him and continues to charge up the blast. Right before he fires the blast, Cordelia jumps in and takes the blast for her son. Ray witnesses his mother die and becomes enraged, and he starts to become surrounding by this red aura. The red aura is similar, to the aura that Luke has in his Black Dragon stage. He then charges towards Luke for one final attack, but is knocked away and his red aura disappears. Luke concentrates all his dragon energy to his left arm and then impales Armaneus through the heart. Armaneus starts to cough up blood, and Luke begins to laugh.

"Ugh, Ray.... you have to..... run..... take Susan and run!" Armaneus says, struggling to speak.

"But dad!" Ray says as he reaches his hand out towards his father.

"No buts, get out of here before it's too late!" Armaneus yells. Ray just watches in horror, as he is unable to help his father. He shakes the tears out of his eyes and moves his focus towards Susan.

"Come on Susan, lets get out of here." Ray says as he grabs Susan's hand and bolts out the house.

"Live on my children... Bring peace and prosperity to Tasanlons and Devianlons... I know you can do it." Armaneus says, with his last breath. He peacefully passes on to the next life, leaving the future to his children. After a dangerous trip in the rain, he and his sister make it to Mary-Anns orphanage. After a couple hours pass Mary-Ann goes back to their home to gather the bodies of Armaneus and Cordelia. A week passes and the members of the S.D.U.T hold a funeral service for Armaneus and Cordelia. A pastor gives a sermon, and it begins to rain outside. Susan is comforted by Ray as she begins to cry. All the Tasanlons and Devianlons that knew the couple walk over and lay flowers on their caskets. After the funeral is over, Ray returns back to the grave of his parents. He begins to cry, as he holds the necklace that his mom gave him. He looks up to the sky and makes a promise to his parents.

"Mom, dad, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to save you, please forgive me." Ray says. "I swear on my life that I will kill Luke, and avenge you both. I will bring peace to this world, and show everyone that the Devianlons are not the enemies. Luke and the Deathtalons will pay for what they've done."

Ray begins to walk away from the grave sight. The story of Armaneus has ended, and the story of Ray has just begun.

Chapter 2

10 years pass since the tragic death of Armaneus and Cordelia. Their son Ray is now 18, and their daughter Susan is now 16. Ray's appearance has altered during the past 10 years. He now has short spiky black hair and the scar on his right eye is still present. His sister has sleek black hair, with pink extensions in it. During the 10 years, both Ray and Susan attend Devianlon Combat School. There they met Sam, Destiny, Jordan, and Jasmine. Sam is a mysterious character. He has short bristly brown hair with hazel eyes. His true capabilities are a mystery but it is known he can control water. Destiny is an energetic girl with brown skin and long black hair that contains grey streaks; She wears bright red lipstick, with grey eye shadow. She loves to fight and have fun. She has the ability to control shadows, and uses duel pistols that can shoot Shadow energy. Jordan is the twin brother to Destiny. He also has brown skin with a large fluffy black afro. He is very smart and resourceful, he can control dark matter by putting the energy into his swords. Both of them have piercing black eyes. Jasmine is a quiet, but fierce girl. She is light skin, with freckles running from the right side of her face to the left. Her eyes resemble the very ice that she can control. She has a secret crush on Ray. She is trained in multiple types of martial arts and is able to use the power of ice as her weapon. During the 10 years, the Deathtalons went into hiding. This allowed Tasan to see another period of peace and prosperity. During this time, Luke recruited new Devianlons to join his cause. His team now consist of members young and old. Some of the new members recruited include Black, Lightning, Demonica, Ivy, Dust, Selena, Shadow, Janet, and Axis. Black is an assassin, who is part of a secret cult. He has luxuriant black hair, with piercing red eyes. He can absorb the life force out of anyone and control black matter and dark energy. Lightning is one of the youngest members, as with his name he controls and manifest lightning and anything containing electricity. He has short unkempt hair, that is blue and white. Demonica is a satanist, who practices the demonic arts. She has long red and black hair that comes down to her shoulders. Ivy is a former scientist who was forced to join the Deathtalons by Luke. She has short purple hair and violet eyes. She has the ability to secret poison from anywhere on her body. Dust is a brown skinned adolescent with attitude. She has short natural black hair. She has complete control of dust, dirt, sand, and many other things. She always wears her favorite open-toed heels during battle. Selena is a light-skin girl with brown eyes and long flowing light brown hair. Shadow is a Devianlon that has kept his life a secret. He has piercing black eyes and short tousled black hair. Janet is a former teenage fashion model, who was kicked out of the business for being a Devianlon. She makes sure to keep her appearance as her number one priority. She always wears different color lipstick and eye shadow. She has long clean, blond hair that she will do anything to protect. Axis is an archer who is one of the best. He has loose gray hair, as well as fiery red eyes. Phil, Black, Axis, and Dust wait for their leader Luke to arrive from his mission. The air fills with tension as the four continue to wait for their leader.

"So tell me again why we waited 10 years to attack the Tasanlons." Axis says as he lets out a loud groan. "We could have easily wiped out them out when Luke killed Armaneus. The S.D.U.T was weakened, it was the perfect opportunity."

"You fool, do you not understand what lord Luke was planning?" Phil asks.

"No I don't, please tell me." Axis says sarcastically.

"He wanted to wait for the Devianlons to gain the trust of the Tasanlons. Phil says. "After all the damage we've done, the people of our planet have grown to distrust all Devianlons. With the 10 years of peace we've allowed, the S.D.U.T have gained the trust of the people. Now is the perfect time to strike, our attacks will destroy any trust that the Tasanlons will have for Devianlons."

"If you ask me that's a dumb plan." Axis says, leaning up against a wall.

"You dare say that about Master Luke's plan!" Phil yells, clenching his fist. "Who do you think you are?"

"You know? I ask myself that everyday." Axis says. "Look, I'm just expressing my opinion, no need to get your panties in a twist."

"Haha, you think you're so clever, don't you?" Phil says as he rolls his eyes to the back of his head.

"That can be argued." Axis says. "You know what's a good idea. Why don't we replace all of you old farts with the younger generation. I mean you guys obviously can't get the job done. All these years of fighting and we can't get rid of the S.D.U.T, how pathetic."

"So you're implying that the younger generation is better than the older generation." Phil says.

"Without a doubt!" Axis says as he brings his body to an erect position.

"Why don't you prove it right now." Phil says, getting in Axis' face.

"Bring it on old man!" Axis yells in response. Black just listens on, with his eyes closed and his arms crossed. The vein on his forehead pulsates as he tries to ignore the two.

"Enough!" Black yells.

"Huh?" Axis and Phil say simultaneously.

"You two should really act your age, this is ridiculous, grow up already." Dust says.

"Well technically I'm only 17." Axis says.

"Does it look like I give a damn Axis!" Dust yells. "I'm 17 too so there should be no reason why you should be acting this immature."

"Well technically Female Tasanlons mature at a faster rate than Male Tasanlons." Axis says.

"Axis, just shut up already, before I'm forced to kill you, and trust me, I will." Black says.

"Whoa whoa there mister assassin, no need to kill anyone here." Axis says.

"Then shut your mouth already, you're so annoying." Dust says as she rolls her eyes.

"Well damn, everyones against me today" Axis says.

"This is exactly why I told Luke not to hire all these young Devianlons, this would be less of headache if they weren't with us." Phil whispers to himself.

"It seems he has finally arrived." Black says.

Luke's ship comes in for a landing. He gets out of the ship and is greeted by the Deathtalons. He begins to walk towards the briefing room, as he is walking he calls all Deathtalons for a meeting. Luke enters the room and sits down. He is surrounding by his fellow Deathtalons, and begins the briefing.

"My fellow Deathtalons, after all these years of waiting, it is now time for me to execute my master plan." Luke says.

"And what would that be?" Ivy asks.

"Let me ask you all something, what is something that we all feel?" Luke asks. "I'll give you a hint it shows the true nature of Tasanlons."

"Jealousy?" Ivy asks.

"Envy!" Axis blurts out.

"That's the same thing dumbass." Ivy says.

"Oh my god, not this shit again." Axis groans.

"Quiet, guys!" Dust says.

"Is it sadness, my lord?" Phil asks.

"No, it is fear." Luke says.

"So what does fear have to do with this plan?" Janet asks.

"We will rule the Tasanlons by using fear." Luke says.

"Ummmmm, news flash, you've tried that countless times and you've failed." Axis says.

"How dare you disrespect lord Luke!" Phil yells.

"What? I was just pointing out the obvious." Axis says.

"Yes Axis you're correct. I have failed multiple times, but there's something different about this plan." Luke says.

"And what is that?" Axis asks.

"There is no Armaneus to stop me." Luke says with a smile on his face.

"What about his son Ray?" Demonica asks.

"Don't worry about him. I have someone that will take care of him." Luke says.

"Who is it?" Dust asks.

"Ahh my dear Dust, you will find out soon enough." Luke says. "Now, on to another matter, new recruits. I have two Devianlons who have caught my interest, and I want Dust, Lightning, Axis, and Janet to go find them and bring them to me."

"Ughh why do I have to work with the two most annoying guys on the team?" Dust asks.

"Yeah, why do i have to work with this ugly ass bitch?" Lightning asks.

"What did you just say?" Dust asks.

"I said why do i have to work with this ugly ass bitch?" Lightning says.

"You wanna go? Cause I'll kill you right here and now!" Dust yells.

"Can you actually be respectful for once Lightning?" Janet asks.

"Hey Janet, why don't you shut the hell up?" Axis says.

"Hey dumbass, no one was talking to you." Janet quickly snaps back.

"They weren't talking to you either but you still inserted yourself in the conversation." Axis says.

"Enough! You will stop you're useless arguing or else you will all be killed. Do you understand me?" Luke says in a commanding voice. All four froze immediately in place. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes Sir!" All of them say quickly.

"The two Devianlons that you four will be pursuing are located in Monomia." Luke says.

"What Monomia!? That's so far from here." Axis says.

"Are these Devianlons really that special? Who are they exactly?" Janet asks.

"They are known to the world as the infamous titanium twins, Yuki and Yuriko." Luke says.

"Judging by their name it's safe to assume that they can control the metal titanium." Janet says.

"Correct." Luke says. "They can turn any body part into anything that is metal, liquid and solid. Yuriko has the ability to turn into any metal form of an animal. They should be great assets to my plan. With their help, we'll be very close to achieving our plan."

"May I ask how old are these twins?" Phil asks.

"They are 17 years of age." Luke says.

"Oh great, more young Devianlons." Phil groans as he places his hand over his head.

"Get over it Phil, the future is with the younger generation." Luke says.

"Ha, suck it Phil!" Axis says.

"Quiet, you fool." Phil says.

"You know, after we capture this planet we should expand our empire." Axis says. "Like we should travel to Earth, and attack and conquer the humans. I heard that they're a primitive and violent species."

"Kind of like us?" Dust asks.

"Yeah, except for the fact that we aren't dumb as shit." Axis says, immediately laughing.

"Sadly Axis, we won't be attacking Earth for awhile." Luke says. "Right now they are plagued by war."

"Who are they at war with?" Janet asks.

"Themselves. So they aren't important right now." Luke says. "Plus they are in the Milky Way galaxy, that is way too much of a hassle."

"Hey Mr.assassin why have you been so silent?" Axis asks.

"Same goes for you Selena." Dust says.

"Oh sorry about that, I was just lost in my own thoughts, that's all." Selena says softly.

"Well no one has said a word to us this whole meeting." Black says.

"Okay and?" Janet says.

"So us speaking would be out of place." Black says.

"Enough everyone!" Luke yells. Everyone diverts their eyes towards Luke. "It is time to begin our plan to conquer this world. Axis, Lightning, Dust, and Janet, you all have your mission. Find and bring back the titanium twins. Everyone else, we will begin preparations for the attack of Trigola City. Deathtalons.... Move out!"

The meeting ends and the Deathtalons depart the briefing room to complete their assignments. As Axis, Janet, Lightning, and Dust walk towards the hangar, they are met by Shadow, who is just coming back from his mission. Axis greets him, but Shadow just ignores him, continuing to walk. The group arrives at the hangar, planning to leave at dawn, since the trip will take eight hours. Dawn arrives, and the Deathtalons are ready to move out and begin their mission. Janet takes control of the ship, and starts the engine. The hangar doors open and the ship takes off. After a long eight hour flight, the ship arrives in Monomia. They ship lands in a uninhabited grassland that is 3 miles from the Minia City. The group

enters Minia City and is amazed at how the city looks. The group walks together through the streets of Minia City. The city is old fashioned, with roads made completely of dirt. Their are lanterns scattered throughout the city, helping to provide light at night. Each lantern has a Tasanlon symbol, that is considered a forgotten language. Instead of large skyscrapers, their are small apartment buildings around the city. Many different small markets line the bottom of the city.

"The culture of Monomia is based on old Tasanlon legends and myths." Janet says as she informs the group. "The people of Monomia prefer not to use technology, and use old conventional ways to entertain themselves and communicate."

"I could never live a life like that." Lightning says. Dust and Axis agree with him.

"That's because you have grown up your whole life with technology while the people of Monomia have not." Janet says.

"These are what the twins look like." Dust says, as she pulls out a picture of the titanium twins.

"Everyone fan out, if you find the twins make sure to contact the group." Janet says. The group puts in their earpieces and spreads out to begin their search. Axis gets frustrated because the citizens are speaking in a language that he didn't understand. The people of Monomia speak the old language of Tasanlonian. Lightning is searching around when he sees two mysterious figures walking. He follows them, and finds out that they are just normal Tasanlons.

As Lightning gets frustrated one of the Tasanlons speaks to him saying "Young man what are you looking for?".

Lightning's frustration eases. "Have you seen two Devianlons that look like this?" Lightning asks.

"Oh you're looking for those monsters?" the old Tasanlon says.

"Yes old man, now I would appreciate it if you just told me."

"Ahh recently I have not seen them but the place they live is right over there in the fields." The old man says.

"Lightning reporting in, I have the location of the house of the twins, i'm relaying the coordinates; Let's rendezvous there as soon as possible." Lightning says. The group then meets up at the coordinates that Lightning provided. They arrive at an old abandoned barn that is located on the country side. The group makes a camp inside the barn and waits for the twins to appear. As Night time approaches Axis and Lightning fall asleep.

"Wake up you idiots!!" Janet yells. The barn doors begin to open. As the doors open, the two shadowy are seen. They walk into the moonlight and it is revealed that the two shadowy figures are Yuki and Yuriko, the titanium twins. The two are both from Asian descent. The girl has long flowing hair, while the guy's hair is long, but tied in a pony tail. Their eyes and hair are both a shiny metallic color.

"That was a good haul brother." Yuki says as she drops a sac full of food on the ground. "I believe we have enough food to last us the rest of the week."

"You're right, thank the heavens that we've both been blessed with theses amazing gifts." Yuriko says.

"Well, well, well, look at what we have here." Axis says.

"Huh?" The pair say.

"We've been expecting you two." Lightning says.

"Who the hell are you?" Yuki asks.

"We are Devianlons, just like you." Dust says.

"We are a part of an organization that wants to create a world where the Devianlons are on top. We are the Deathtalons."Janet says.

"Our master has his eyes on both of you." Axis says. "So, he sent us here to recruit you."

"Now here's the big question. Are you guys gonna go quietly?" Lightning asks.

"Or do we have to use force?" Axis asks.

"I really like your offer, but if you want both of us, you're gonna have to show us how powerful you are." Yuriko says with a chuckle.

"Let's see if you Deathtalons are worthy of having the titanium twins join your ranks." Yuki says.

"Oh good, it's been too long since I've been in a fight." Axis says. "My bow was starting to get rusty."

"This is gonna be electrifying!" Lightning says as he sends a pulse of electricity through his arms.

"Enough talking, prepare for battle, let's see if you have the power to beat us." Yuriko says.

Axis pulls out his bow and begins to fire arrows at the twins, they both dodge the arrows with ease and turn their arms into metallic swords. Yuki runs up to attack Dust and Janet. She kicks Janet in the face and focuses her attack on Dust. Yuriko starts to attack, Lightning charges up an electric attack and lunges towards Yuriko. As Lightning touches Yuriko's arm, Yuriko turns his arm into metal and absorbs the electrical attack. He then hits Lightning up into the air and then knocks him out of the barn. Janet gets up and runs to help out Dust. She puts Yuki in a master lock, but she is quickly thrown off. Dust looks around for any dirt, sand, or dust that she can use to increase her powers. "Come at me ugly" Dust says. She sticks her tongue out directly at Yuki. Yuki gets mad and recklessly charges towards Dust; Dust grabs Yuki by her arm and throws her out the barn.

"Janet, hurry up and join me outside." Dust says.

"But my hair and clothes will get dirty." Janet says.

"Shut up and focus on the fight; You can fix your clothes and hair later." Dust yells. Axis jumps out of the barn, with Yuriko following him. Axis runs from Yuriko, he implements his fire powers into his arrows and turns around to fire his flaming arrows. Right before an arrow pierces the skin of Yuriko, he turns his whole body into metal. The arrow just flies off his body, leaving no damage on his body.

"Shit" Axis says.

"Your arrows don't have an effect on me" Yuriko says. Yuriko turns into a metallic cheetah. He quickly catches up to Axis, forcing Axis to do hand to hand combat. Janet and Dust double team Yuki, who easily handles both of them. Janet tries blowing an energy kiss at Yuki but she turns her arm into a shield and blocks it. She hits Janet with the shield and sends her flying into the dirt. Dust gathers up the dirt around her and throws it at Yuki's face in an attempt to blind her. Just as the dirt reaches her face, she turns her whole face into metal. The dirt slides off the shiny metal, landing softly on the ground. She runs up to Dust and stabs her through the stomach, lifting her up into the air. Dust coughs up blood and it lands on Yuki's face.

"I love to make people bleed." Yuki says as she licks Janet's blood off her face. Janet gets up and sends a green energy wave at Yuki. The wave of energy knocks her down and she drops Dust. Lightning comes to the aid of Axis, who is struggling in his fight with Yuriko. He uses his superior speed to attack Yuriko. Lightning easily dodges all the attacks that Yuriko is throwing at him. Axis attacks Yuriko from behind, and this causes Yuriko to turn both his arms into plasma cannons and blast the two away.

"Axis I'm gonna need to go into super charged mode, so i need you to buy me some time." Lightning says as he begins to charge his energy. Axis shoots an arrow at Yuriko. Yuriko charges at him and throws a punch at him. Axis grabs the arm and just as he does, Yuriko turns his arm into metal. In order to counter this, Axis begins to send heat to his hand, in order to try and melt the metal. The heat causes Yuriko to scream in pain and shake off Axis' hand. Lightning enters super charged mode and moves so quickly that normal Tasanlon eyes can't detect him. He begins to overpower Yuriko, who is confused at what is happening. Yuki looks over to see her brother getting beaten, she begins to run towards him to help. Dust gets up and begins to summon a tornado of dust and dirt. She then traps Yuki in the tornado and starts to cut off her air supply.

"Get ready for our team technique Janet." Dust says.Janet gets up and starts charging up her pure green energy.

"Dust i'm ready to go." Janet says.

"Release it now!" Dust screams. Janet releases her energy and it begins to surround the tornado. The energy begins to combine with the dust and the tornado becomes complete green. Dust begins to slowly enclose the tornado onto Yuki. Yuki tries to figure out a way to escape this attack but she slowly starts to lose consciousness due to a lack of air. The green tornado completely encloses Yuki and Dust causes the tornado to implode with Yuki in it. Yuki is thrown to the ground and is knocked out completely. Shortly after Dust and Janet defeat Yuki, her brother Yuriko is defeated by Axis and Lightning. After a few hours, the twins recover and confront the Deathtalons.

"Well, we did it, we defeated you both." Axis says.

"Yes, I was quite surprised, you all did not look very strong." Yuriko says.

"It seems that the Deathtalons are worthy of having the titanium twins join their ranks." Yuki says.

"Mission Accomplished! Time to head home." Lightning says as he yawns.

"Yeah, I can't wait to get home. That stupid fight ruined my outfit and my hair." Janet says in a whiney voice.

"Alright let's move out and return to Luke." Dust says.

The twins pack their items and travel with the Deathtalons to meet their new leader. When they arrive they are greeted by all the other Deathtalons. They meet with Luke, who has been awaiting their arrival. Everyone exits the plane, and surrounds Luke.

"Deathtalons prepare for battle, because war is coming soon." Luke says.

Chapter 3

Ray and his friends were in the training room, getting ready to prepare for their final test. When they reach a certain age, Devianlons have the option to go to an S.D.U.T training program that helps to hone their skills. After showing a certain amount of advancement, they are given an ability test. This test determines if they were ready to fight in the field of battle. The Devianlons who fail the test must train for another year, while the Devianlons who pass are put onto a team and assigned missions. Ray, Destiny, Sam, Susan, Jordan, and Jasmine, are all called to the testing room. They walk into a cube shaped room. The room is gray in color as they walk in they are greeted by a bunch of men and women behind a glass window.

"The test will now begin." the test proctor says as the room turns into a run down and destroyed city. Cars are charred, and building are nothing but piles of rubble. The fire from destroyed pieces of electrical equipment seem to be the only things providing light to the lifeless city. "Your objective is to defeat all enemies and retrieve the red flag in the middle of the city" As soon as the proctor finishes his sentence, silver metallic turrets rise from the ground. Robots march over the hill, each with a blaster rifle in hand. They all cock their guns simultaneously, taking aim at the Devianlons. Without any warning, they all fire. A flurry of blaster fire, consumes the area, illuminating it a bright red.

"Everyone get near me" Susan says. Ray slowly backs up, narrowly dodging the blaster fire. Everyone stands around Susan, leaving her in the center. Her eyes glow pink, as pink energy surrounds her hands. She raises her hands up to the sky, sending a beam a few feet above their heads. It stops and creates a dome of pink energy. A blast beams towards Susan face, but Destiny quickly shoots it, creating a small puff of smoke.

"Susan are you crazy?" Destiny asks.

"This shield was supposed to protect us, not trap us with the enemy!" Jordan yells.

"Sorry I'm still getting used to this ability" Susan says, rubbing the back of her head and laughing nervously.

"Everyone get down!" Jasmine yells. She extends her hands, rotating her body in a circle as ice flies from her hands. A small wall of ice is created, helping to shield the team.

"Nice job Jasmine!" Ray says with excitement.

"Thanks Ray" Jasmine says. Her cheeks turn bright red, as she hides her face. The robots slowly move in, increasing the rate of fire as they get closer. Jordan steps up on the ice, with his hand on the handle of his blade.

"Brother where are you going?" Destiny asks.

"To show these robots how to win a battle" Jordan says. He jumps from the ice, landing right in front of the robots. They take a moment to pause and aim their shots. They fire without warning once more, only to have Jordan swiftly take out his sword and block every shot with one single blade. "Now it's my turn" He flips his sword, so that the sharp end is facing directly behind him. He runs towards the robots, dodging every single shot from the rifles. With one swift strike, he slices a robot in half. The robot discharges electricity before he it falls hard to the ground.

"Dammit why does he get to look cool" Destiny says. "I wanna look cool" Destiny leaps over the ice wall, running towards the robots with her guns out.

"Destiny wait!" Ray yells. He puts his hand over his face, groaning. "I guess we have no choice." He engulfs both his hands with fire, and hops over the wall.

"Wait for me Ray" Jasmine says as she follows Ray.

"Come on Sam, let's join in on the fight" Susan says. Sam just looks over at her, his face completely void of emotion. He slowly stands up. He jumps over the wall, with Susan not too far behind him. Jordan slashes a robot to his right, cutting it completely in half. He turns around, blocking the blaster fire, and slashing the barrel of the gun. The robot tries to fire the gun, only to have Jordan cut his head off. Out of the corner of he sees a robot approaching him from the front.

"Sister tagging in!" Destiny yells, just as Jordan turns to the robot.

"What the" Jordan sputters as Destiny runs towards him. She leaps up, into the air and lands on his back for a brief moment. She uses his body to flip up into the air. Jordan looks up just in time to see his sister sticking her blue tongue out at him, as she glides through the air. She lands right behind the robot. She takes her pistol out and shoots it right in the back of the head. The shot pierces through the robot's head, leaving a small trail of black smoke. The robot falls to the ground, creating a small puff of dust.

"Woo Hoo!" Destiny yells, as she leaps up into the air. "Headshot!"

"What the hell Destiny? I had that perfectly under control" Jordan says.

"Hey I just saved your life be grateful." Destiny says as she sticks her tongue out, crosses her arms and turns her back to Jordan. "Plus you really think I would let you look cooler than me? Not happening brother"

"Well I'm at three and you're at one, so I still look cooler" Jordan says. Unbeknownst to him, three more robots approach him. One from behind, one from the left, and the other from the right. Destiny turns around just in time to see them. "Just face it sis, I'll always be cooler than-" The sound of blaster fire forces Jordan's sentence to be cut short. Destiny swiftly takes out the three robots, each with a headshot. Jordan just stares, his mouth wide open, as his sister twirls her guns and puts them back in the holster.

"What was the score again?" Destiny asks sarcastically. "Oh I think it's Destiny, four and Jordan, three. So I believe I'm the cooler one. Catch ya later loser, I'm gonna make sure I keep this lead." She laughs as she runs off towards the direction of the red lit area.

"Oh whatever" Jordan says. He puts the sword back in it's sheath on his back. "There's no way I'm letting you beat me!" A robot approaches Jordan from behind, but he quickly turns around placing his hand on it's chest. He sends a stream of dark matter through the robot's chest, causing it to hard fall to the ground. "That's four now!" Jordan yells, cupping his hands around his mouth.

"Good job brother!" Destiny yells back. "I'm at six... wait no make that seven now. Damn bro you're really slacking"

"Okay I'm coming there to make sure you aren't cheating!" Jordan yells as he runs to where Destiny is. Ray leaps up in the air, he flips back landing on the head of one of the robots. He punches right through it's head, pulling out the wiring. The robot falls to the ground, as Ray leaps off of it. Ray stands over it, while another approaches from behind. Jasmine fires an icicle straight from her hand, impaling the robot. Ray slowly turns his head back, watching as the robot falls back. Ray then looks forward, seeing Jasmine with a big smirk on her face. A group of robots surround Susan. She takes a deep breath, bringing her arms together. Her eyes as well as her hands glow pink as the robots come closer. The spins around, creating a vortex of pink fairy energy. The robots discharge electricity before falling to the ground. Just as she does, Ray and Jasmine run past her; She follows them to the objective. Sam walks slowly towards a group of robots, who are firing at him. With his eyes closed he dodges every shot with ease. He creates a miniature tsunami of water with his hands, and sends it towards the robots. He continues to walk, as the robots fall to the ground behind him. "Five... Six... Seven... Eight... Nine..." Jordan says as he cuts down five more robots, adding to his count. "Looks like we're tied now" Jordan looks over, seeing one last robot rising from the ground. "Let's make it 10" He says as he runs towards the robot. Just as he is about to strike, Destiny hops from a nearby building. She grabs it's head, using it to push her self on top of it. Once on top of it, she pulls out her gun, and shoots the robot twice in the head. The robot implodes, before falling to the ground. Destiny falls with it as her brother rushes to her. "What the hell sis, that was supposed to be my kill" Destiny takes a deep breath, moving her hair out of her face as she looks up at Jordan.

"Ten to nine...." Destiny says. "Looks like I win, I'm the coolest! They should call me Queen BadAss, because that's what I am!"

"They should call you Queen Kill Steal" Jordan says.

"Guys enough arguing let's get back to the mission" Ray yells as everyone runs past the two. Jordan and Destiny put their weapons away, and join the group. The wavering red flag stands in the center of the ruined city. Ray and his team run to it, with nothing to stop them. Just as they are a few feet away, the ground in front of them crumbles and shoots up into the air. Ray spreads his hands apart, stopping his teammates. The dust created by the sudden explosion of rocks clears, revealing Luke. Luke just stands there, staring at the team. Flashbacks of the night his parents died ring through Ray's head. His eyes shake as he balls his hand to a fist, clenching it with all his power. 'Ray..." Jasmine says softly. Ray takes off running to Luke, engulfing his fist with flame.

"I'll make you pay you bastard!" Ray yells as he leaps into the air. He cocks his fist back, and launches it towards Luke. Luke grabs his hands, forcing Ray to land back on his feet. Ray struggles to break free, as Luke just stares at him. A huge pocket of air emerges, as Ray is sent flying back to his teammates.

"Are you ready brother?" Destiny asks, walking up and taking her guns out the holster.

"Yeah, let's go" Jordan says, pulling out his sword. The two run towards Luke, who awaits them. Destiny shoots both her guns at Luke, while Jordan runs up with his sword. Luke blocks the shadow bullets with one arm, while grabbing Jordan's sword with the other. Destiny comes to a sudden stop, kicking her leg forward. Luke grabs it right before it makes contact with his face. While Luke is distracted, Ray and Jasmine run into a hollow building.

"Hold on guys I'm coming... Let's go Sam!" Susan yells. With Luke still holding tightly to Destiny and Jordan, Susan and Sam runs at Luke. Luke flips back kicking his foot on Susan's chin, sending her back. Being free, Destiny jumps up to grab Luke on his neck. Luke quickly turns around, smacking Destiny hard in her face. Destiny goes flying, landing back first against a nearby building.

"Destiny!" Jordan yells. He screams as he charges towards Luke. Luke grabs him by the neck and slams him to the ground. Luke looks around at all the knocked out Devianlons. Foot steps echo through the hollow buildings. Luke turns around, seeing Jasmine and Ray running to him. Ray's fist is engulfed in flames, while Jasmine's fist is surrounded by ice crystals. Just before the hit him, he jumps up, landing on top of a building. Ray and Jasmine both look up at him, as he just laughs at them.

Luke looks behind him, and jumps on top of a building to get the high ground. Luke begins to laugh.

"Do you really think you have what it takes to beat me?" Luke says.

"The number one rule of combat is don't get cocky before the battle has been decided." Sam says as he sends a beam of plasma through Luke's back. The hologram of him fades away, revealing a robot. Ray and his friends look at the other Sam, as it turns into a puddle of water.

"Don't worry I'll explain myself later, right now we need to reach the objective." Sam says. He moves the hair out of his face and jumps down, landing right next to his teammates. Jordan helps Destiny to her feet and the two join with the others. The group run towards the red flag, standing in the middle of all the destruction. Everyone surveys the surrounding area.

"You do the honors Sam" Ray says.

"Yeah you were the one that defeated Luke, you should get the honors" Destiny says. Sam takes a moment, staring intently at the flag. The flag just waves in the wind.

"What's the matter Sam?" Susan asks.

"Nothing" Sam says. He quickly grabs the flag and raises it high in the air. Just as he does, the flag morphs into a shiny rod, with a blue blinker at the end. Everything dissipates, with the initial training room being present. A gray wall opens up with the test proctors walking in, clapping simultaneously.

"Congratulations, you have passed the test, you will meet your new team next week so get some well deserved rest." the test proctor says. Everyone bows their heads, before walking out the training room.

"That boy Sam has an incredible mind, we must watch out for him." One of the test proctors says.

"Agreed, I have already assigned Nathan to watch over him." another proctor says. Ray and his friends travel to a food place to celebrating their graduation from the S.D.U.T academy. A server brings them a steamy plate of Misagi, which is a popular fish from the deep oceans of Tasan.

"I can't believe that we actually passed!" Susan says with excitement.

"What did you expect? There's nothing in this world that can stop our team!" Destiny says.

"Sis, I think you're being a little too cocky...." Jordan says as he takes a sip of his drink.

"Who won our little contest? Oh that's right me." Destiny says as she waves her finger at Jordan in a mocking fashion.

"Whatever I let you win" Jordan says.

"I think we should thank Sam for our victory." Jasmine says.

"Yeah! So tell us, how did you predict Luke's moves like that?" Destiny says, turning her attention to Sam.

"Yeah man, that was a clever ass move." Jordan says with a wide smile.

"Oh, it was simple really." Sam says calmly. He places his hands together as he leans forwards slightly on the table. "Since he was just like those robots we fought, I figured he would have the same fighting style and movement. He was a bit stronger than I anticipated but it didn't take long before I came up with a strategy. I knew that he wouldn't fall for your little trick Ray. I figured he would jump to the building nearby to avoid the both of you. So I manifested a clone of myself, made of water. The clone remained on the ground, while I was waiting to strike."

"Damn boy, that's clever." Jordan says as he slaps Sam in the back.

"Yeah I have to admit, I would have never came up with a plan like that." Destiny says.

"It was nothing really, all a matter of strategizing." Sam says.

"Maybe you should teach it to Jordan, so he can learn to win something for once." Destiny says in a teasing manner.

"You only won because you stole my kill. That was my kill and you know it." Jordan says.

"First come, first serve" Destiny says with a smile.

"Whatever I'll beat you next time" Jordan says with a sigh.

"You're guys competition always inspires me to fight harder." Susan says. "Ray and I should have competitions like that. Right Ray?" Ray sits in a thinking position. He ignores Susan's statement and remains silent.

"Ray, are you okay? You haven't said a word this whole time." Jasmine asks as she looks over at Ray.

"Yeah, she's right. Are you okay Ray?" Susan asks.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Ray says. "I'm just thinking about how I was face to face with that bastard and I was powerless. Will I actually be able to avenge Mom and Dad. Or am I too weak?"

"Come on Ray... Don't talk like that." Destiny says, punching Ray in the shoulder. "You're one of the strongest Devianlons we know. If anyone can be the one to defeat Luke it's you."

"Yeah my sister is right." Jordan says. "You just gotta dig down deep and unlock that amazing power that we all have inside of us. If we all unlock it, then we can bring Devianlons and Tasanlons together to live in peace and equality."

"You sound so cliche Jordan. Shut up!" Destiny says.

"What? I'm just trying to help cheer him up." Jordan says.

"Ray, we all believe in you and we will always be there for you." Jasmine says in a soothing voice. "I know you can defeat Luke, because you've always pushed through tough situations. You may need a little help from friends, but you're unstoppable when it comes to protecting the ones you love."

"Yeah Ray, you just gotta believe in yourself. We all know you can do it!" Susan says.

"Yeah I guess you're right. Thanks guys" Ray says.

The group finishes the Misagi, very quickly, leaving only bones on the plate. "We should hang out sometime within the next few sun cycles" Ray and Susan walk home to the orphanage that they were raised at after the death of their parents.

"Hey guys, can you tell Mary-Ann that me and Susan passed the test and that we will be moving out this weekend." Ray yells. Mary-Ann is the person who took Ray and his sister in after the death of their parents. She is a middle aged woman, with messy hair that is tied up in a bun. Ray slowly enters his room and begins to pack his stuff, he finds an old picture of him, Susan, and his parents. The picture frame is cracked and the actual picture has little burn marks. Mary-Ann walks by Ray's door and sees him holding the old photo.

"I see you're still mourning your parents... I can only imagine your pain, but everything will be alright, I promise." Mary-Ann says.

"Whatever..." Ray says as he places the photo back down.

"You know, you're parents were very brave and strong just like you are." Mary-Ann says.

"Yeah right." Ray says. "I'm not strong... I'm weak. I couldn't protect them and now their dead. They're dead because of me."

"What do you think happens when people die?" Mary-Ann asks.

"They are gone forever, or their spirit enters the spirit world, or some shit like that, I don't know." Ray says.

"What if i told you that all the people that have died, aren't really dead." Mary-Ann says.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Ray asks.

"They are still alive and well." Mary-Ann says.

"Where and how?"Ray asks. Mary-Ann walks up to Ray and points to his heart.

"They are here, inside your heart." Mary-Ann says. "When we die, we leave our bodies, but we live on in the memories of the past. Your parents are still alive inside of you, and as long as you are alive they will be alive too. You're not weak, you have amazing power inside of."

"Yeah I guess you're right." Ray says.

"I'm going to miss having you and your sister around, it was a fun 10 years." Mary-Ann says. "Please stay safe, and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask."

"Trust me I won't. Thanks for everything Mary-Ann." Ray says, with a smile on his face.

"You're welcome." Mary-Ann says. The two hug, and Mary-Ann gives Ray a kiss on the cheek before walking out of the room. Night time approaches and Ray lays in his bed, thinking about what Mary-Ann told him. Ray closes his eyes and tries to sleep. As he is sleeping he enters a dream state. The room he is standing in becomes filled with a mysterious aura. In the distance he sees a huge dark figure that seems to be flying. The figure moves closer to Ray and reveals himself, to be a dragon. Ray and the dragon make eye contact, Ray tries to approach the dragon. As soon as he touches the dragon, it fades away and the fog becomes red and black. Images of Ray's past are seen in various spots among the fog. In the fog he sees all of his friends getting killed by Luke. Ray runs to help his friends, only to be greeted by his little sister begging him for help.

"Ray! Please save me!" Susan says as Ray tries to calm her down, but as soon as he speaks to her she is killed by Luke, who begins to laugh.

"This is not real! It's only a dream." Ray tells himself.

"This is not a dream, this is your future, this will one day be your reality." Luke says as he walks up to Ray. An image of a destroyed Tasan pops up, and the Deathtalons are seen standing on top of a demolished capital building. The ground is filled with the dead bodies of many Tasanlons and Devianlons. The image moves closer to Ray and he soon finds himself in the destroyed city. He looks on the ground and sees the bloody corpses of his friends, allies, and innocent Tasanlons. In the huge mess of dead bodies, Ray is able to see Destiny, Susan, Jordan, and Sam. He looks for Jasmine, only to discover that she is being tortured by Luke.

"Please stop! It hurts!" Jasmine says as she screams in agony, and begs for her life.

"Luke please stop!" Ray says as he watches in horror.

"Sure Ray, no problem." Luke says as he slits the neck of Jasmine leaving her to die. Ray collapses to the ground and starts crying. Luke walks up to him, and Ray tries to punch him, only for his punch to be blocked. Luke crushes Ray's hand, and tells him that he will be nothing in life and that he is destined to lose. Luke charges up and ball of dark shadow energy and blasts Ray right in the chest. As soon as Ray is blasted, he immediately wakes up screaming. Susan and Mary-Ann rush into his room to see what caused Ray to scream.

"Don't worry guys, it was just a simple nightmare." Ray says. Ray stays up, due to his fear of having that nightmare again. Morning arrives and Susan comes in to check on Ray.

"Would you like to hang out with us today?" Susan asks. Ray, who is still in shock from the dream decides that he should tell his friends about it.

"Sure I'll hang out with you guys today, but I'm gonna get a bite to eat then take a nap." Ray says. Ray grabs a quick bite to eat, then lays in his bed to nap. He falls asleep for a good 6 hours before being rudely waken up by his sister.

"Ray wake up, we have to go!" Susan yells. Ray gets into the shower. As he is showering he constantly thinks about the dream he had last night. He wonders if the dream is an indication of what is to come. Just as he thinks about what he can do to try and prevent his friends from dying, Susan knocks on the door.

"Ray hurry the hell up, we have to go!" Susan says. Ray gets out of the shower and proceeds to get dressed. He meets Susan at the door, who appears to be all dolled up with makeup.

"Mary-Ann we'll be back by 8." Ray says as he and Susan walk out the door. "So Susan, where are we meeting up with the group." Ray asks.

"We are meeting at a lake Susan says." Susan says. She then runs off, leaving Ray behind. Ray tries to run after her but the moment he runs, his head starts to throb and he is haunted by his nightmare yet again. Susan looks behind, and sees Ray on his knees grabbing the right side of his head. "Oh my God, Ray are you ok?" Susan asks, as she runs towards him.

"Stay back!" Ray yells.

"Maybe you should go rest." Susan says.

"I'm fine, lets keep moving." Ray says. Susan watches Ray walk by with a look of concern. She wonders what is bothering her brother. The two arrive at the lake, to see all of their friends swimming and relaxing.

"Hey Ray." Jasmine says as she greets Ray.

"Hey Jasmine, do you mind if I sit here." Ray asks.

"Yes of course." Jasmine says as she blushes. Ray walks over to her and sits down next to her, while Susan goes to talk to Jordan and Sam. A couple of hours pass and Ray has another panic attack.

"Leave my friends alone you bastard!" Ray yells. He begins screaming. Jordan, Sam, Susan, and Destiny run over to check on Ray. Jasmine and Susan both help to calm Ray down. They all ask what caused the panic attack. Ray decides that now is the time to tell all his friends about the dream he had last night.

"So last night, I had a dream." Ray says.

"And? What happened?" Destiny asks.

"It started off with this mysterious mist surrounding me." Ray says. "In the distance I saw a dragon flying. The dragon began to get closer and soon it was right in front of me. As soon as I touched the dragon, I was surrounded by a red, and black mist."

"So you were surrounded by a mysterious mist and greeted by a dragon?" Susan asks.

"Pretty much." Ray says.

"What happened next?" Destiny asks.

"Well I saw the haunting images of my past within the purple fog." Ray says. "Then I saw you guys get killed by Luke. The only people that survived were me, Jasmine, and Susan."

"Are you serious?! I got killed by Luke?" Jordan asks.

"Yeah, a few minutes after that I saw Susan fighting with Luke." Ray says.

"Did I win?" Susan asks.

"No, he unarmed you and had you on the ground begging for your life." Ray says. "You saw me and asked for help, but by the time I arrived, it was already too late."

"Well damn, it looks like Jasmine is the only one left alive." Destiny says.

"Yeah, lucky bastard." Jordan says.

"Yeah... I guess I am lucky." Jasmine says.

"So what happened next?" Destiny asks.

"Luke walked up to me and called me worthless, before pushing me away." Ray says. "After that I was surrounded by the purple fog again. That's when I saw an image of a destroyed Trigola City."

"What happened to Trigola City?" Susan asks.

"It was completely destroyed by Luke and his Deathtalons." Ray asks. "The whole city was covered in bloody corpses, destroyed buildings, and fire. I saw everyone's dead body except for Jasmine."

"What happened to me?" Jasmine asks.

"You were being tortured by Luke." Ray says. "I begged him to stop and he responded by killing you. After that he told me that this was my future. He proceeded to kill me and that's when I woke up."

"Wow, that was one crazy ass dream." Destiny says.

"What do you guys think it means?" Jordan asks.

"I have no idea." Jasmine says.

"Same. What do you think Sam?" Susan asks, directing the question towards Sam.

"I don't really know what to say. It is a very strange dream indeed." Sam says.

"I feel like that dragon has something to do with it. But I don't know what." Destiny says.

"Yeah you may be right." Ray says.

"Anyway, it's getting late. I think we should head home for now." Susan says.

"Yeah, that sounds smart. Ray, let us know if you have another dream like that." Destiny says.

"Okay" Ray says.

"Ummmmm, Ray?" Jasmine asks, tapping on Ray's shoulder.

"Yes?" Ray responds.

"C-ca-can I walk you home?" Jasmine asks, nervously.

"Yeah sure." Ray says.

"Goodbye guys!!! See you soon!"Susan yells as she waves at Jordan, Sam, and Destiny.

"Goodbye!" Destiny and Jordan yell back.

"Farewell my friends." Sam says.

Ray, Susan, and Jasmine start walking towards the orphanage. The sun begins to set creating an beautiful array of colors in the sky. The combinations of blue and orange create a sense of peace. Susan, Ray, and Jasmine run to the orphanage, arriving there in just a few minutes. Susan goes inside while Ray stays out to talk to Jasmine a little bit more.

"Are you sure about walking home alone?" Ray asks.

"Yeah, I'll be fine. I don't live too far from here." Jasmine says. She rubs her shoulder with her arm, as he body shakes slightly.

"Are you okay?" Ray asks. Jasmine immediately takes her arm off her shoulder and stands tall.

"Yeah. I'm fine, I'm just cold" Jasmine says.

"Ahh okay." Ray says.

"Thanks...." Jasmine says.

"For what?" Ray asks.

"Allowing me to sit with you, and for checking to see if I was okay." Jasmine says. "It really meant a lot to me."

"No problem! Glad I was able to put a smile on my face." Ray says.

"Yeah..." Jasmine says.

"Yeah, sorry about my little panic attack." Ray says.

"Oh it's fine, I'm just glad that you're okay." Jasmine says, with a smile on her face. "If there's anything bothering you know you can tell me right?"

"Yeah." Ray says.

"Hey do you wanna meet up sometime tomorrow?" Jasmine asks.

"Yeah sure. What do you have in mind?" Ray says.

"Oh I was thinking we go for a walk, just something simple" Jasmine says.

"Yeah... I'd like that." Ray says. "We can go after I get back from the temple. Just knock on the door when you're ready. I gotta go now, stay safe. Goodbye!"

"Okay! Goodbye, have a great night!" Jasmine says.

Jasmine gives Ray and huge hug. She runs off, as Ray enters into the orphanage. Night time arrives and Ray lies in bed thinking about if he will have the nightmare again. He decides that it's best for him to get some sleep. Ray slowly closes his eyes, and enters a deep slumber.

Chapter 4

Ray awakes to the loud noise of the orphanage. Susan enters his room, slamming the door hard against his wall. "Hey you lazy slouch did you forget what day it is today?" Susan asks. "Hurry up and get dressed, we have to go to the temple today." She slams the door, creating a loud noise that echoes throughout the orphanage. Ray gets up, gets himself dressed and meets Susan downstairs. "Good, now let's go" Ray just remains silent. "Mary-Ann, me and Ray are going to the temple, we will be right back" She yells as she slams the door behind her. After a good hour walk, the two arrive at the Tasanlon Religious Temple. The temple is a pure white, with streaks of gold and silver lining the wall. Seats are made of a strong but soft clear white glass, with designs spreading across from them. They each have the same design, white with a gold outline. In the middle of everything, lies a large piece of stained yellow glass, with four distinct figures on it. The holy God stands in the middle, with his hands spread out. Underneath him is a golden cloud. Underneath that golden cloud, there are three other figures. Two of them are men with long shaggy grey beards, while the other is a woman with flowing golden hair. Everyone looks normal, except for the one in the middle, who has piercing red eyes. The one in the middle is known as Erebos, the creator of hell; To his left lies the creator of all planets known as Enki. The final figure all the way to the left is known as Gwyn, she is the one responsible for creating heaven. These are the beings that the Tasanlons and Devianlons praise along with the almighty God. Songs fill the air inside of the temple. Susan claps her hands, as Ray just sits down, staring into space. "Ray get up" Susan says. Ray groans as he rises to his feet, still staring off into the distance. Still clapping, Susan leans over to Ray. "Ray what's wrong?" She asks quietly. Ray just ignores her, clapping his hands, completely off beat to the music. All of a sudden, Ray's body jumps back, his eyes frantically looking around the area. Everyone stares at the two briefly. "Oh nothing to see here! My brothers just tired that's all" Susan says laughing nervously. The people turn back around, continuing the clap to the music. Ray returns back to staring into space, but Susan decides to just leave him be. After a few hours, the service ends and everyone slowly makes their way out of the temple. Ray and Susan slowly walk down the steps, with Ray still staring off into the distance. "Okay! What is with you? Why are you just staring into space and not talking?" Ray continues to walk, completely ignoring Susan. "Are you gonna answer me?" Ray's head snaps back, as he violently shakes his head.

"It's that dream I had..." Ray says. "What if it actually happens? What if I'm not able to protect those I love and care about? What if Luke takes you guys away from me? I mean I couldn't even save mom and dad, so how can I possibly stop Luke now? He's had a whole 10 years to get stronger, while I'm only beginning to see my abilities. Maybe It's pointless to fight him, maybe we should just give-" Susan runs in front of him, slapping her hands on his shoulders.

"Ray, you can't think like that..." Susan says. Her eyes are red, with water trying to break out of it's prison. "It doesn't matter how strong Luke is now. We got Sam, Destiny, Jordan and Jasmine; Plus those other guys who will be on our team. If we all work together, Luke won't stand a chance!" Despite the fact that she is on the verge of crying, she manages to crack a smile. "Now come on, we got to do a bit of shopping" She tugs at Ray's hand, forcing him to take a step forward. After a couple of minutes, they arrive at the market place of Cility Town. As they are walking a mysterious man wearing a hood runs by them. The man is being chased by the Tasanlon Defense Unit. Ray and Susan both decide to run after the man. They trap him in an alley. "Who the hell are you and what are you doing here?" Ray asks.

"It's none of your business kid." the masked man responds. The man then shoots waves of shadow energy at Ray and Susan. The two dodge and run towards the man. Ray throws punches at the man, but the man dodges them with ease. Susan comes up from behind and tries to kick the man. The man ducks and the kick hits Ray right in the face. Susan runs to check on Ray and as she does, the mysterious man escapes.

The Defense Unit arrive. "Are you kids alright?" one of the officers asks.

Ray slowly gets up, rubbing his head. "Yeah, I'm fine officer." Ray says. "What did the guy run off with?"

"He stole an important Cargonia city schematic." the police officer responds.

"Don't worry officer, we'll report this to the S.D.U.T as soon as possible." Ray tells the police officer. Ray and Susan head back home and as they get closer to the orphanage, they run into Jasmine, who is making her way to the orphanage. "Sorry Jasmine we'll have to postpone the date, but I need you to follow me." Ray says as he runs towards the orphanage. Ray calls Destiny, Jordan, and Sam on his holo-communicator. "Guys meet up at the orphanage now!"

"Why what's wrong?" Destiny asks.

"I'll tell you when you arrive just hurry" Ray says. After about 30 minutes, everyone arrives at the Orphanage. "Earlier today me and Susan encountered a strange man, it turns out that he stole an Cargonia city schematic." Ray says.

"So what are we gonna do?" Destiny asks. The group is staring at Ray, hoping that he has an answer. Ray looks over to Jasmine who quickly turns away. She lets out a quick tear and looks to the ground. Ray pulls out his holo-communicator and calls Arson, who is the current leader of the S.D.U.T and an old friend of his dad.

"Hey Arson I have some information for you about a" Ray says before he is cut off by Arson.

"Don't worry kid I already know" Arson says. "You'll meet with your team tomorrow morning and your mission will be to find and capture this man. You got that? Make sure your team knows about it."

"Alright you guys, you heard the man." Ray says "Tomorrow morning we start our first mission." Jordan starts shaking and runs off to his house to get ready. Destiny puts her hand over her face and sighs. She waves goodbye and runs off in pursuit of her brother. Jasmine walks away slowly without saying a word. Ray tries to get her attention by grabbing her shoulder but she shrugs it off and continues walking. Sam is the last one to leave. Ray and Susan enter the orphanage while Sam walks the other way towards his home. As he leaves he stops and sees Mary-Ann working in the garden. As he passes by she stares at him intently.

"Excuse me madame, is there any reason why you're staring at me?" Sam asks.

"Oh it's nothing really it's just that you look very familiar." Mary-Ann says as she prepares to go back inside. Sam glares at her and walks off. He grabs his phone to make a phone call.

"Ray we're going to miss you, please stay safe." One of the kids says. Susan walks in and the kids run over to her to say goodbye.

"Alright kids, it's time to go to bed." Mary-Ann says comes up the stairs and tells the children that it's time to go to bed. Mary-Ann closes the door, and talks to the Ray and Susan.

"Well tomorrow is the day, I must say it's been a pleasure watching you grow up to be the heroes you are." Mary-Ann says. "If your parents were still alive, I'm sure they would be proud of you."

"Yeah, they would be, but thanks for being there for us Mary-Ann, we really appreciate it. We'll never forget you!" Susan says.

"Make sure you visit me whenever you get the chance, and stay safe." Mary-Ann says.

"Will do!" Susan says.

"And Ray, you are a great young man, I know you will do great things." Mary-Ann says. "Please protect your sister and your friends. I know that one day you will bring peace to this planet and it's people."

"Thanks Mary-Ann, please be safe while we our gone." Ray says.

"I will darling, give me one last hug." Mary-Ann says. Both Ray and Susan wrap their arms around Mary-Ann and give her a big hug. "Now it's time for you to both get your rest."

"Goodnight Mary-Ann!" Ray and Susan say. "We love you!"

"Goodnight! I love you both too" Mary-Ann says. She lets go of both of them.

Mary-Ann and Susan both walk out of Ray's room. Ray falls asleep and the next day arrives. He gets up early to meet up with his friends and take the bus to their destination. Ray grabs his bags and meets up with Susan in the main lobby of the orphanage. The two then walk outside and meet up with Sam, Jasmine, Jordan, and Destiny. The group walks over to the bus stop and waits for bus. The bus arrives, and they all board the bus. After a couple hours of traveling they finally arrive at the destination. They walk up to the door and ring the doorbell; As soon as they ring the doorbell they are greeted by light-skin girl with green eyes and short light green hair.

"Whoa, what do we have here? The girl says. She is leaning on the door waiting for them to answer.

"We are the new recruits for your team." Susan says. The girl glares at them before letting out a scream.

"Oh my god!" She screams as she lets them in and takes them to the basement, where the team leader is waiting for them. The group arrives in the basement, which is a dull metallic gray, which is illuminated by the many blue computer screen. In the middle of the room lies a table with a holo-map emerging from it and 4 new Devianlons standing next to it: Sarah, Angel, Blake and Nathan. Sarah has nice tanned skin. She has the ability to manipulate nature, specifically plants. She has long scraggly black hair, with multiple flower heads in it. She wears a pink A-line dress and no socks or pants. Angel is one of the quietest member of the team. She has sleek golden hair, with gold colored eyes. Blake is one of the Devianlons opposed to getting new team members. He has short matted black hair. Nathan is the leader of the team known as Alpha-21. He has short string like black hair that comes down to his chin.

"Yo guys, we got ourselves some new recruits here." Sky says.

"Hey there, my name is Sarah. What's yours?" Sarah says.

"I'm Ray." Ray says.

"I'm Susan" Susan says.

"The name is Sam." Sam says.

"I'm Jordan, and this is my twin sister Destiny." Jordan says.

"Hey there." Destiny says.

"My name is Jasmine." Jasmine says.

"Well it's nice to meet you all. My name is Sky." Sky says.

"The name's Blake." Blake says. He points to a girl standing next to him. "The girl next to me is Angel, she doesn't really talk that much."

"My name is Nathaniel, but you can just call me Nate or Nathan. I'm the leader of this team. Welcome to team Alpha-21!" Nathan says.

"Well Nate, it's nice to meet you." Ray says. "So when do we start our mission?"

"As soon as you reveal details about the mysterious man you saw then we can try and find out where he is from." Sky says.

"So Ray, you told Arson that the man had mysterious symbols on the hood he was wearing. Blake says. "What type of symbols were they?"

"It was this picture of an angel on a cross." Ray says.

"Interesting." Sam says.

"That's the first time I've heard of a symbol like that." Sarah says. "I wonder what culture it could be from? Any ideas?"

"Hmmmmmmmm, not a clue. This will be a difficult search, if we can't find out the origin of the symbol." Nathan says.

"Are there any cultures that revolve around religion?" Susan asks.

Yeah, there are a few. Destiny knows them all." Jordan says.

"I believe that there are 3 cultures that revolve around religion." Destiny says. "Luckily I was one of the best in my class when it came to culture."

"Stop bragging and just give us the names of the cultures." Blake says.

"Blake! Don't be so rude." Sky says.

"Ughhh fine, can you please give us the name of the cultures?" Blake asks.

"The cultures are Angelian, Kilomonic, and Deitian." Destiny says.

"So it seems like we'll have to split up and search the areas in which these cultures reside." Nathan says.

"The Symbol is from the Deitan Culture. That's where I'm from." Angel says.

"That's a bet right there! Way to go Angel!" Blake yells.

"Alright well we have a location, let's head to the briefing room." Nathan says.

The team heads over to the briefing room, after arriving a large map of the planet is projected. Destiny moves it arounds and zooms in on a mass of land that is located directly below the country they live in, known as Floria. She zooms in on the map.

"This is where we want to go." Destiny says as she draws a circle on the area she has zoomed in on.

"Alright you guys all know the mission." Nathan says as he paces around the room. "Fighting should only be a last resort." Nathan glares over at Blake, who sighs and walks away towards the T-wing. The team then boards their T-wing jet. The plate that is under the jet rotates the jet towards the hangar entrance. The hangar door opens and lights on the runway begin to illuminate. Nathan tells everyone to hold on tight as he begins to move the jet towards the exit. The jet slowly picks up speed, and in the blink of an eye the jet zooms out of the hangar. Nathan inputs the coordinates into the jet's autopilot mode and puts the jet on autopilot. Nathan moves into the passenger area.

"Well folks you can all move around, we got four hours so try and find something to do." Nathan says as he sits down and closes his eyes. Susan gets up and walks towards Sam. She sits down next to him and notices that he has a very irritated look.

"Sam, what's wrong?" Susan says. She tries to put her arm around him in order to try and comfort him.

"It's none of your business" Sam says.

"Please tell me Sam, you know I care about you." Susan says.

"Leave me alone." Sam scoffs, as he walks away. Susan watches as he leaves. Blake walks into the armory to make sure the weapons are ready for combat. As he is going through the weapons, he finds twin pistols that seem to have a sensor on the magazine of the gun. He begins to experiment with the gun and tries to shoot it. As he is shooting the gun Destiny walks in.

"You know, i'm the only one that can shoot those guns right." Destiny says. She is seen standing at the door with her arms crossed.

"And why is that?" Blake asks.

"You see those sensors where the magazine should be?" Destiny asks. Blake looks at the sensors and gives a slow nod. "They absorb my shadow energy and turn it into ammunition for the gun."

"Ahh I see, very intriguing." Blake says as he continues to examine the guns. Jordan walks around the jet and finds Sarah meditating in a corner. She is surrounded by a green aura. "Whoa, how do you do that?" Jordan asks. The green aura surrounding Sarah disappears. She is clenching her fist and snarling before she lets out a sigh and opens her eyes.

"The green aura comes from the connection of my mind and soul." Sarah says as she closes her eyes and begins to meditate again. Jordan walks away, not wanting to disturb her meditation again. Jasmine and Ray are sitting together.

"So what made you want to join the S.D.U.T?" Ray asks. Jasmine stiffens up and starts tapping on the arm of the chair.

"I can't really say right now." Jasmine says as she stares off into space. "Let's just say that it wasn't the best, but I am glad that i'm here now." Jasmine gets up and walks away. She walks into one of the resting rooms. She lays down and begins to remember the horrific events of her past. A loud red light flashes and Nathan wakes up. He runs over to the control room and switches the plane off of auto pilot.

"Everyone buckle up, we are here and about to land." Nathan says. The jet slowly descends to the ground. The wind from the jet pushes away some of the grass. The team exits the jet. Nathan hands out the small ear pieces for each member of the team. "Alright guys split up, if you find anything make sure to radio in."

"Yes sir." Everyone says in unison. Ray is walking around the village where he sees everyone with the same cloak and symbol that the mysterious man had. Ray continues to walk around and accidentally bumps into an old man.

"Excuse me young man, I am so sorry." The old man says.

"It's fine, no need to worry about it." Ray says.

"Bless your heart young man, have a great day." The old man says as he slowly walks away.

"Wow the people here are so nice." Ray thinks to himself. Out of the corner of his eye he sees a person with a dragon symbol on the back of their cloak. Ray quickly runs towards it only to realize that their was nobody there. He runs into a food stand and causes the food to fall on him. A crowd of people gather around him, to see if he is alright. Ray gets up and dust the dirt off of him. "Do any of you guys know of a person with a dragon on the back of their cloak?" Ray asks the people. The people are chatting amongst themselves but nobody gives Ray an answer. The crowd disperse leaving only one person. Ray looks and sees Angel walking towards him.

"Follow me.." Angel whispers. Angel guides Ray to a small hill where he can see a small fire at the top. Ray tries to ask a question but before he can ask, Angel takes off running up the hill.

"Hey, wait up!" Ray screams as he chases after her. He watches her enter the small teepee and follows after her. He bends down and gasps for air. "What the hell Angel." He says. "Why did you just... run... off." Ray looks up to see paintings of dragons all over the walls. There is one painting that catches his eye. "That one looks like the dragon I saw in my dreams" Ray says as he points at the painting. Books are scattered all over the floor of the tent, some open and some closed. A large candle burns bright on top of a table. Ray notices a gigantic book on a table that reads the history of Tasan. He reaches for the book and tries to open it but his body goes stiff as he hears a raspy voice behind him.

"Who has enter my domain." A mysterious voice says. Ray's eyes tremble as well as his body, as he and Angel slowly turn around. Within the opening of the tent, they make out a mystery figure concealing their face with a hood.

Chapter 5

Back at the orphanage, Mary-Ann is cleaning up after the kids. She is in the middle of cleaning out Ray's old room where she finds an old pic of her and the kids. She holds tight to the picture and puts it on a shelf in order to keep cleaning the room. After she finishes cleaning, she picks up the picture and takes it downstairs to her room. She puts it on the dresser near her bed.

"I hope you and your sister are doing well, I know you'll both make me proud." Mary-Ann says to herself. "Oh my it's almost time for dinner." She says as she looks at the holo-clock. She starts washing the dishes. A loud buzzing noise rings throughout the orphanage. She stops washing the dishes and steps outside to see a menacing black ship heading towards the orphanage. "Everyone get inside now, and head for the bunker." She yells as she rushes inside. She opens up the bunker as quick as she can. "Get in kids... be careful on the way down" She looks around slowly, making sure that everyone is safe and accounted for. Before she can hop into the bunker a missile strikes the orphanage causing a huge explosion. The explosion sends Mary-Ann flying and covers the bunker entrance with debris. She lies on the ground, coughing as dust surrounds her body. Flames quickly spread around, engulfing the orphanage in a blazing fire. Mary-Ann pulls the bunker hatch with all her might, only for it to not budge. The flames grow bigger and brighter, illuminating the dark orphanage a bright orange color. She gets up, looking around in order to find another way to escape. A seemingly untouched door lies right in her plain of view. She begins to run towards the door. As soon as she reaches the door it is blasted open. As the smoke from the door clears, Luke walks in with a sinister smile on his face.

"It's nice to meet you miss Mary-Ann." Luke says with a smirk. "I've come to the understanding that my child, Sam has had some recent issues with you."

"I knew that child looked familiar, I should have said something to Ray sooner." Mary-Ann says. Her coughing worsening as she tries to get up. "Ray will defeat you, He will be the one who brings equality to all Tasanlons and Devianlons."

Luke looks at her and laughs. "Ahh the boy, all I can say is that he best be ready for a fight." Luke says. "I have a team heading to his location to take him out as we speak."

The building trembles as burnt pieces of wood viscously fall down onto the ground. "It's sad that he won't get to say goodbye to the only other person that's been a mother figure to him."

"If I'm going to die I'm not going down without a fight!" Mary-Ann screams. She rushes towards Luke and throws a punch at him. He dodges it and catches her arm. He stares her straight in the face and licks his lips. He twists her arm, which causes her to scream in pain. He then sweeps her feet and kicks her to a wall. As she makes contact with the wall she gasps for air and spits out blood. She struggles to get up, but ultimately fails. Luke walks towards her slowly, laughing with each step he takes.

"I'm going to torture you and show you something worse than death." Luke says. He begins tossing her around the already unstable orphanage. He forces her face into the flames. "Come on you old son of a bitch, I want to hear you scream." Mary-Ann lets out a loud scream. Luke brings her face out of the fire and throws her violently against a wall. He starts laughing as he kicks her repeatedly. He licks his lips once more and picks her up by the neck. "Any last words granny?"

"Ray will stop you, I know he will because he has something that you'll never have, and thats" Mary-Ann says. Just before she can finish the sentence, Luke blast a giant hole in her chest.

"I honestly don't care about your last words." Luke says as he drops Mary-Ann's body on the ground. She gasps for air as she falls to the ground. As she hits the ground all the air is knocked out from her. Luke spits on her face and leaves the orphanage. Mary-Ann hears the sound of his jet leaving and struggles to move. Each and every movement is painful due to the burn marks and cuts on her skin. She tries to make it to the phone but she is stopped by the sound of sirens. She turns on her back and lets out a sigh of relief. She looks towards the ceiling and watches as her orphanage slowly comes apart. Tears come to her eyes as she realizes that she will die in the orphanage that she has been apart of for many years.

"Ray and Susan, I'm so sorry, please forgive me." Mary-Ann says as her eyes slowly close. She lets out one final breath of air, before her body lays lifeless on the floor. When the firefighters and ambulance arrive they look on with horror. The orphanage is consumed by fire. The orphanage finally gives in, collapsing and destroying everything that was once between it's walls.

Chapter 6

Angel and Ray both turn around and see a cloaked figure standing at the entrance of the teepee.

"Angel is that you?" The mysterious figure says. Angel slowly nods and the cloaked figure takes off her hood and runs towards Angel. She gives Angel a big hug. "How have you been?" She pushes aside the strands of gold hair and stares her in the face. "Who is your friend over there?" She asks.

"My name is Ray, who are you?" Ray asks.

"My name is Shesha and I am a keeper of dragon lore." Shesha says. Shesha is an elderly woman, who watches over Angel. She walks over to her desk and motions for Ray to come to her desk. She removes her hood, revealing her braided black hair, and wrinkles that consume her face and hands. She grabs a book from her shelf and plops it down in front of Ray. She slowly opens up the book, turning it to a page with 14 dragons.

"Can you help me out with something?" Ray asks. "I had this weird dream a couple days ago and I saw a dragon just like the one you have pictured."

"Say no more child, I will tell you the story of the dragons." Shesha says.

"Okay." Ray says.

"A long time ago Tasan was filled with dragons." Shesha says. "The regular Tasanlons hunted the dragons to near extinction until they were only 14 left. The dragons decided to take the form of Tasanlons and became the very first Devianlons. The Dragons lived amongst the Tasanlons for many years, even having kids with them. Strangely the kids did not exhibit dragon powers but instead exhibited random mutations that made them unique. After 100 years all but two dragons had passed away. These were the king and queen of the dragons, Yin and Yang. The souls of the other 12 dragons were reincarnated into Devianlons, giving them the ability to harness their dragon heritage. After witnessing the oppression of their children for many years, they decided to put them back on top. They took over the 12 Devianlons who had dragon abilities, and controlled their minds. This was the first time ever that the Devianlons and Tasanlons worked together. In order to protect their planet, they waged war against the dragons. This war would be known as The War of The Dragons. Many people were killed during this world and after years of fighting the Dragons were defeated and freed of mind control. They continued to live on, until they were reincarnated again."

"So what about Yin and Yang? What happened to them?" Ray asks.

"Yin and Yang were both sealed in keystones and hidden away for none to find." Shesha says.

"Why?" Ray asks.

"It is said that if the souls of the dragons come into contact with the keystones." Shesha says. "Then they will awaken again. However they will need to rest and gather their strength for a said amount of time. How long? That is uncertain. But Ray, you must hope you never have to fight them."

"Are they powerful?" Ray asks.

"Their power is god like... Legend says they were able to go stand their ground against the three gods of creation." Shesha says.

"Wow....." Ray says.

"Yes. Ray you are a special child... You are one of a incarnate of one of the Dragons, just like Luke." Shesha says. "You must try your best to keep that information, out of the public eye.I fear that someone may try to bring back Yin and Yang."

"So what about the other dragons? Where are they now?" Ray asks.

"I don't know there whereabouts, but it seems they have done a good job of staying hidden." Shesha says.

"Okay one last question..." Ray says.

"What is it my dear child?" Shesha asks.

"How do I access my dragon powers?" Ray asks. "I need it to defeat Luke and avenge my family!"

`"It is a very difficult thing to master... The Dragon Mode takes years of mastery, before one can fully control it." Shesha says.

"I don't have a year, I need to know now!" Ray yells.

"The best thing I can tell you is to try and talk with him in your mind." Shesha says. "Find a place of focus and speak with him. Or sometimes they appear in your dreams. That is all I know, the rest will be with the dragon user inside you."

"Hmmm I guess I'll try that... Thanks." Ray says.

"You're welcome and I have something to give you." Shesha says.

"What is it?" Ray asks.

Shesha walks over to a desk and grabs a necklace with the same dragon emblem on the back of her cloak. She walks over to Ray and puts the necklace on him. "Wear this as a good luck charm." She says. Ray nods his head at her and stares at the necklace. The atmosphere of the teepee changes drastically as another visitor enters the teepee. Everyone turns around to see another cloaked man. He walks slowly and menacingly before coming to a stop. Angel stares at him, paralyzed by fear, while Ray gets into battle position.

"Who are you and what are you doing here? Shesha asks.

"Wow is that anyway to greet an old friend." The man says.

"I'll ask one more time, who are you and what are you do here? Shesha asks.

"Come on Sesha and Angel." the man says as he pulls off his hood and reveals his face. "Surely you would never be able to forget my face." Angel and Shesha stand still, paralyzed with fear as they are greeted with a face that is way too familiar.

Chapter 7

Angel and Shesha stand in disbelief as they stare intently at the man.

"Who is this guy, do you guys know him?" Ray asks. The man walks forward and starts laughing.

"Hello Shesha." Shadow says. Shadow glances over at Angel. "Oh if it isn't my little sister, Angel, it's been awhile."

"Why are you here Shadow?" Shesha asks. Shesha slowly walks back until she bumps into her desk.

"It's simple, I've been given orders to take out mister Ray Gray." Shadow says with a smile. "Looks like I'll get to take out Angel too." Ray tries to reach Nathan using his ear piece.

"Nathan, come in Nathan, we have an emergency." Ray says as he glares at Shadow. Shadow pulls out the schematic that he stole.

"Looking for this." Shadow says as he holds the schematic. "If you want it, you're going to have to fight me for it."

"Ray, come in Ray, we will be there soon do not engage." Nathan says. In a the background a loud explosion can be heard. "Scratch that Ray, we've got company."

"Alright Shesha, me and Angel will take on Shadow, you run and escape." Ray says as he and Angel get into battle position.

"Alright, let's have some fun." Shadow says. Shadow sends a pulse of shadow energy that sends both Angel and Ray flying. Ray quickly kicks up, the moment he lands on the ground and runs towards Shadow. His fist are consumed by blue flames as he throws punches at Shadow. Shadow dodges them effortlessly. With Shadow moving back as he dodges the punches the battle moves to outside the teepee. Angel gets up and sees that Ray and Shadow are outside fighting. She sprouts pure white wings and her eyes glow gold. She flies towards Shadow, tackling him down a hill. Ray watches as the two start their battle. An arrow lands near Ray's feet, causing him to look towards the direction it came from. He notices Axis sitting on top of the teepee.

"Hey dragon boy, looks like it's just us now." Axis says as he jumps down on the ground. He readies his bow and Ray engulfs his hands in flames. Axis shoots multiple arrows at Ray, who blocks them using small blast of fire. He runs up to Axis, swinging his fist. Axis uses his bow to block each one of his strikes. Axis smacks Ray in the face with his bow and flips back to gain distance. He grabs a few arrows and blows fire on the heads. He fires the arrows straight at Ray. Ray opens up his mouth and shoots a blue flame at the arrows, destroying them.

"You're gonna have to do a lot better than that if you want to beat me." Ray says as he takes a moment to catch his breathe. Axis snarls and runs straight towards Ray, continuing the fight. Angel and Shadow are seen falling down a hill. The two both stand up and face off with each other.

"I'm gonna kill you just like I did mom and dad." Shadow says.

"No, I'm not gonna allow you to kill me." Angel whispers. "I will avenge mom and dad at all cost."

"Oh wow you actually talked, well enough talk, let's fight." Shadow says. Shadow shoots multiple balls of shadow energy at Angel. Angel dodges and sends blasts of angelic energy towards Shadow. Angel tries to fly up but she is stopped by a shadow that is grabbing on her leg. Shadow begins laughing. "Come on, surely you didn't forget that I can manipulate shadows." Shadow says. He slams her down to the ground and throws her. Angel shakes it off and runs towards Shadow. She tries kicking him multiple times, but each kick is blocked by Shadow. Shadow grabs her leg and the two have a stare down. The yellow glow from Angel's eyes disappears. Shadows piercing red eyes making contact with Angel's blue eyes. Shadow pushes back Angel and sends her to the ground. He slowly walks towards her. Nathan is seen walking through the village looking for the source of the explosion. He stops.

"I know you two are here." Nathan says. "Why don't you show yourself." Two shadowy figures come out from hiding, appearing behind Nathan.

"Impressive, he was able to find us brother." Yuki says

"Yes, but let us see if he has what it takes to beat us." Yuriko says

"Ahh the titanium twins, I've heard about you." Nathan says. Cosmic energy surrounds his hands as he gets into his fighting stance. "Let's see how good you guys are at fighting." Yuki and Yuriko turn their arms into swords and rush towards Nathan. Nathan creates a portal and quickly passes through it. Yuki and Yuriko look around frantically. Nathan appears behind them and knocks both of them forward. "Is that the best you've got, cause if it is then you have no chance of beating me." Nathan says. Yuki screams at Nathan and charges him. She swings viscously. He watches each of her swings and then he jumps onto her arm. The two make eye contact before Nathan jumps up and kicks Yuki in the face, sending her flying. She lands hard on the ground. She looks up and wipes her mouth and and looks at her hand. Her eyes widen and she begins to laugh maniacally. "Gah damn, what the hell is wrong with her." Nathan asks.

"Oh the sight of blood makes her lose her shit." Yuriko says.

"You made me bleed." Yuki says as she contorts her body. "Nobody makes me bleed and lives to tell the tale!" She yells. She charges towards Nathan, turning her hand into a shotgun. She fires at Nathan, who dashes to the side to dodge them. As he dodges them, Yuriko sneaks up behind him. Nathan looks behind him and ducks to dodge Yuriko's attack. The three battle it out, with Nathan blocking all the attacks from the twins. He pushes both of them back. He tries to move but he is stopped by something grabbing his leg. He looks down to see a demonic hand holding on to his leg. Dust particles surrounded him and trap him in a tornado of dust. Dust and Demonica both walk towards Nathan.

"Looks like we got you pretty boy." Dust says.

"So good looking, I can't wait to make you suffer." Demonic says as she licks her lips. Yuki turns her hand into a sword and slowly walks up to Nathan.

"This is for making me bleed you bastard." Yuki says. Just as she brings her hand forward, a loud noise causes her to stop.

"Woohoo, the calvary has arrived." Sky yells.

"What the hell Sky, you blew our cover." Blake says.

"Oh sorry, my bad, I just got excited." Sky says.

"Oh well let's save Nathan and get the hell outta here." Destiny says as she pulls out her pistols. She shoots Yuki's hand and sends her flying away from Nathan. Jordan runs up and slams head on onto Yuriko. Sky runs up and kicks Demonica, releasing the demon hands, from Nathan's legs. Sarah sweeps the legs of Dust and begins to attack her.

"Little girl you don't know who you're messing with." Yuki says

"Bitch, you don't know who you're messing with." Destiny says as she aims her pistols at Yuki. She fires at Yuki, who dodges the barrage of shadow energy.

"Sarah, where are Jasmine and Sam?" Nathan asks

"They went to help Ray." Sarah says. The battle continues and Ray and Axis are still fighting. Both have small cuts on their head, that are bleeding. Ray is panting and trying to catch his breath. Axis notices and quickly shoots more arrows at Ray. Ray is too tired to move but a mysterious figure pushes him out the way of the arrows.

"Jasmine, what are you doing here?" Ray asks.

"I'm here to help you fight." Jasmine says.

"Oh look, another person for me to beat down." Axis says. He fires his arrows at Jasmine but she stops them in mid air. The arrows freeze in mid air and fall to the ground. Jasmine throws a roundhouse kick at Axis, and pulls out one of her pistols. She tries to shoot Axis, but he hits her hand and redirects the shot. He flips back and with his foot, he knocks the gun out of her hand. He then hits her in the face, knocking her back. Ray gets up and the two start attacking Axis.

"The mission has been completed, everything has been set up, fall back." a mysterious voice whispers into Axis' ear piece.

"Understood." Axis says. He evades the attacks of Ray and Jasmine and moves away from them. He shoots an arrow at both Jasmine and Ray. The arrow lands in Jasmine's shoulder and in Ray's leg. "Well guys, I really wish I could stay and fight you but, I their is more I need to do, see ya later alligators. Hey Shadow the mission has been completed it's time to move on." Axis says.

"Well little sis you're lucky, sadly I can't kill you now." Shadow says with a smirk. "But next time I'll be sure to end your life." Shadow jumps dashes next to Axis. Angel runs after him but he uses his shadows powers to stop her. Axis waves at the three and he and shadow quickly move away. Ray tries to run after him but he is stopped by the sharp pain in his leg. He pulls out the arrow and falls to the ground. Jasmine pulls out the arrow in her shoulder and presses her hand on the wound to stop the blood from pouring out. The other group of Devianlons are seen fighting. Destiny and Yuki are still fighting. Destiny uses her guns to block the strikes of Yuki. She shoots Yuki in the face and a small explosion is seen. The smoke clears and Yuki's face is shown to be completely metal.

"What the hell are you?" Destiny asks as she stands in shock.

"Your worst nightmare." Yuki says. Sky and Demonica are both locked in combat. Sky jumps up and spits out spider webs to try and slow down Demonica. Demonica jumps out the way, shooting a fire ball at Sky. Sky spins around a creates a mini tornado that absorbs the attack, creating a fire tornado. Sky then sends the tornado towards Demonica. The tornado hits Demonica and causes her to stagger. Jordan and Yuriko are engaged in a duel of swords. Sparks fly as the two make contact with their metal weapons. Sarah and Blake are both working together to fight Dust.

"Dust, we have to go, find a way to get out of the battle." Axis whispers into the ear piece.

"Lightning and Janet!" Dust yells. A large lightning bolt strikes the ground causing a bright blue flash. The flash slowly fades away and the S.D.U.T is trapped by a large green cube of energy. "Sorry, S.D.U.T losers, but we've got to jet." Dust says. "Everyone retreat back to the ship, it is time to enact our plan." As the Deathtalons begin to move away from the battlefield, Yuki walks closer to Destiny. m

"Sorry baby, looks like the fun is over for now; But i'll be seeing you real soon." Yuki says as she blows a kiss towards her. Destiny glares at her and snarls.

"Dumb bitch." She whispers to herself.

"Anyone know how long this shield will last?" Sky asks.

"Nope." Blake says. In the distance Sam can be seen running towards the green energy cube. He is covered in dirt and burn marks.

"What the hell happened to you?" Jordan asks.

"I got into a battle with the one they call lightning, it was a tough fight but sadly I wasn't able to stop him." Sam says.

"Okay we get it, can you please shut this shield down." Destiny yells. Sam focuses his mind and brings the shield down. Destiny stretches her back and throws her guns on the ground. "The next time I see that titanium bastard I'm going to kill her."

"Sam do you know where Ray, Angel and Jasmine are?" Nathan asks.

"I've tracked their location using the G.P.S in their earpieces, they are just over that hill." Sam says as he points north towards a mountain. The group head over the hill and are shocked to see Ray, who is being helped by Angel. Ray is limping with every step and Jasmine is covering the wound on her shoulder. They quickly run over to help the three.

"You guys stay with them, I'll go grab the ship." Nathan says as he runs towards the ship. A couple of minutes pass and Nathan arrives with the ship. They all board the ship and Ray and Jasmine are taken to the first aid room. After some medical assistance Ray and Jasmine are patched up and cleared to go. Jasmine sits next to Ray and notices him staring at the clouds.

"Does anyone know why Angel is afraid of Shadow?" Ray asks.

"Yeah, Shadow apparently killed their parents and left Angel on her own." Sarah says. Everyone just sits in silence. The atmosphere of the jet is full of tension. During the rest of the ride no one speaks. As the jet descends Ray, his holo-com vibrates. Ray presses a button, and a hologram of a mysterious man appears.

"Ray, we need you and your sister to come to the orphanage, it is urgent." a mysterious voice says.

"What's going on?" Ray asks.

"I'll tell you when you get here." the mysterious voice says. The call ends, with the man disappears back into the holo-com and the jet lands in the hangar.

"Come on Susan we have to go back to the Orphanage." Ray says as he rushes out of the jet.

"What's his deal?" Blake says. The team just stares in wonder as they watch Ray and Susan run off.

"I'll go and find out." Jasmine says as she runs after Ray and Susan. Ray and Susan arrive at the orphanage, only to be greeted with a horrific site. The orphanage has been burned down and destroyed completely.

"Officer, were there any survivors?" Ray asks.

"No sadly we haven't found any." The officer says. Ray runs over to the burned orphanage. "Hey, stop that kid." Police officers try to stop Ray but he pushes them aside.

"Mary-Ann!" Ray yells as he starts removing the charred wood. His screams become louder and louder until tears begin to roll down his eyes. He sees a hand peeking out from the debris and starts moving the wood around it. He steps back and falls to his knees. "Damnit!" Ray yells as he starts pounding the ground. Tears flow down his cheeks. "You can't be dead." Ray says. He checks her body for life, only to find out that she is dead. He hugs the dead body. "Mary-Ann!" he screams. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the entrance to the bunker. He moves the charred wood and opens up the bunkers. A bunch of crying kids and teenagers run out. Some of them hug Ray and thank him. Ray walks over to the body of Mary-Ann and picks her up.

"Ray!" Susan yells as she waves at him. The smile on her face slowly turns into a horrified expression as she sees what Ray is holding. "Oh god no." She whispers as she covers her mouth and falls to her knees. Ray's face is void of emotion as he walks by Susan. He places the body on a hospital bed that has been laid out. He walks over to Susan and gives her a hug. "I can't believe she's gone Ray, she was like our second mother. Susan says.

"I know." Ray says as he comforts Susan. A single tear rolls down Ray's eye. Jasmine is seen hiding and starts crying too. Her and Ray make eye contact before she runs away without saying anything. "Whoever killed Mary-Ann, I will make them suffer." Ray says. Ray moves over to a nearby curve and sits down. His head hangs down and his arms are crossed and on top of his knees. He is tapped on the shoulder and looks up to see a firefighter.

"Here kid, we found this." The firefighter says as he pulls out a burnt picture frame. Ray grabs the photo and discovers an old picture of him, Susan, and Mary-Ann. The picture was taken the day that Ray and Susan lost their parents. "It belonged to the lady but I think you should have it." The firefighter says. Ray clutches the photo in his hands and tears begin to fall on the frame. Ray begins to have flashbacks about the day Luke killed his parents and when he was saved by Mary-Ann.

Chapter 8

A young Ray and Susan are both running from their house. Ray has a hold of Susan's hand in order to ensure her protection. The sound of thunder booms through the sky and lightning flashes through the dark sky. be seen. The rain falls hard with the wind blowing viscously. Susan trips, falling to the ground. She lands on her knees and as a result her knee is cut up. Ray stops to see if Susan was alright. She begins to cry and hold the cut. "It hurts." Susan says.

"Can you walk?" Ray asks. Susan gets up. She tries to walk and starts limping before she falls to the ground. "Get on my back." Ray says. Susan gets on Rays back. "Let's find Mary-Ann." Ray says as he begins running. As time passes the weather worsens making it more difficult for Ray to travel. Susan begins coughing. Ray stops to check on Susan one last time and discovers that she has a fever. Ray puts Susan down and looks around. "Help!" Ray screams. "My sister has a fever and I don't know what to do!" Ray falls to his knees and cries. He moves over to Susan, who is laying down on the cold, hard and wet ground. She is coughing and shaking from the coldness. Ray kisses her on the forehead. "Everything is gonna be fine, I promise, someone will find us." Ray says. He looks around him to see if anyone is nearby. "I hope someone comes to save us." He whispers to himself. Susan falls asleep on Ray's back, while Ray himself is tired. He tries to keep his eyes open, but they slowly close. In the distance he sees a shadowy figure walking towards them. "Hey we're over here!" He yells as he tries to get their attention. A sharp pain hits Ray's right eye and he begins to cover it. "It wasn't hurting before, why did it have to start now?" Ray asks himself. After Ray covers his eye, the shadowy figure disappears. He realizes that shadowy figure was just a figment of his imagination. "It's hopeless." Ray says as he lays down next to Susan. "Susan i'm so sorry." He says as he closes his eyes. When he wakes up he finds himself lying in a nice and warm bed. He jolts up and looks around the room. "Where am I and Where is my sister?" He asks.

"You're at the orphanage Ray, and your sister is at the nurse getting her fever checked out." Mary-Ann says.

"Mary-Ann!" Ray yells as he hugs Mary-Ann.

"Yes, Ray I'm glad to see you too, now let's clean that nasty scar on your eye." Mary-Ann says. She grabs a cloth and puts some disinfectant on it. She wipes over the cut on Ray's eye. "Open your right eye, cover your left eye, and tell me what you can see." Mary-Ann says. Ray follows her instructions and opens his right eye and closes his left. "What do you see?" Mary-Ann asks.

"I see nothing but darkness." Ray says.

"Oh my it looks like you've been blinded in your right eye." Mary-Ann says. I don't know if it will ever heal. Ray hops off the table and looks at the mirror. He sees a big gaping scar on his right eye.

"It's fine, I think it looks cool. Ray says. He turns around and smiles at Mary-Ann. "Thanks Mary-Ann you're the best.

"Ray, come on we have to go." A voice says. Ray shakes his head coming back to reality. "You were staring off into space, and I just wanted to make sure you were ok." Susan says.

"Yeah, I'm fine, let's head home." Ray says. He slowly gets up and as he is getting up the picture frame drops. Ray picks it up and wipes it off before walking away with Susan. Instead of taking the bus the two decide to walk. Night time arrives and they finally arrive at their base. Ray gets out his keys and opens the door. The two walk into the base.

Chapter 9

Ray and Susan both walk into the base without saying a word. "Hey guys!" Sky says as she waves at both of them. They both ignore her and head into their own rooms. Sky just stares at them until her attention is averted by the opening of the door. Jasmine walks in with a sad look on her face. "Hey do you know what's wrong with Ray and Susan?" Sky asks.

"I'd rather not talk about it." Jasmine says as she walks to her room. Ray enters his room and puts the photo on his desk. He lays in bed and stares at the ceiling.

"Damn, it's getting late, I should probably get some sleep." Ray says as he glances over at his clock. Ray slowly closes his eyes and falls asleep. During his slumber Ray wakes up to a familiar red mist. "I've seen this before in that one dream I had." He says. He notices that there are 12 shadowy figures surrounding him in the distance. One of the figures walks up to him and reveals himself.

"So we finally meet, mister Ray Gray." A mysterious voice says.

"Who are you, and why are you in my dream." Ray says.

"Well my name is Draco, I am a few hundred years old, and I am one of the original Devianlons." Draco says. "I just wanted to meet you. And let me just say that you are a hell of a lot better person than the last person. He was one ugly son of a bitch." He chuckles at his own comment.

"Ummmmmm... Okay?" Ray says suspiciously.

"I'm telling the truth, but anyway, what did I come here for?" Draco asks.

"Ummmm... To meet me-" Ray says.

"Quiet, quiet, I'm trying to think." Draco says. Ray just remains silent.

"Okay, I got it. I wanted to talk to you, and see if you me and you were alike." Draco says.

"Ummm, why did you wait all this time to talk to me?" Ray asks.

"Well, I wanted to talk to you before but you were too young and this shit would have confused you." Draco says. "And I didn't want to spend all this time explaining it to you. So now, back to my other question. What are your ideals about how to stop the oppression of our kind?"

"I believe that we must use peace to show the Tasanlons that we can be just like them." Ray says.

"Oh my." Draco says, laughing immediately.

"What's so funny?" Ray asks.

"Me and you are nothing alike kid. You're an idiot." Draco says.

"Explain...." Ray says.

"You really think that those damn Tasanlons are gonna learn to live in peace with us?" Draco asks. "They fear us, and as long as they fear us they will always want to control us."

"That's why we must show them that we can be just like them and live in peace." Ray says.

"You're so young and stupid." Draco says. "Once you see how the world really works you'll change your mind and come running back to me."

"Thanks, but I think I'll keep my own opinion." Ray says.

"Even if I think it's dumb as shit?" Draco asks.

"Umm yes. I am my own person, I am allowed to have my own opinion." Ray says. "Just cause someone doesn't like my opinion doesn't mean I can't have it. I'm not a sheep that can be easily persuaded, I am Devianlon who believes that peace will end the oppression of our people. I am willing to fight and die for that belief."

"Well kid, you got guts. I like you." Draco says. "We may not have the same ideas but we do share the same personality. I was just like you when I was alive, except I believed the only way to obtain peace was by force. But that doesn't matter cause I'm dead now. Anyway, you fight for what you believe in and I respect that about you. I mean, yeah you can say that the Deathtalons and S.D.U.T are all fighting for what they believe in; But with you, I sense something different about you. I'm not trying to be a cliche mentor or anything but I think you have potential. Who knows maybe, you'll actually stop the oppression of our people. But hell, what do I know, I'm just a soul in your conscious."

"You know you're not that bad of a person." Ray says.

"Cliche, cliche, cliche, that's all that comes out your mouth." Draco says.

"Well damn, I take back what I said. No more compliments from me." Ray says.

"Relax, I'm just messing with you kid." Draco says.

"Can you stop calling me kid. I have a name you know." Ray says.

"But kid just rolls off the tongue. But alright....... What's your name again?" Draco says.

"It's Ray... Ray Gray." Ray says.

"Okay Ray, there's two things I want to tell you before I leave." Draco says.

"And they are?" Ray asks.

"Stay true to who you are and never change." Draco says.

"Wow and you said all I talked about was cliches." Ray says.

"Man you got to get a sense of humor, i'm just messing around." Draco says. "I really wanted to say if you need help during a fight, don't be afraid to call on me for help."

"How do I do that?" Ray asks.

"Would you look at the time, it's time for you to wake up." Draco says.

"Wait!" Ray says.

"Don't worry Ray, you'll find out in due time." Draco says.

Draco fades away and in his place two keystones appear next to each other. Ray goes to pick both of them up. As soon as he touches it, they begin to shake. They fall out of his hand and onto the ground. Two large dragons appear and stare Ray in the face. One is pure white, while the other is a piercing black. They both merge into the shape of a yin-yang symbol. Everything fades away as the sound of knocking rings throughout the room and everything fades away. "Ray, wake up, it's time for breakfast." Susan says as she knocks on the door.

"Alright I'm coming." Ray says. Ray struggles to get out of bed. Ray walks out his room and sees his teammates eating breakfast. He sees his sister Susan, laughing and smiling. He thinks about how it's great to see a smile on her face, despite everything they've been through. Even with the recent death of Mary-Ann she can manage to look past it and smile. The thought of this causes Ray to smile a bit.

"Hey Ray, come eat with us." Susan says.

"Yeah, come join us." Destiny says.

"It wouldn't be a regular breakfast without the almighty Ray Gray." Sky says. Sky looks over at Jasmine, who is sitting silently. "Right, Jasmine?" Sky says as she nudges Jasmine on the shoulder. "Come on girl, i'm trying to help you out." She whispers to Jasmine.

"Yeah, haha." Jasmine says softly. Ray lets out a small smile and chuckles.

"Okay, I will." Ray says. He sits down next to Jasmine, and the group eats together.

"I got a joke!" Jordan says.

"Oh god." Destiny says as she groans and covers her face with her hand.

"Let's hear it." Sarah says.

"How do you throw a party in space?" Jordan asks.

"Idk, how?" Blake says. Before Jordan finishes the joke, Angel takes a bite of her breakfast.

"You planet." Jordan says. The table is filled with a momentary silence. Every one burst out into laughter. Angel lets out a loud laugh and starts to snort. Everyone stops laughing and stares at Angel.

"Wow, I've never heard Angel laugh." Sky says.

"Ha, sorry about my laugh guys." Angel says softly as she blushes. The group continues to laugh. A few minutes pass, with the group having a toast.

"To our team, who will never be broken; because we are more than a team, we are a family." Sarah says. Everyone raises their cups up.

"Yeah!" The group says. The intercom system comes on as soon as the toast is made.

"Everyone, when you are finished with breakfast come down to the briefing room, we have a new mission." Nathan says on the intercom. Once everyone finishes they all head down to the briefing room. Nathan stands at the front of the world map. He throws down a blue folder and presses a button. The lights go out in the room and a blue hologram of Tasan appears. Nathan spins the map around and stops the holographic planet by putting a coordinate. The coordinate is place on an island, in the Pristia Sea.

"Alright guys, our mission today, takes us to an abandoned island in the Pristia Sea." Nathan says.

"What? The Pristia Sea?" Blake asks.

"Yes. We've gotten information from an unknown source, saying that there is a Deathtalon hideout on the island." Nathan says.

"I've never heard of the Pristia Sea." Susan says.

"Wow, you lucky bastard." Blake says.

"Shut up you scaredy cat, you're over exaggerating, it's not even that bad." Sky says.

"The hell are you talking about, it is." Blake says.

"No you're just afraid of islands and oceans." Sky says.

"Shut up, let's get back to the mission briefing shall we." Blake says.

"Sure thing, scaredy cat." Sky says.

"Fight me bitch!" Blake yells.

"I would but I don't want to embarrass you in front of everyone." Sky says.

"Oh shit, it's going down!" Jordan says.

"So childish, I swear." Sarah says.

"Who?" Jordan asks.

"All of you." Sarah says.

"Okay guys let's all quiet down and continue the briefing." Nathan says. "Yes the mission takes place on an abandoned island in the Pristia Sea. Like I said before are main goal is to check to see if the anonymous information we received is actually true."

"Hmmmm, I don't know if we should trust this, it could be a trap." Destiny says.

"Destiny is right, maybe we should pass this mission." Sarah says.

"I would, but if there's the slightest chance that we can get info on the Deathtalons, then we must take it." Nathan says. "They already obtained the city schematics to Trigola City, so who knows what they are planning."

"I think we should go, If we find the base we can signal for backup." Ray says.

"No can do Ray, we're all on our own for this one." Nathan says.

"I say we go." Sam says.

"Yeah, it sounds like fun! It's so boring here, all we do is watch tv and read mission reports. I think we could all use some field action." Sky says energetically.

"Alright I guess we're going." Jordan says.

"Yeah." Angel says softly.

"We need to be careful, just incase this is a trap." Jasmine says.

"Jasmine is right, we all need to be cautious. You hear me Sky?" Sarah says as she looks at Sky.

"Yeah, yeah I know be extra careful and don't make you look bad." Sky says with a sigh.

"This isn't a joke, I'm serious. If you're not careful you could die." Sarah says

"Like I said before, I don't fear death. I'll fight anything, even if I die trying." Sky says.

"Sky just be careful and don't get too excited." Nathan says.

"Okie Dokie Nate." Sky says.

"Alright in 1 hour we leave, it's a 2 hour trip. Understood?" Nathan says.

"Understood!" Everyone says.

"Alright let's move out." Nathan says. He closes the holo map, and walks out of the room.

The hour passes and everyone boards the ship with their weapons. Nathan does role call and realizes that Sam is missing. Sam is walking slowly to the ship. "Sam, hurry up, we are about to leave.

"We are on our way, prepare to enact our plan; And remember we must not fail." Sam whispers into his watch. " I have to go i'll let you know when we are there." Sam presses a button on his watch and runs up to the ship. "Sorry Nathan, I had something to take care of." Sam says.

"It's fine." Nathan says. Nathan enters the cockpit of the ship and speaks on the intercom. "Alright guys, buckle up, we are leaving now." The ship takes off, beginning it's 2 hour trip to the abandoned island.

Chapter 10

After a 2 hour trip the ship arrives on the abandoned island in the Pristia Sea. A sense of abandonment radiates from the island. A broken down castle, lies near the ship. Team Alpha-21 gets off the ship and starts to explore the island. "Stick together and have your weapons ready." Nathan says. Nathan hears a strange sound and stops the group. "Did you guys hear that?" Nathan asks.

"Hear what?" Jordan asks. The sound of grass rustling causes the group to focus their attention on the direction of the sound.

"Look up there!" Sky says as she points to a mysterious figure, standing on top of a hill. The figure jumps down from the hill and lands a few feet from the team. He slowly approaches the group, with a face that can only be described as cold. The sound of his metal weapons can be heard as he walks.

"Who are you?" Susan asks. The man walks closer and remains silent. "I'll ask one more time, who are you?" Susan asks again.

"I am god." The man says as he opens his eyes wide open. His eyes turn bright red and he begins to glare at Jasmine. As Jasmine makes eye contact with him, she enters a trance. Her heartbeat begins to beat at an increased rate. Her chest begins to throb and she uses both her hands to clench her chest. Moments later her nose starts bleeding and her legs begin to tremble. Her body begins to tense up and she starts clenching her teeth in an attempt to stop the pain. Her body starts losing color and her skin becomes pale. Her trembling worsens and she starts to cough. As time passes, the coughing worsens. She takes one hand and covers her mouth. She feels a warm liquid on her hand. She moves her hand away and examines her hand. She discovers that their is blood on her hand.

"Jasmine are you okay?" Ray asks. The group turns towards Jasmine, who is struggling to stand. Her body gives out and her eyes roll to the back of her head. She falls hard on the ground. The group watches her fall, with a horrified expression. Ray runs over to her and tries to wake her up; But sadly none of his efforts work. He turns her over and searches her body for any signs of life. "No... No... No!" Ray yells.

"Ray, what's her status?" Susan asks. Ray puts his fingers on her neck to feel for a pulse.

"She's alive, but barely, she needs immediate medical attention." Ray says.

"What the hell is going on?" Blake asks as he looks around at his teammates. "Who the hell is this guy and how did he do that to Jasmine?" The air fills with silence. "Ummm hello, is anyone gonna answer my question?" Blake asks. The team just stands in fear from the ability of the mysterious man. Nathan is trembling from fear. "Nathan do you hear me?" Blake yells at Nathan.

"There's no way it can be him." Nathan whispers to himself. Nathan's eyes and body tremble as he stares at the man. He slowly looks down at his hands, which are shaking furiously. "I can't let this fear takeover me, I have to take charge and lead my team."

"Nathan!" Blake yells. Nathan's body returns to normal as he looks around at all his teammates, who are staring at him.

"Ray, you Susan, and Sarah take Jasmine to the medical room on the ship." Nathan says. Ray picks up Jasmine and him and Sarah run to the ship. "Everyone else, you're all with me." Nathan says, looking back at the remaining team.

"Nathan, who is this guy?" Blake asks.

"His name is Black, he is part of a cult of assassins; He is extremely dangerous, so be on guard." Nathan says.

"Got it." Sky, Jordan, and Blake say in unison.

Destiny pulls out her guns. "Woo hoo, I've been itching for a fight.

"No Destiny, I'll handle him at first, you guys come in when I call for help; He's too dangerous." Nathan says.

"You might want to listen to your friend." Black says. His face, completely void of emotion. "Let's see, the last time I recall us meeting, I killed all your friends." Black begins to chuckle and stares straight at Nathan. "Let's see if this time is any different." Black says.

"There's no way in hell you're killing us, it's six of us versus one of you." Destiny says.

"Normally, I wouldn't mind taking all of you on, but i've been given orders from Luke to have back up." Black whistles and Yuki, Lightning, Shadow, Janet, and Demonica appear right behind Black.

"Oh looks it's the double gun girl." Yuki says

"If it isn't the titanium bitch." Destiny says.

"The black girl with the guns and smart mouth is mine." Yuki says. She smiles and starts laughing. "I'm going to enjoy making you bleed."

"The metal bitch is mine." Destiny says.

"I'll take on Lightning." Sam says.

"You guys can get who you want, as long as I get Angel." Shadow says as he smirks and glares at Angel.

"Angel, what's the deal with this guy; Why is he always after you?" Destiny asks.

"Ha, you'd be lucky if she mustered up the courage to speak." Shadow says.

"Shut up you jerk, I wasn't talking to you!" Destiny yells as she charges towards Shadow. Before she can reach him, Angel moves in front of her, extending her arm out.

"His name is Shadow and he is my brother." Angel says. The group stands in shock by the fact Angel talked. "He was the one to kill our parents, so it's only right that I be the one to avenge them." Angels grows her wings and her eyes begin to glow. She turns towards Shadow and glares at him. "With that being said brother, I am going to do whatever it takes to kill you here and now."

"That's the spirit Angel!" Blake says.

"Woooohoooo you go girl!" Destiny says. Destiny switches her focus from Angel to Yuki. "Now with that being said, that means I get the titanium bitch."

"Alright well, everyone should have one person they are going to take care of." Nathan says. "Remember to split up, but don't branch out to far; If you need assistance, use your earpiece to signal for help."

"Got it." The group says simultaneously.

"Alright Angel, let's see what you've got in store for me this time." Shadow says.

"Enough talking, let's fight already!" Lightning yells as he sends a pulse of electricity, causing everyone to jump into the air. The battle begins, Yuki and Destiny both move to an open grass field, a few hundred feet from the others. Yuki shoots small metal balls at Destiny. Destiny shoots them out of the air; The distraction allows Yuki to punch Destiny right in the jaw. Destiny lands on the ground; As soon as she gets up Yuki throws a barrage of punches and kicks at Destiny.

"How does it feel?" Yuki asks as she viscously attacks Destiny. Yuki throws a punch but Destiny uses her hand to block it. She clenches her hand and looks at Yuki. She begins to snicker. "What's so funny, you're getting your ass kicked by me?" Yuki says. Destiny spits in her face and head-butts her, causing her to stagger. Destiny takes out her gun and shoots Yuki in the face, causing her to fly through the ground and land hard to the ground.

"Bitch I'm just warming up." Destiny says as she wipes the blood off her mouth. She stretches and twirls her guns, aiming them at Yuki. "Now the real fun begins." Destiny says. Yuki throws punches at Destiny, who dodges them with ease. She mocks Yuki by sticking her tongue out at her.

"Stand still, you little brat." Yuki says as she continues to throw punches at Destiny. Destiny tries to shoot Yuki, but she blocks all the shots with her titanium arms. The two exchange a flurry of kicks. The two pause for a moment and stare at each other. "You've gotten a lot better, I will admit." Yuki says.

"Have I really gotten better; Or have you gotten worse? Destiny asks. Sweat drips down the faces of both of them, as they both breath hard.

"You know what, I take that back." Yuki says. She charges at Destiny and pushes her against a large rock. Yuki turns her arms into metal and throws a punch at Destiny. Destiny ducks and dodges the attacks. She quickly grabs Yuki's arm and throws her into the rock. Yuki hits the rock, and causes it to shatter into pieces. After a few minutes pass, Destiny lets out a sigh of relief.

"Phew, finally." Destiny says. She puts her gun in her holster and walks away. The sound of rocks moving cause Destiny to stop. Yuki gets up from the rubble and dust herself off. "Gah damn, this bitch doesn't quit." Destiny whispers to herself. "Time to bring out my secret technique." Destiny removes her hair tie and allows her hair to flow. She brings out her guns and clenches them. Black lightning pulses around her guns. Her body surrounds itself with a black aura as she aims her guns at Yuki. "Death Shadow Formation!" She fires two shadow snakes that fly towards Yuki. They attach themselves to Yuki's arms, causing her to scream in pain. "Target acquired." Destiny says. Her guns increase in size and become attached to her arms. Her eyes slowly glow red, making her look like a demonic entity. The aura around her begins to fluctuate and black lighting surrounds her. The energy disperses and she takes aim at Yuki. "Bye, bye bitch." Destiny says as she fires the blast. "Death Shadow Vortex!" As the blast moves towards Yuki, she struggles to get out the way. Each attempt of escape ends with her being shocked by the snakes. She tries to turn her body into titanium, but it quickly fades away. The blast engulfs her, slowly rotating. It begins to pick up speed, causing high winds. The sphere stops rotating and starts sucking things up. The sphere of energy starts sucking itself in before imploding. The sphere implodes, with the sound of Yuki's screams heard as the dark energy is sent everywhere. Yuki falls to the ground and Destiny's guns return back to normal size. "Whew, I finally beat her." Destiny teeters a bit before falling to the ground. She begins to cough up blood. "Shit, I think I over did it." Destiny starts laughing and passes out on the ground. Meanwhile, Sky, Blake, and Jordan contnue to fight Demonica and Janet. Blake rushes into to attack Demonica; But he is hit by a green energy wave from Janet. Jordan takes out his swords and swings them at Janet. Janet puts the energy around her arm, allowing herself to block the swings. Jordan puts his shadow energy into the swords. Just as he does this, Janet swings at him, but he finds a way to dodge the attacks. He uses her body as a platform, to perform a backflip. He kicks her in the jaw and white substance flies from her mouth.

"What the hell." Jordan says as he pulls off the white substance from his cheek. "Is this gum?"

"Yeah." Janet says.

Jordan throws the gum on the ground. "That's disgusting, you should never bring gum to a fight, it's so sloppy."

"You shouldn't complain about a piece of gum, you whiny child." Janet says. "Now can I get on with killing you?" Jordan quickly looks over Janet's shoulder, seeing Blake behind her preparing an attack. Blake nods his head at Jordan, who nods his head in return.

"Whoa whoa, slow down, may I just say, you are one gorgeous ass girl, I love your yellow hair and makeup." Jordan says. "Wanna hang out after this? You know get some food, or maybe we can go on a nice walk through the park" Janet looks at Jordan with a disgusted face. Jordan looks behind her, seeing Blake with two balls made of pure molten lava. Jordan nods at him and winks.

"What the, did you just wink?" Janet asks.

"Ummm no I just got some dust in my eye." Jordan replies. Blake fires the balls of lava. The air reddens as they zoom towards Janet. The heat from the attack causes Janet to turn around and move out the way. Blake opens his hands; And the balls of molten lava spread apart. Small portions of lava make contact with Janet's hair and skin. Janet falls on the ground.

"Nice distraction rookie." Blake says as he offers Jordan a handshake. Jordan shakes his head and walks away. Janet gets up and feels her hair. Her bright yellow hair now has burn marks that cut her hair short.

"Are you fucking kidding me!" Janet yells. "Do you know how long it takes to do my fucking hair?

"Damn girl chill." Jordan says.

"I will destroy the both of you." Janet says. She lets out a powerful scream and green energy flows from her body. "You can punch me, kick me, and even burn my skin; But the moment you ruin my hair, that's where you die."

"Oh fuck." Jordan and Blake say as they stand in fear. A drop of sweat falls from both of their foreheads and they swallow hard. Sky fights with Demonica. Demonica throws fire attacks at Sky, who blocks them with powerful wind attacks. Smoke fills the battlefield, obscuring the vision of Sky. A tongue comes out from the smoke, wrapping itself around Sky's arm. It pulls her closer to Demonica. As she is heading towards she creates a sticky substance in her mouth. Demonica pulls Sky in and stares at her. She hangs her upside down and creates a red and white blast in her hand. Sky eyes widen as she stares directly at the blast. She spits the substance in the eyes of Demonica, temporarily blinding her. Demonica releases Sky, causing the blast to vanish so Demonica can cover her eyes. The smoke clears, with the two are staring at each other.

"Well look's like this will be fun." Sky says

"I'll have fun tearing you limb from limb; And then devouring your corpse." Demonica says.

"Okay this is creepy, you're one messed up son of a bitch." Sky says. "Can we please try and kill each other now?" The two girls both scream as they charge towards each other. Else where on the island, Lightning fights with Sam. Lightning tries his best to hit Sam, with electric based strikes. Sam dodges every single strike, with no effort. He and Lightning make eye contact with each other. Sam mouths something, nodding his head at Lightning. Sam shoots a stream of concentrated water at Lightning, sending him flying. Sam presses a button on his communicator and runs off to go help Nathan. Nathan hops through a portal and punches Black in the face. Black shakes off the attack, quickly throwing shadow shurikens at Nathan. Nathan opens a dimensional portal, that absorbs the shurikens. He runs up to Black, throwing a few punches. Black blocks each one of them. Nathan glances down at Black's legs and performs a sweep. Black starts to fall but catches himself with his hands. While on his hands Black uses his legs as a method of attack. Nathan blocks everyone one of his kicks before, Black performs a backflip to get back on his feet, as he does this he kicks Nathan right in the jaw; Causing him to stagger back from the blow. Nathan takes a moment to catch his breath.

"Damn it, he's improved significantly since we last fought." Nathan whispers to himself. "I have to use my forbidden technique."

"What's the matter mister leader, are you all tuckered out? Black asks in a mocking tone. Black runs towards Nathan, pulling out his swords as he grows closer. Nathan creates a ripple between dimensions that sucks Black into it.

"Okay, now's my chance, I've got one shot." Nathan says. Nathan's hands flash yellow, with small crystals surround them. Nathan opens up the ripple and Black comes charging out. Black searches for Nathan, but has no luck finding him. "Interstellar Plasma Distortion!" Nathan yells as he releases the blast. The blast travels quickly towards Black. Black notices the attack at the last minute, making him unable to dodge it. The blast causes a huge yellow flash. After the flash dims down, Nathan makes a hand signal; The small yellow crystals connect with each other forming a yellow sphere. Nathan closes his hands, and the sphere implodes on itself. The explosion causes the ground to rumble, with wind blowing furiously. Nathan looks towards the smoke, letting out a sigh. In the smoke a pair of piercing red eyes are stare intently. "You've got to be shitting me." Nathan says. Black walks out from the smoke, with minor injuries.

"Wow that actually hurt, now it's my turn." Black says. He glares at Nathan and the two make eye contact. "Now you will enter the death realm." Nathan enters a dark void. Surrounding him he sees flashbacks of all his former teammates getting killed.

"Make it stop!" Nathan yells. In his mind he falls to the ground, pounding it, only to have the glass shatter. While this is going on, Nathan is paralyzed in reality, unable to move. Black walks up to his paralyzed body. He pulls out a sword, sliding it gently across his neck.

"How does it feel, oh that's right, you can't feel anything." Black says. A blast of water comes out of nowhere and causes Black to move out the way. Nathan snaps out of the trance, his body falls into the hands of Sam.

"Nathan are you alright?" Sam asks.

"Yeah I'm fine." Nathan says as he gets up. Nathan walks in front of Sam, getting into a fighting stance. "Sam, together we can defeat Black, let's go."

"Sorry Nathan, that won't be happening today." Sam says.

"Huh." Nathan says. Sam throws a punch at Nathan. Nathan blocks the punch and stares in disbelief at Sam. "Sam, what the hell are you doing?"

"Sorry Nathan, but my father wants you dead." Sam says. "With you gone it will be easier for us to get to Ray." Nathan pushes Sam off of him. He reaches for his earpiece, but a small electric discharge causes it to short circuit. Nathan reaches into his ear and throws the earpiece on the ground.

"Damn it, looks like I'm all by myself this time." Nathan says as he looks at both Sam and Black. A bolt of lightning strikes the ground, with Lightning appearing next to Sam. "3 against 1, oh well this should be fun." Lightning charges towards Nathan but gets caught by him. Nathan grabs his arm and wraps his elbow around his neck. Lightning pushes on Nathan's arm but Nathan throws him up in the air and kicks him in the face. Sam comes up to Nathan, trying to kick him. Nathan grabs his leg and elbows his knee. He punches Sam in the face and as soon as he does, Black comes from behind. Nathan ducks the attack, and uppercuts Black. Sam shoots a blast of water at Nathan but he opens a portal to redirect the shot. A portal appears behind Lightning and the blast of water hits him from behind. Black throws a punch at Nathan, but he grabs his arm and throws him at Sam. The impact of Black causes both him and Sam to break part of the castle wall. "Guy's please try not to destroy this ancient castle please." Nathan says sarcastically. Sam and Black look at each other, nodding their heads, Black throws punches at Nathan till his back is against a wall. He throws one final punch, but Nathan rolls out the way. The punch causes the wall to shatter. Sam is on the ground allowing water to flow on the concrete ground from his hands. Nathan runs into the small puddle of water and stops. Lightning charges up electricity as he stands behind Nathan. The small puddle of water slowly reaches the tip of Lightning's feet. "Come on, is that the best you guys got?" Nathan says. As soon as he finishes the sentence, Sam points behind him. Nathan quickly turns back, looking at Lightning, and the electricity that pulsates through his hands. He looks down at the huge puddle of water he is in, looking back at the electricity in Lightning's hands. "Oh shit." Lightning makes contact with the water and an electrical charge flows through the water. It makes contact with Nathan's body, shocking him. After the attack Nathan falls on his knees and his muscles start to twitch. Sam walks up to him, grabbing him hard by the chin.

"Now it's our turn." Sam says. He punches Nathan, causing him to fall back. Sam, Lightning, and Black surround him. Nathan gets up, trying to punch Black but his punch is stopped. While Black is holding Nathan's arm, Sam viscously kicks Nathan on the side of his right knee; causing his knee to buckle. Nathan screams in pain and falls to one knee. Black let's go of Nathan's arm and elbows him right in the face. Lightning grabs the side of both his shoulders, sending a shockwave through Nathan's body. Nathan tries to stand but his right leg has no feeling. He limps towards Sam, who knees him in the stomach. Nathan grabs ahold of his stomach, coughing up blood as he staggers back. Sam hops up, kneeing Nathan in his face. Nathan covers his face, trying to walking away. Little to his knowledge he limps towards Black, who takes out his sword and slices Nathan in the chest. Lightning dashes in front of Nathan and hits him with a pulse blast that sends him flying. Nathan lands on the ground; he tries his best to crawl away. His left eye is so badly bruised that he can't even open it. Their is blood pouring out of his head and blood coming from his chest. Black and Lightning walk to the side of Nathan and lift him up off the ground slightly. They both hold his top half up by holding onto his arms. Sam bends down to get into Nathan's face. "You're so weak." Sam says. Nathan spits in Sam's face.

"Is that all you've got bitch." Nathan says. Sam violently smacks Nathan across the face.

"You should not have done that!" Sam yells. "Now I'm going to make you regret your decision!" Nathan falls to the ground. "Get him on his knees!" Sam yells. "We will make him beg for mercy!" Black and Lightning put Nathan on his knees. Sam delivers continuous blows to Nathan's head. With each strike blood flies from Nathan's mouth. "Lightning it's your turn." Lightning kicks Nathan with the back of his heel. Black stops Nathan from falling and holds him up. Lightning kicks Nathan in the chin and Black allows him to fall. Blood pours out from Nathan's head, leaving him a bloody mess. Nathan tries crawling for his life, once more. "Black, it's time to finish this, kill him now." Sam says.

"With pleasure." Black says. Black slowly pulls out his sword. Out of the corner of his eye, Nathan notices the sword and tries to crawl away faster. Black stands on top of him, laughing as Nathan tries to crawl away. His eyes turn red and shadows surround him and Nathan. The shadows enter Nathan's skin, causing him to scream in agony. The shadows rapidly enter and exit his skin. Nathan tries to reach towards Sam, but the life is drained slowly from his body. The Shadows stop entering his body, with all of theming now leaving his body. Black absorbs each and everyone one into the palm of his right hand. Nathan's hand slowly falls to the ground. He tries to speak but nothing but air comes out. His eyes slowly close as his body loses all life. Nathan's lifeless body lays on the cold hard ground, with the only thing causing movement being the wind.

"Nathan is dead and our mission is complete." Sam says. "You know what to do." Black and Lightning both move out of sight. "Deathtalons, our mission has been complete, move out." Sam says into his earpiece. The battle between Janet, Blake, and Jordan continues. Janet shoots powerful energy waves at both Jordan and Blake. She puts her finger on her earpiece, while Blake creates a circle of mini volcanoes that trap Janet. Jordan jumps up, creating a slash of shadow energy; He fires the energy at Janet. A giant metal ball blocks the attack, with an injured Yuki appearing on a hill. She holds her arm as blood drips from her entire body.

"Hey, what happened to my sister?" Jordan asks.

"I don't know and I don't care." Yuki says. "Janet and Demonica hurry the hell up, we're leaving. Janet jumps up and lands next to Yuki. Demonica fires a heatwave at Sky. The heatwave makes full contact with Sky, sending her flying and giving her severe burns on her skin. The attack allows Demonica escapes along with Yuki, and Janet.

"Sky!" Blake screams as he runs over to check on her. While Blake checks on Sky; Angel and Shadow are nearby fighting each other. Angel jumps up, trying to kick Shadow in the face. He blocks it and tries to kick her as she is falling down. Angle grabs his leg, sweeping his foot. While Shadow is on the ground, Angel shoots yellow angelic blast at him. He rolls out the way and retaliates by shooting a blast of his own. Angel dodges the attack, giving Shadow time to rise to his feet. The two have a stand off.

"I'm impressed Angel, you've gotten a lot stronger." Shadow says.

"Yes, I know. I've been training so that one day I can defeat you." Angel says.

"Well let me just say, you are still weak. You have no chance of defeating me." Shadow says.

"That's not true!" Angel says.

`"Oh is it? I haven't even shown my full potential." Shadow says.

"Why don't you stop playing around and show me." Angel says.

"Oh dear sister, be careful what you wish for." Shadow says.

"I'm not afraid of you, like I said before." Angel says. "I am not the same Angel that you once knew. That Angel was weak and afraid. I am strong and have no fear. I will do whatever it takes to defeat you, even if it means both of us losing our lives."

"Angel.... I will show you true fear. Prepare to experience a terror worse than death itself." Shadow says.

Shadow's eyes turn pitch black as a menacing dark energy surrounds him. "Now, you will feel fear, Angel." Shadow says. The energy forms into a dark sphere around Shadow. "Death Shadow Explosion!" Shadow yells. He releases the sphere of energy, which quickly hits Angel. Angel screams in pain as the explosion envelopes her. After the blast, Angel falls to her knees, collapsing on the ground. Shadow walks over to her and feels her body for a pulse. "Good, I didn't kill her, hopefully she can grow stronger and one day defeat me." Shadow whispers to himself. He presses a button on her earpiece, that sends her location to her teammates. Yuki, Janet, and Demonica appear behind Shadow.

"Shadow, it's time to go." Yuki says.

"I know." Shadow says. He leaves the scene with the three, leaving Angel alone.

"Guys come quick it's an emergency, Nathan is hurt real bad." Sam says into his earpiece. "I'm sending the location now." The message is relayed to everyone on the team. After a few minutes Sky, Jordan, and Blake arrive at the coordinates. They are horrified to see Nathan dead on the ground.

"Nathan!" Sky screams. She tries to run over to Nathan but the burns on her legs cause her to fall. She crawls towards Nathan's lifeless body and checks for a pulse. "No, no, no, you can't be dead, please tell me this is some sick joke." Sky says as tears fall from her eyes. She begins shaking his body. "Sam what happened?" Sky asks.

"He was attacked by Black and Lightning, I tried to help but I was too weak." Sam says.

"You useless piece of shit!" Sky screams. "You mean to tell me it was 2 on 2 and you couldn't save Nathan; And you expect people to call you a hero?"

"Sky calm down, I know you're upset but it's not Sam's fault." Blake says. Blake walks over to comfort Sky, who is crying uncontrollably.

"Guys what's happening?" Ray asks.

"We will inform you when we get back to the ship." Blake says. A rustling of grass is heard as Destiny limps up the hill, with an unconscious Angel on her shoulder. Sam and Jordan grab Nathan's body, while Jordan carries Sky. They all return back to the ship.

"No...." Sarah says as she stares in disbelief at the body of Nathan.

"There was nothing I could do to save him." Sam says as he forces a tear down his face. Ray stands in silence as he watches his friends mourn the loss of Nathan.

"What's the next move guys?" Jordan asks.

"I know that I'm out of place for giving orders since I'm new; But someone has to take charge until we get a new leader." Ray says. Despite everything that has happened, Ray keeps a straight face. "We need to get Sky, Angel, Destiny, and Jasmine immediate medical help, I know a facility in Trigola City that specializes in treating Devianlons." Blake walks up to Ray and nods at him.

"I'll drive." Blake says as he walks into the pilots room. The ship lifts off and zooms towards Trigola city. The ship fills with a melancholy atmosphere as everyone mourns the loss of their leader. The sound of Sky's cries echo throughout the ship. Ray watches the clouds from his window. His face a bright red from holding in his tears. He continues to look towards the window, shielding his face as a tear falls slowly from his eye.

"Nathan, I'm sorry I couldn't save you..." Ray says to himself as he wipes his eyes. Ray puts his head down, as the ship continues it's way to Trigola City.

Chapter 11

The T-wing arrives in a grass field near the medical building. Ray wakes up, immediately walking over to Jasmine's room to check on her. "Don't worry Jasmine, we're going to get you some real help" Ray says as he puts his hand on her shoulder. He can't help but feel bad as he stares at her almost lifeless body. "This is all my fault." He whispers to himself. Tears slowly roll down his eyes and land on Jasmines face. "I will make this up to you, I swear."

"Ray, we've landed." Blake says as he walks in the room. "I've talked to the doctors at the medical facility and they are willing to help us out." Ray quickly wipes his tears.

"That's great news, I'll bring Jasmine in." Ray says. Blake nods at him and walks out the door. Ray presses on a button and everything from Jasmine's bed collapses to make the bed portable. He pushes the bed to the outside of the ship. Everyone stands outside waiting for Ray to come out. The usual cheeriness of the team, has been substituted with complete silence and emptiness. Ray finally exits the ship and meets up with everyone else. As soon as he walks out rain slowly starts to fall. Everyone looks at the sky and watches each rain drop fall.

"Let's take a moment of silence to honor Nathan's life." Blake says. Everyone bows their heads and holds hands in a circle. "Dear heavenly father, we want to take this opportunity, to thank you for everything you've done for us; Please watch over Nathan for us, and watch over us as we fight to bring equality to our people, In God's name we say amen."

"Amen." Everyone says as they all look up. Blake turns on the T-wing's cloaking device. The ship becomes completely see-through, blending in with it's surrounding. Shortly after, everyone walks into the facility. Everyone settles into their temporary rooms, Jasmine and Angel are placed in one room, while Destiny and Sky are in the other.

"Alright guys, I'm going to go file a mission report to Arson and tell him about the death of Nathan, I should be back tomorrow night." Blake says. "Watch over Sky, Jasmine, Destiny, and Angel while I'm gone.

"Will do." Jordan says. Blake exits the building and enters the ship. Ray, Sarah, Sam, and Jordan watch the T-wing take off from a nearby window. Night time arrives quickly, with the rain turning into a heavy downpour. Rain falls hard while the loud boom of thunder echoes throughout the building. Ray is sitting in a chair between the beds of Jasmine and Angel. The light produced from the lightning outside helps to illuminate the dark room. Ray looks over at Angel and recalls the fear on her face, after seeing her brother again.

"What kind of brother would want to hurt their own sister?" Ray asks himself. "I would never do anything to hurt my sister, in fact I would give my life to protect her" Ray's eyes become heavy as he allows himself to fall asleep. Not too long after he dozes off a loud shifting noise wakes Ray up. Ray looks around the room. "Hello is anyone there?" Ray gets up from the chair, continuing to look around. On the table near Angel's bed, he discovers a strange necklace that was not there before. Ray picks it up and moves it around his fingers. At the end of the necklace their is a wood carving of an angel. The angel is holding a yellow gem that reminds Ray of the aura that Angel produces when she powers up. As Ray is examining the necklace a mysterious figure is walking behind him, trying to escape from the room. The loud boom of thunder averts Ray's attention towards the window. Ray doesn't see anything and continues to exam the necklace. The mysterious figure tries to open the window. The window makes a loud squeaking noise, which causes Ray to look again. "Hey!" Ray yells at the mysterious figure. The mysterious figure dashes out the window and Ray quickly follows suit. Ray steps out the window and looks around for the mysterious figure. The sound of someone climbing metal steps rings through the air. Ray looks up and sees the mysterious figure running up the stairs. He follows it to the top of the building. The mysterious figure stands at the edge of the building. Ray takes a moment to catch his breath. "Hey, who are you?" He asks. For a moment the atmosphere is filled with silence. The fluorescent lights help to provide color to the the water on the ground. "I'll ask again, who are you?" Ray asks. The mysterious figure turns around and reveals a silhouette of a man. Lightning strikes and illuminates the dark night sky for a split second. The lightning reveals the identity of the silhouette to be Shadow. Ray stares in disbelief. "What are you doing here Shadow?" Ray asks. Shadow stares at Ray, then jumps off the building. "Wait!" Ray yells as he runs over to the edge of the building. He sees Shadow staring at him from a lower building. After awhile of staring, Shadow takes off. "Well, here goes nothing." Ray says as he jumps down. The rain and the darkness of the night make for a very dangerous combination. Knowing this, Ray makes sure that he is extra cautious in his movements. As the chase continues the sound of both men's shoes making contact with the puddles on the ground can be heard. Shadow takes a huge jump that takes him onto another building. Ray follows him and takes the jump. As he lands he rolls forward, making the impact more suitable for himself. Ray tries to throw a ball of dragon energy at Shadow but Shadow dodges and keeps running. Ray continues to follow Shadow through the cloudy night sky. A building significantly taller than the one they are on appears in the horizon. Ray fist becomes surrounded in red energy as he chases down Shadow. Shadow jumps and catches the edge of the metal stairs. He pulls himself up and runs up the stairs. "Shit." Ray says as he comes to a halt. Ray takes a few steps back and runs full speed at the building. He jumps and catches the edge of the stairs. One of his hands slip, but he manages to get it back on the metal. "Phew that was close." He says. He chuckles as the metal begins to squeak. Ray stops chuckling, taking notice of the location of his hands. The ladder lowers itself, bringing Ray down. Ray looks down, seeing an empty alley way with nothing but dumpsters. Miraculously Ray manages to hold on to the bottom rung of the ladder. Shadow stops running and stares at Ray. Ray tries to hold on but the downpour from the rain makes the metal slippery. Ray holds on for dear life, as he slowly climbs back up. "Okay, now that was close he says." Ray says. He focuses his attention back on Shadow. Shadow cracks a small smirk and continues on the stairs. For awhile, the two hop from building to building. As the chase continues, Ray's focus shifts from the building to the memory of Angel's face when she saw Shadow. Many thoughts race through his mind as he tries to figure out the reason behind Angel's horrified expression. Was it an extreme example of sibling rivalry; or was it something much deeper? As this thought enters Ray's mind he comes back to reality and realizes what he is doing. He is mid jump and trying to land on the building below. He lands with one foot on the edge of the building and one foot off. The water on the building causes him to slip and fall backwards. "Shit, not again." Ray says as he catches the edge of the building with his hands to save himself from falling. He looks down, seeing how high up he is. Ray's eyes widen as he tries to pull himself up. He fails, which results in him losing his grip with his left hand. He tries to put it back up, but it slips off. Ray loses his grip with his right hand. He lets out a scream as his body falls straight back. As he is falling Shadow grabs one of his hands. Ray stares in disbelief as Shadow pulls him up to safety. "You saved me, why?" Ray asks. Shadow ignores Ray, quickly taking off once again. Ray follows Shadow. Unbeknownst to Ray, two silhouettes watch Ray and Shadow, from a nearby building. They jump from the building and pursue both Ray and Shadow. Ray tackles Shadow, bringing him to the ground. "Are you gonna answer me?" Ray yells. "Why are you here?" Shadow punches Ray and rolls out the way. Shadow immediately gets up and jumps off the building. He lands on the metal stairs of the other building and jumps off of that; He then lands on a dumpster, and stares at Ray. "You've gotta be kidding me." Ray says. He sighs and follows the exact steps of Shadow. As he lands on the dumpster, he slips, he does a roll to catch himself and stop himself from face planting. Ray lands in the middle of the road. He takes a quick moment to catch his breath. The ground below him illuminates and a loud horn is heard. Ray looks up to see a car heading towards him at full speed. "Man, I just can't catch a break, can I?" Ray whispers to himself. Before the car makes impact with him Shadow dashes across the street and move Ray to the other side of the street. "Will you stop saving me!" Ray yells.

"Will you stop putting yourself in life threatening situations?" Shadow snaps back.

"Okay, fine, fair enough." Ray says. Shadow grabs a grappling gun from his belt and shoots it at the building above. He pulls himself up towards the top of the building. As he is going up a second grappling gun falls from his belt. Ray runs over, picking it up. "Is there a reason why he keeps doing this? Maybe I should keep following him" Ray fires the grappling hook, landing it on the edge of the building. Shadow waits patiently for Ray to reach the top. As soon as Ray reaches the top of the building, Shadow takes off again. Ray takes off in pursuit of Shadow. As the chase goes on the two quickly come up on an abandoned warehouse, that is near the sea. Shadow jumps, landing on the warehouse and waits for Ray. Ray follows him, jumping off of the building. He lands on an area of broken wood, and falls through. He lets out a small scream before his body lands on the ground. The only thing that helps to break his fall is a small wooden box. "Awww man, that really hurt." Ray says as he slowly gets up. He dusts himself off as he looks around. Shadow jumps down, landing a few feet from Ray. "Are you finally gonna tell me why you're here?" Ray asks.

"Yes Ray, the reason why we are here is because we need to talk to you." Shadow says.

"We?" Ray asks with a puzzled look on his face. "What do you mean we, you're the only one here."

"That's what you think." A mysterious voice says. Two other silhouette appear next to Shadow. A flash of lightning illuminates the dark area. Giving Ray enough time to analyze the facial features of both women. One has short, green hair, with purple lipstick while the other has long black hair, with a few streaks of blond hair mixed in it. Another flash of lightning illuminates the building. Ray notices a Deathtalon symbol on the uniforms of both of the ladies.

"Damn it, can this night get any worse." Ray says as he moves into battle position. The three just stare at him and chuckle. "What's so funny"? Ray asks.

"Silly Ray, we are not here to fight you." The girl with the green hair says.

"Who are you, and how do you know my name?" Ray asks.

"The girl with the green hair is Ivy; and the girl with the black hair with blond streaks is Selena." Shadow says.

"Ok, that answers one of my questions; but what about the other one." Ray says. He stops and takes a moment to think. "Actually if you guys are friends of Shadow, then that's how you know my name, okay never mind I figured it out." They all stare at Ray and shake their heads. "Okay, now on to the real question, why do you guys need to talk to me?" Ray asks.

"Because Ray we have many things to inform you of." Shadow says. Ray stares at all three with a puzzled expression on his face.

"Ummmm okay, I'm listening." Ray says.

Chapter 12

A cold silence fills the air, the sound of the wind blowing and the rain pounding against the metal structure of the warehouse, echo throughout the hollow warehouse. The four Devianlons stand in silence. Ray finally decides to break the silence.

"So, what do you need to talk to me about?" Ray asks.

"Well I wanted to talk to you about my sister Angel. Ivy and Selena wanted to talk to you about something else." Shadow says.

"Okay..." Ray says.

"We will let Shadow talk first, so go ahead Shadow." Ivy says.

"So, I don't know if you are aware but, Me and Angel's parents are dead and-" Shadow says.

"Yeah, I know you're the one who killed them. You sick twisted fuck!" Ray yells, interrupting Shadow.

"Ok, Ok, let me explain myself." Shadow says.

"Wow, I can't wait to hear this bullshit." Ray says.

"Look I know you won't believe me when I say this, but I love and care about Angel." Shadow says.

"If that was true, why would you put her through so much pain and suffering?" Ray asks. "That's not what an older brother is supposed to do. An older brother is supposed to be a role model for their younger siblings."

"If I didn't kill our parents we would both be dead!" Shadow says.

"Huh?" Ray says.

"You heard me, we would both be dead." Shadow says.

"I'm gonna need an explanation." Ray says.

"It's a long story." Shadow says.

"Trust me, I got time." Ray says.

"Well I don't so I'll sum it up quickly." Shadow says. "Me and Angel always had a tough childhood. Because we were Devianlons we were seen as outcast and as monsters. As you saw, our home land is not as big, we were raised in a very rural area. We didn't really have that much technology. We were the only Devianlons in the village and because of that we were on our own for figuring out our powers. We had peace for years but everything changed when they attacked."

"They? Do you mean your parents?" Ray asks.

"Yes and everyone else. Both of us were targets and the whole village wanted us dead." Shadow says.

"Question. What about Shesha, how does she play into this?" Ray asks.

"Shesha was the one who helped us out the village." Shadow says. "She hid us from everyone. So I owe her my life."

"Okay, Okay, If that's true; why did she act so afraid of you when we first met?" Ray asks.

"She was in on it." Shadow says.

"In on what?" Ray asks.

"My plan to keep Angel safe." Shadow says.

"Wait a minute, you mean to tell me that you killed your parents, made your sister suffer all her life, just to protect her." Ray says. "What the hell type of plan is that? You're a monster, any brother who hurts their sister like that, doesn't deserve to have a sister. In fact scum like you doesn't deserve to live."

"Hey kid, you better watch your mouth kid!" Ivy yells. She steps forward, but Shadow places his hand in front of her, forcing her to stop.

"Ivy, it's fine. Let me explain myself." Shadow says.

"Hmmm alright." Ivy says as she steps back.

"I understand your anger Ray, but look at it from our perspective." Shadow says. "Your parents saw you as a gift from god while our parents saw us as a curse from the devil. When your parents continue to disregard your existence and try to kill you multiple times. It messes with you and takes your mind to an extremely dark place. If I didn't do what I did, we would both be dead. I subjected myself to suffering so Angel wouldn't have to. The pain of killing your parents is something that never leaves your mind. We both loss our parents, but we are on two different sides of the coin. One walking the path of good, trying to avenge their parents. While the other is walking a path of evil, trying to forget his past."

"If that's all true, why join the Deathtalons?" Ray asks.

"As a kid I was blinded by my rage." Shadow says. "I saw the Tasanlons as a menace to society, that needed to be taken care of. Luke came to me and recruited me based on my skills. He helped train me, and taught me the way of the Deathtalons. But after years of service, I saw Angel, fighting with the S.D.U.T. That was my first time seeing her after I had Shesha take her to an all girl orphanage. I was impressed by how much she had grown."

"Wait, how did Angel find out about the murder?" Ray asks.

"She walked in on me after I killed both." Shadow says. "I told her what I had done and that I wanted to wait till she was stronger to kill her. She ran, but after awhile I found her knocked out in a ditch. I overheard information about a dragon mage, who had recently came to the village. I went to visit her and then blah blah blah everything I said earlier. Shesha helped keep Angel safe for me. When she was old enough, Shesha sent her to train and join the S.D.U.T."

"Whoa whoa... why are you telling me all of this?" Ray asks. "Shouldn't you tell Angel?"

"Because I don't want her to know the truth of our people, and what they did to us." Shadow says. "If she ever found out, it would break her. Do you know how hard it is? To have everyone call you a monster without knowing your life story, and what you've been through. To have everyone in your life look down upon you. No you don't know what it's like. To live everyday of your life, having to hide your emotions and live with the actions of your past. I want to die, but the only person who should be allowed to take my life is Angel. I know death is the easy way out, but it is the only way for Angel to ease her pain. We are both broken, but she is the only one that can be fixed."

"I'm sorry about everything." Ray says. "After hearing your story, I could feel all the emotions that you kept welled up inside of you. What do you want me to do?"

"I want you to do your best to protect her." Shadow says. "Everything I told you stays between us got it?"

"Understood." Ray says with a nod of his head.

"Oh, and one last thing." Shadow says.

"What is it?" Ray asks.

"The necklace that I placed on the desk.. make sure that Angel gets it; and tell her that Shesha sent it as a gift." Shadow says.

"Okay I will" Ray says.

"Thank you, that is all from me." Shadow says. Ray turns his attention to Ivy and Serena who stand a few feet behind Shadow.

"Okay, what about the other two?" Ray asks.

"Well kid, as you know both of us are Deathtalons." Ivy says. "But the truth is that I've grown tired of this team, and I've grown to want something more out of my life. So after learning the story of Shadow, we've decided to help out the S.D.U.T."

"We? Who's we?" Ray asks.

"Shadow, Selena, and I." Ivy says.

"How, will you help us?" Ray asks.

"I don't know." Ivy says.

"Why don't you defect now?" Ray asks. "You're away from them. All three of you can make your escape now. We will give you shelter, we will help you."

"As tempting as that sounds, I'm afraid we can't do that." Selena says.

"Why?" Ray asks.

"I don't know if you've realized kid, but we are wanted criminals." Ivy says. She pulls out a small disk from her pocket. She presses the button which projects a huge hologram. The hologram shows the faces of Ivy, Selena, and Shadow, each with a different bounty below their pictures. "Say we do switch sides. They could just capture us and interrogate us for questions. Then after that they'd probably kill us. We will help you but in due time. We just need to make sure that we will be allowed to live instead of having to live our lives as fugitives." Ivy presses down on the button and causes the hologram to fade away. She returns the device back to her pocket.

"Alright, I wish you all the best of luck." Ray says.

"Alright, that will be all, you must be getting back now Ray. Promise me that you will keep this meeting a secret." Shadow says.

"Why?" Ray asks.

"If anyone found out it would jeopardize our mission. So please keep this a secret from your friends, and most importantly Angel." Shadow says. He steps closer to Ray and extends his fist out. Ray hesitates for a moment before gently touching his fist against Shadow's.

"Okay, I promise." Ray says.

"Good, with that we shall leave, farewell Ray, I wish you all the best." Shadow says. He puts his hand down and slowly walks back.

"Thanks... same to you." Ray says.

"Goodbye Ray. We will see you soon." Selena says.

"Goodbye kid, and don't get killed." Ivy says.

Shadow, Ivy, and Selena leave the warehouse. As they are jumping from building to building Selena looks over to Shadow. "Hey Shadow, how come you didn't tell Ray about Sam?" Selena asks.

"Because, if Ray confronted Sam about him being a traitor, our intentions to betray the Deathtalons will be revealed." Shadow says. "We must make sure that Sam betrays them before we defect."

"How can you be so sure that he won't tell his friends?" Ivy asks. Shadow takes a brief moment to think, comparing his life to Ray's. In his mind he applauds Ray for being a good strong older brother.

"Because, we both share a very important trait." Shadow says.

"And that is?" Ivy asks. With tears flowing from his face, Shadow stops, looking over at Selena and Ivy. He someone manages to smile with tears in his eyes. His face seems to show signs of sadness but at the same time happiness.

"We both are wiling to give our lives to protect our sisters." Shadow says. No one else says anything and the three slowly make their way back to their base. Ray stands alone in the warehouse. In his mind he constantly replays the conversation between him and Shadow. He reminds himself of his harsh words and puts himself in a feeling of contrition. He looks over at the watch and sees that it's way past midnight. He leaves the warehouse and returns back to the medical building. As he arrives, he checks to make sure that everyone is asleep. He slowly opens up the window and enters the building. As soon as he puts his foot down and closes the window, the room light turns on. Ray looks over towards the door and sees Sarah, Sam, Susan, and Jordan staring at him.

"Where the hell were you?" Jordan asks. Everyone appears to have a look of concern on their face, while Sam glares at Ray.

"Oh I uhh uhh." Ray stutters. He tries to come up with a feasible lie that will be acceptable. "Oh I went on a walk to clear my mind." He says.

"A walk?" Sarah asks. "Why would you go out on a walk this late at night?"

"Oh I don't know, I just wanted to feel the rain against my skin I guess." Ray says. Susan notices the scratches and scars on Ray's face.

"Are you okay?" She asks with a worried expression. She walks over to get a closer look at Ray's hands and face. "Your hands and face are all cut up and bruised."

"I'm fine!" Ray yells as he pushes Susan away. She lands hard on the ground, leaving Ray with a look of horror on his face. "Susan, I'm so sorry." He says. Susan just stares at Ray for a brief moment. She is in disbelief over the actions of her brother. She gets up and runs to the door. She pushes Jordan and Sarah to the side and runs out of the room.

"Susan!" Sarah calls as she runs after Susan. Sam follows her and Jordan confronts Ray.

"I don't know what the hell happened to you." Jordan says. "What type of brother hurts their own sister?" Jordan leaves the room, turning off the lights, leaving Ray alone with Jasmine and Angel. Ray stands in the dark constantly thinking about his actions. He replays the words of Jordan and Shadow. He walks over to the little desk near Angel's bed, picking up the necklace. He stares at it as he reminds himself of his duty as a brother.

"What does it mean to be a good brother?" Ray asks himself. "What do I need to sacrifice to ensure that Susan is safe?" Ray puts down the necklace and walks over to the couch. He sits down and puts his hand over his face. The combination of the stress on his mind and the constant barrage of words of Shadow and Jordan, causes Ray to pass out.

Morning time arrives. "Get up Ray, we need you to join us for a minute." Blake says. Ray gets up and walks into the other room with Blake, Susan, Sarah, Jordan, and Sam. Ray avoids eye contact with Jordan and Susan. "Okay the reason why I called you guys here is because I need Jordan and Sam to come with me."

"Why?" Jordan asks.

"Arson wants to see you two." Blake says.

"Any reason why?" Sam asks.

"Nope, he didn't tell me." Blake says.

"Hmm alright then we better get going so we can get back here as soon as possible." Jordan says.

"Agreed, Ray, Susan, and Sarah watch over Jasmine, Angel, Destiny, and Sky; we shall return shortly." Blake says. Everyone nods. Ray watches as Jordan, Sam, and Blake fly away to meet Arson. Ray sits on the couch and turns on the T.V.

A few hours pass as Ray sits alone watching T.V. As he is watching the news static appears on the screen. The news broadcast is interrupted by Luke, who is standing in a completely dark room. The only light seen is the spot light shining on him. "Guys come in quick!" Ray yells. Susan and Sarah rush into the room, seeing Luke on the T.V screen. The light reveals a little device in Luke's hand.

"Citizens of Trigola City, Today is the day that you and all of Tasan will bow down to the Deathtalons." Luke says as he paces back and forth. "For too long my people have been oppressed; but no longer." Luke presses the button and a loud explosion is heard. The explosion shakes the ground, causing Ray, Susan, and Sarah to run over to a window. In the distance the smoke can be seen, accompanied by the sound of people screaming. Luke starts laughing, causing the group to turn back towards the television screen. "You know what I like about explosions?" He asks. A brief moment of silent passes before he starts laughing and speaking again. "They bring out the fear in people; and when people start to fear, it brings out their true and selfish nature." Luke says. "Now my fellow Devianlons, let us rise up against the Tasanlons and end the oppression of our people; because today the age of the Deathtalons begins." Luke fades out as the news return, showing one of the world leaders of Tasan. The man on T.V can only be describe as a young man with bright white hair.

"Hello everyone, My name is Lexus." Lexus says. "This is a category 7 emergency, I advise all citizens of Trigola City to try and evacuate; help will be there soon, I promise, that is all." Ray turns off the T.V, immediately putting on his battle gear.

"Where the hell are you going?" Susan asks as she rushes over to Ray. Ray continues to put on his gear. He grabs a jar of healing cream and puts it on the scar over his right eye. He puts on both gloves and starts walking towards the door. "Ray, where are you going?" Susan asks again. Ray slowly comes to a stop and turns around.

"I'm going to help those people." Ray says.

"Ray, that's dangerous, who knows what's down there." Sarah says. Ray takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

"I'm not about to allowed that bastard to kill more and more innocent people, not while I have a chance to stop it." Ray says.

"Ray, you could get killed." Susan says softly. "Please don't go, I don't know what I'd do without you." Susan says as she starts to tear up. Ray walks up to her, wiping the tears from her eyes with his thumb.

"If I have to die to protect those people, so be it." Ray says. "I am a member of the S.D.U.T, it is my duty to give my life for the greater good." Ray stands firm with a serious expression on his face. "I swore to myself that I would do anything to avenge the death of mom and dad; if I have to die, then you can guarantee I'm taking that bastard with me." Susan moves away from Ray, and puts on her battle gear.

"I'm coming too then." Susan says. "I want to help avenge mom and dad too."

"No it's too dangerous, I'm not going to let you die." Ray says.

"Please." Susan begs.

"No!" Ray yells. "You are my sister it is my job to make sure that you are safe and happy; I wouldn't be able to live with myself if you got hurt."

"I'll watch her." Sarah says as she puts on her battle gear.

"Who's going to watch everyone else?" Ray asks. Sarah walks over to an intercom and speaks into it.

"Excuse me, may we get three nurses to watch room 4232-T, while we are gone." Sarah says. After a few minutes Sarah nods and walks away from the intercom. "There problem solved let's go." Sarah and Susan both bolt out the door.

"Wait, guys!" Ray yells. Ray groans and shakes his head. "She never listens to me." He lets out a tiny smirk. "Oh well that's my sister, gotta love her." Ray says as he follows the two girls. As soon as the door shuts, another door slowly creeps open. Destiny walks out the room and lets out a loud yawn. She stretches but quickly grovels over in pain.

"Well shit, I'm not at a 100 percent yet." Destiny says to her self. She looks at herself in the mirror. Her black hair is tainted with brown dirt and her face has a few cuts and bruises. "Phew it's not that bad, nothing a little bit of black girl magic can't fix." She says. She quickly changes out of her medical outfit into her new gear that has been left. She returns back into her room and grabs her guns out of one of the drawers. She puts them in the holster on the side of her legs. "Alright bitches, Destiny is back in the game; and this time she isn't messing around." She says to herself. She walks out the door, leaving the others alone.

Chapter 13

`Dust fills the air, and rubble is scattered all on the ground. Tasanlons are running around searching for loved ones. Panic and terror fill the streets of Trigola City. A little girl holds on to her teddy bear. "Mommy, Daddy!" She yells. A building around her starts to crumble and begins to fall. She let's out a scream; But before the building falls on her, Ray pushes her out the way. Ray stands tall, surveying the destruction that has occurred.

"Charlotte!" A voice screams. Ray and the child both turn around toward the voice.

"Mommy and Daddy!" The girl screams. She quickly jumps to her feet; her expression of sadness and despair quickly change to one of joy and happiness. "Thank you mister." The girl says. She runs over to her parents, giving them a big hug. Ray stares at the scene, with a smile on his face.

"I'm so glad you're okay." The father says as he hugs his daughter.

"It's all thanks to that man with the scar on his eye." The girl says. The father gets up and walks over towards Ray. Ray offers a handshake but instead the man gives him a big hug.

"Thank you so much for saving my little daughter." The father says as tears flow from his eyes.

"No problem sir." Ray says with a huge smile on his face. "Now, I need you guys to get out of here, it's not safe here." The father nods his head, as he grabs his daughter. They run over to the man's wife and the family evacuates the city.

"This is horrible, to think that someone could do this to all these innocent people." Susan says.

"More reason to stop that monster." Ray says. "It's best if we split up so we can cover more ground." Ray reaches into his pocket and hands everyone a communicator. "Susan and Sarah you two will take the east quadrant of the city, while I take the west." Everyone nods. "Sarah can I talk to you in private for a second."

"Yeah sure." Sarah says. Sarah and Ray walk a few feet away from Susan.

"Please do whatever you can to keep Susan safe; she isn't the best at combat." Ray whispers into Sarah's ear.

"Alright I will." Sarah says. "Alright Susan, lets go." Sarah and Susan head towards the east quadrant.

Ray walks through the city, taking in every detail of destruction. The stained streets, damaged car, and fire all remind Ray of his dream. People are running the opposite direction that he is walking. A few people stop and stare at him as if he continues through the city. The looks of the people don't deter Ray's ultimate goal. A loud plea for help, causes him to look around for the source. As he looks around, he sees a teenage girl, whose legs are crushed by a car. Another plea for help is heard. To the right of Ray, there is a man wearing a suit, who is in the same situation as the girl. "Hold on I'm coming!" Ray yells. Ray rushes over to the girl. As he is running, the sound of an arrow piercing through the air causes him to slow down. The arrow lands right next to the girl, with another arrow lands next to the man. Both arrow's start beeping simultaneously. "What the hell." Ray says.

"Nice to see you again dragon boy." Axis says. Ray looks up to see Axis squatting on top of a light post, with his bow in hand.

"What the hell are you doing here Axis?' Ray asks.

"I'm just here to play a little game." Axis says. He jumps down on the ground, twirling his bow around. He looks at his handy work and laughs. "Alright this is the game." Axis says. He stares at Ray. "Okay lets start with this question; there are two people who are about to die, you have a choice to save one of them, who do you save?" Ray takes a deep breath. He tries to think of a way to save both. "Oh and don't even consider trying to save both or attacking me; because if you do they'll both die." Ray looks over at both of the people.

"Please save me." The girl pleads.

"No save me, I have money, I can get you anything you want." The man pleads.

"In life, you are given choices, no matter what you have to make a choice, so hurry up and choose." Axis says. Ray moves to the teenage, running at her at full speed. As he is running over to her, Axis smirks. "Wrong choice." He whispers to himself. He snaps his fingers and a fiery explosion consumes both of the people. The explosion sends Ray flying back. He lands on his but, only to look behind him seeing the other car engulfed in crimson red and orange flames.

"What the hell!" Ray screams furiously. "Why did kill them?"

"Sometimes in life, you can never make the right choices." Axis says. He starts laughing manically. "But hey, did you see the way their bodies blew up?" Axis asks. "Now that shit was funny. But honestly I was gonna kill both of them either way." Axis continues to laugh as Ray rises to his feet.

"I'm gonna make you pay for killing those innocent people, you bastard!" Ray screams. His face begins to twitch as the ground starts shaking. His body begins to slowly pulsate. Rocks slowly fly up around him, as his body surrounds it's self with a clear aura. His veins pop out as his whole body starts to tremble. He lets out a scream, that sends rocks flying. His eyes change to that of a dragon and his nails and teeth grow sharper. His hair spikes up a bit, and his body is surrounded by a clear aura. Ray looks down at his hands, noticing the changes in his body. "What the hell happened to me?" Ray asks himself. In his head, Draco speaks to him.

"This is the power of the Dragon." Draco says.

"The Dragon?" Ray asks. "Is this the power that Shesah told me about?"

"I'll explain sometime later, right now let's focus on the battle at hand." Draco says.

"Alright, let's do this." Ray says. "Come on Axis, let's settle this you bastard."

"Alright dragon boy, let's dance." Axis says. Axis shoot arrows at Ray, who dodges them with ease. Ray quickly arrives in front of Axis, grabbing his hand to stop him from shooting. He slowly applies pressure to his arm, causing Axis to scream in pain. Axis knocks Ray away, taking a moment to gather himself. "Wow, you've gotten a lot tougher since last time." Axis says. "Let's see how you handle this." Axis inhales deeply and shoots a powerful crimson red flame at Ray through his mouth. Ray follows in Axis' footsteps, doing the same. He releases a powerful bright blue flame. The two flames collide causing intense heat for the area. The area illuminates purple as Ray's blue flames meet with Axis' red flames. As the fires die down, smoke quickly replaces it. On Ray's side, Axis sees a shadow figure with piercing red eyes looking at him through the smoke. As soon as the smoke clears, the eyes disappear leaving Axis to frantically look around. Axis hears footsteps coming from behind and quickly turns around to block Ray's attack. The force of the attack causes a ripple in the air. Axis hits Ray with the end of his metal bow, but Ray shakes off the attack; his clear aura flares, becoming more intense as the battle continues. Axis slowly backs up and fires an explosive arrow at point blank. A large dome of fire erupts from the arrow, sending Axis to the floor. He gets up, shaking off the dirt from the explosion and puts his bow back. As the smoke clears, Ray stands tall, with barely any scratches on him. "What the hell are you?" Axis asks. His eyes shake, as well as his body, as he just stares at Ray. Ray slowly walks towards him and comes to a stop.

"I'm the man that is going to avenge the lives of the innocent people you killed." Ray says. Ray's fist becomes surrounded by blue flames. He punches the air, sending a blue vortex of fire towards Axis. Axis stands, crossing his arms to block the attack. The attack makes full contact with Axis, leaving burn marks on his arms. Axis stands in the scorched area, panting from exhaustion. The burn marks begin to sting causing Axis to groan in pain and hold his arms. "I'm not done yet." Ray says as he jumps up into the air. The flames on Ray's fist grow larger and more intense. He extends his arms, putting his right fist over his left fist. He slowly opens his hands, allowing the blue flames to disperse. The flames coil around Ray's body, taking the shape of a dragon. "Flaming Dragon Destroyer!" Ray yells. He releases the dragon, allowing it to fly towards Axis at an incredible speed. Axis tries to move but the burn marks begin to sting again, although this time more intense. The dragon makes contact with the Axis, causing a huge flaming vortex. As the flames slowly start to dissipate, Axis falls to one knee. The attack leaves Axis weak and helpless. He watches as Ray lands on the ground. Ray walks towards Axis. He looks down at Axis before kneeing him hard in the face. Axis' head hits hard on the concrete ground. "Now, if you want me to spare your life, you'll tell me where Luke is, and I want to know now!" Ray yells. Axis, who has blood trickling from his nope and lip, begins to laugh. Ray grabs Axis by his neck. "What is so funny?" Ray asks.

"Luke isn't here." Axis says.

"What the hell do you mean?" Ray asks.

"This was just an attack to show those dumb Tasanlons that the Deathtalons are back, and stronger than ever." Axis says. "Our true plan has yet to start."

"What is your true plan, tell me!" Ray says. Axis just laughs at Ray.

"I'd rather die than tell you, so you might as well kill me." Axis says. "But if you do think, does that make you any different than me?"

"I'm not like you at all!" Ray yells. "You kill for fun, while I only kill when it is necessary!"

"That still makes you a killer man, so you're no different than me." Axis says. "Although, that is if you decide to kill me, but hey it's your choice." Ray just stares at Axis. "Tell me this, what gives you the right to determine if I should die?" Axis asks. Ray takes a moment to think about the words of Axis. "I know I'm contradicting myself but I'm a bad guy, I don't play by the rules." Ray clenches his fist, creating a blue flame. He slowly cocks his arm back to deliver the final blow to Axis. "See you in hell." Axis whispers to himself as he closes his eyes. A dark barrier rises up, forcing Ray to jump back. The flame from Ray's fist disappears. Shadow appears next to Axis. "How nice of you to show up Shadow, now we can kill this dude." Axis says. Ray and Shadow stare each other down. Ray vividly remembers the meeting with Shadow just the night before. "Umm Shadow, less staring, more killing this guy." Axis says. Shadow glares down at Axis.

"Shut up, we are leaving, we have work to do for our final mission." Shadow says.

"Awwe come on, can we at least kill this guy first?" Axis asks.

"No, you failed in your mission and you are in no condition to continue fighting." Shadow says. "We will deal with you later." Shadow grabs Axis and puts him on his back. Shadow takes one last look at Ray, before taking off. The two make eye contact. They both nod at each other as Shadow takes off with Axis. Ray takes a deep breath, allowing his body to return to it's normal state. He falls to his knee from exhaustion as he pants heavily.

"Well damn, that dragon thing really takes it out of you." Ray says to himself. He gets up and dusts himself off. "I should try and communicate with the girls." He presses on his earpiece, hearing nothing but static. "Damn their comms are dead, I better start looking for them; I need to make sure that their both safe, especially Susan." Ray remembers the dream, where he saw Susan die. He clenches his fist, then wipes the tears from his eyes. "No, I'm gonna stay strong, Susan and Sarah, I'm on my way; please stay safe." Ray says. Ray runs towards the East quadrant of the city, with hopes of finding Sarah and Susan.

Chapter 14

Dusk slowly consumes the city, the East quadrant appears to be in much better condition than the West quadrant. The city, which usually has a lively atmosphere is now filled with silence. Abandoned cars, toys, and bikes all lay on the street. The city is cold and quiet, almost as if it was a ghost town. Susan and Sarah both walk through the city, each step they take is slow and filled with caution. "Alright Susan, stay on guard." Sarah says.

"Right." Susan says as she looks at Sarah and nods. They continue to slowly move forward into the city. Susan steps in a puddle of water and stops walking. She looks down and sees her reflection. As she is staring her reflection is replaced with a younger version of herself. She smiles as she watches the young version of her self smile and giggle. The image of herself slowly starts to fade away as the water puddle begins to vibrate. The puddle slowly reaches upward towards Susan, taking the shape of a hand. Out of nowhere a fist uppercuts Susan right in the jaw knocking her in the air, sending her tumbling to the ground. The sound of the punch causes Sarah to turn around. Susan and Sarah both watch as the puddle takes the form of a woman. The woman has long flowing black hair, with bright blue eyes. Susan rubs her jaw and stands up. "Who are you?" Susan asks. The woman stands in silence before taking a deep breath.

"My name is Melissa." Melissa says. Sarah examines the woman closely. On her outfit she notices the Deathtalon symbol on her shoulder.

"So I can safely assume you're apart of the Deathtalons, am I correct?" Sarah asks. Melissa chuckles, turning around to face Sarah. Her stern, young and menacing face meets with Sarah.

"Indeed I am, child." Melissa says.

"Hey, I'm not that young." Sarah says. "Time to teach you some respect bitch." Sarah lifts both her hands up and brings forth two giant roots. She points her arms towards Melissa's direction and the roots move towards her. Melissa lets out a yawn before creating a cloud of hot steam, directed at the plants. As the steam clears out, the roots start to wither and die. "What the hell." Sarah says.

"If you want to beat me, you're gonna have to do a lot better than that." Melissa says. Sarah runs towards Melissa, she morphs her hand into a vine and slashes right through Melissa. Melissa's body slowly attaches back together, then punches Sarah. Before Sarah can fall, Melissa grabs her by her arm. She headbutts Sarah, then punches her in the stomach; afterwards she tosses her body to the ground. Susan tries to sneak up own Melissa, but she quickly turns around. Melissa turns her body into water, causing Susan to crash to the ground. As Susan is recovering from the fall, Melissa picks up Susan and throws her at Sarah.

"Any ideas on how to defeat this chick?" Sarah asks.

"This is just a hunch, but I feel like she can only evade our attacks if she sees it coming." Susan says. "I'll distract her, while you attack her from the ground."

"Alright." Sarah says. She punches her hand into the ground and breaks through the concrete. She sticks her hand into the dirt, as her hands turn into a greenish color. "Okay, I'm ready you can distract her now." Susan reaches into her battle pouch and grabs some throwing knives. The knives have a straight pink line going through them. Susan runs towards Melissa and throws the battle knives at her. Melissa turns her chest region into water, as the knives make impact with her body. The knives fly right through her and continue going straight. Susan comes to a sudden stop and her hands glow pink. She brings her hands back towards herself. The knives that flew through Melissa, glow pink and change course. They quickly move towards Melissa's back. They make contact, piercing her skin. She lets out a sharp cry of pain, and pulls out the knives.

"Clever little girl, I'm impressed; but now the games are over." Melissa says as she lunges at Susan. Just before she can reach Susan, a huge tree root shoots out of the ground, hitting Melissa right in the chin. Susan looks over at Sarah, giving her a thumbs up. Melissa gets up off the ground and dusts her self off. "These girls are getting annoying, I better end this soon." Melissa says. She reaches for her belt and grabs a vial full of white liquid. She drinks the liquid, allowing for her eyes to turn pure white. Steam slowly envelops the battlefield. Sarah takes her hands out of the ground, as the steam approaches her.

"Susan, where are you?" Sarah asks. Sarah looks around but her sight is hindered by the steam. "Damn it, I can't see a damn thing with this steam." She says to herself. The sound of Melissa laughing causes Sarah to look around. Out of nowhere a fist punches Sarah in the face, sending her to the ground. Sarah gets up, slowly backing up, looking out for Melissa. She backs into another person, quickly turning around, only to see that it's Susan. "Oh my gosh, you scared the hell out of me, I thought you were Melissa." Sarah says. The two girls manage to get a small laugh out of the situation.

"Okay, how do we beat her now?" Susan asks. Sarah tries thinking of how they could possibly beat Melissa.

"Susan do you think that you can clear out the steam?" Sarah asks.

"Maybe, I'll need to charge a lot of energy." Susan says.

"Okay, when I give the signal clear the steam." Sarah says. Susan nods, charging some of her pink energy. Sarah puts her hand over her mouth and coughs up a seed. She punches another hole in the ground, putting the seed in the dirt. She reaches out her hands and releases a green wave towards the seed. The seed begins to sprout and grows rapidly. The seed grows into a tall tree with miniature stubs all over it. She puts her hands tightly together, waiting a few minutes. "Now!" Sarah screams as she extends her hands to the left and right. The stubs on the tree grow into sharp thorns that consume the area. The big thorns sprout small thorns that envelop the area. Susan nods and releases the energy she has charged up. As the energy disperses, it radiates through the area slowly taking away the steam. The steam is clears away from the battlefield leaving only the thorns that were made by Sarah. The sound of coughing is heard, allowing Sarah and Susan to locate Melissa. The thorns impale Melissa on the side of her stomach. She coughs up blood, as her body lies motionless. The thorns turn black, as Sarah puts both of her hands down. They crumble away, dropping Melissa on the ground. Melissa holds her wound, panting heavily. The wound continues to leak blood, even with her putting pressure on it.

"How did you do that?" Melissa asks.

"Well it wasn't easy; but once we found out that you could only evade attacks that you can see, it was all over." Sarah says. "When you turned to steam, I used my Thorn Frenzy technique to ensure that there was no way to escape; then I had Susan clear up the steam, therefore revealing your physical form."

"Very smart, I'm impressed, but now play time is over." Melissa says. She reaches for her belt and grabs a pink vial. She drinks the pink vial, which heals all her wounds. Sarah and Susan stand in fear as Melissa laughs as she moves closer towards them. Out of nowhere a black blast comes from behind, going right through Melissa's chest. Melissa coughs up blood, while holding her chest and falls to the ground.

"No one kills my friends." A familiar voice says. Destiny slowly walks towards Melissa, staggering with each step.

"Destiny, what the hell are you!" Sarah yells.

"Oh, I couldn't let you girls have all the fun without me." Destiny says as she twirls her guns around. She stops suddenly, letting out a nasty cough and holding her chest.

"Destiny, you're still hurt, you shouldn't be out here." Susan says. Melissa surveys the area, taking in each and every detail of her surroundings. She spots a sewer drainage near by, which is the perfect place for her to escape. She grabs the last vial on her belt, which contains a blue liquid. She drinks the vial, allowing her body to liquify and turn into water. "Hey guys, she's escaping!" Susan yells. Destiny takes aim, firing shots at the moving liquid water. She moves into the drain, mixing in with the running water.

"Well shit, we lost her." Sarah says.

"Well I guess you can say she's Melissing." Destiny says. She bumps both Susan and Sarah on the shoulder in an attempt to get them to laugh. They just stare at her, shaking their heads. "What, come on guys it was kind of funny." Destiny says.

"You know what's really funny?' Sarah asks sarcastically.

"What?" Destiny says enthusiastically.

"Watching your brother chew your ass up for leaving and fighting without medical clearance." Sarah says sternly. "Now let's go." Destiny crosses her arms and walks back towards the medical base. A sudden noise causing the girls to quickly switch into battle position. Ray jumps down from a building, revealing himself.

"Are you guys okay?" Ray asks. Sarah and Susan both give him a thumbs up. Ray lets out a sigh of relief; but his moment of relief is brief. He notices Destiny trying to tip toe away. "Destiny, what the hell are you doing here, you're still hurt."

"Oh I was just walking around, enjoying the nice air." Destiny says. She takes a deep breath. "Ahh that's some real good air." She quickly starts coughing again. Ray, Susan, and Sarah stare at her. Destiny holds her hands behind her back, whistling as if nothing happened. Sarah flicks her wrist, causing a vine shoots up, and smack Destiny across her face. "Alright fine, I got bored and I wanted to help out; so I left the room in order to help you guys fight the Deathtalons." Destiny blurts out.

"Alright we are heading back to the base, let's go." Ray says. Ray quickly walks ahead of the group as they make their way towards the medical base. As they are walking, Ray comes to a pause, as he stares off into the distance.

"Ray are you okay?" Susan asks. Ray shakes his head and continues to walk.

"Yeah, I'm fine, no worries." Ray says as he lets out a small chuckle. Susan looks at him, as she continues to walk next to Sarah and Destiny.

"There's something that Ray is hiding" Susan whispers.

"You think so?" Sarah asks.

"Yeah.... Ray has always been the type to hide his true feelings" Susan says.

"Oh... I see" Sarah says.

"Do you think he'll ever tell us?" Destiny asks. "Normally he does, but thats only when it's really bothering him."

"Maybe... We will see" Susan says, as she watches Ray walk in front of them. After a lengthy walk, the group finally arrive at the medical center.

Chapter 15

As the sun sets, the sky fills with a beautiful array of colors. The team stares at the beautiful site. No matter what he does, Ray can't get stop thinking about the people Axis killed. The words of Axis continue to echo throughout his mind. "Isn't it pretty Ray?" Susan asks.

"Yeah, it's pretty beautiful." Ray says. Everyone sits down on the steps of the building.

"You see this is why, I love nature, it is so peaceful and beautiful." Sarah says. The sun sets as night time arrives in the city. The team returns to the building, going back to their rooms. Destiny is taken back to her room, where she is put back on her the machine to make sure her vitals are stable. Ray passes out on the couch after making sure everything is in order. After a long night, morning finally arrives.

"Ray get up." Blake says. Ray slowly opens his eyes, to his shock he sees Blake, Sam, and Jordan standing in front of him. Ray scrambles off of the couch, landing hard on the floor. He rubs his head as he stands up. "Pack up everything, we are heading back to the base."

"What about everyone?" Ray asks. "Is everyone feeling better?"

"Well with Destiny's little adventure yesterday, you know she's fine." Jordan says.

"Oh you knew about that?" Ray asks.

"Of course, that's my twin sister; there is no way in hell she would lay in bed, while the city is in trouble." Jordan says.

"So you guys knew about the attack?" Ray asks.

"Yeah, when we arrived at the main base, the attack was on the news." Blake says. "After seeing it Arson wanted our team to head back to our base and prepare for another Deathtalon attack." Out of the corner of his eye, Ray sees Sky and Destiny slowly walking out the room. Seeing this causes Ray to rush into the room where Angel and Jasmine are. Angel and Jasmine both sleep soundly in their beds. Ray examines the machines to check their vitals. After waiting a while, Jasmine slowly wakes up.

"Ray where am I, what happened?" Jasmine asks. Ray cracks a smile and lets out a chuckle.

"You're in a hospital, a lot of happened; I'll tell you about it later." Ray says. Jasmine just stares at him. "But I'm glad you're okay." Ray says. He lets out a big smile, giving Jasmine a hug. "When we get back, let's go out together, you know just me and you." Jasmine lets out a small tear of joy. She squeezes him hard, taking the breath out of him. Ray lets out a laugh as he tries to catch his breath. "So, I'll take that as a yes." Ray says. Jasmine puts her arms around Ray's neck, flipping her hair back. She's giggling and smiling as her and Ray make eye contact. The two stare at each other, before being interrupted. Susan and Sarah are both standing at the door.

"Awwe you two love birds are so freaking cute." Susan teases. Ray and Jasmine try to brush off the act like it was nothing.

"Anyway, it's time to move out, someone wake Angel up." Sarah says. The sound of Angel snoring echoes throughout the room. Angel is in her bed tossing in turning when everyone looks to Ray to wake her up. Ray groans and walks over to her bed.

"Angel, wake up." Ray says as he lightly taps her on her shoulder. After waiting a few moments he shakes her again, only this time a bit harder. Angel's eyes open quickly. She responds by smacking Ray hard in the face with her back hand.

"Get the hell off of me you bastard!" Angel screams. Ray is sent flying back, hitting his back on the desk near the bed. After coming to and waking up, Angel looks to the side of her bed. Ray lays on the ground, moaning and rubbing his cheek. "Oh my god I'm so sorry." Angel says. Ray slowly stands up, as he removes his hand from his cheek, revealing a large red mark. Sarah starts laughing loudly. Ray adverts his attention to Sarah, who is still laughing. He glares at her with a menacing look. She tries to stop herself from laughing but it only makes it worse.

"I bet you knew this would happen." Ray says. Ray looks over at Angel, who seems to be doing just fine. After meeting with Shadow and learning the truth it warms Ray's heart to see Angel doing well. The words of Shadow constantly ring in his head, defining what it means to be a good brother. Ray looks at Angel, seeing the sadness in her eyes. "Hey Angel, don't worry about it I'm fine." Ray says. Angels face relaxes as she lets out a quick sigh. Ray leans in closer to Angel. "Don't worry I'll get her back." Ray whispers into Angel's ear. They both look at Sarah, laughing at her. Sarah in return stares back, slowly walking backwards, letting out a nervous laugh. She backs into Blake, quickly turning around.

"Awwe look, someones blushing." Jasmine says. Sarah covers her face with her hands. Everyone starts to laugh at Sarah.

"It's not funny guys." Sarah says as her face turns bright red from embarrassment. Blake claps his hands loudly to get everyone's attention.

"Guy, enough with the fun and games, it's time for us to get back to business." Blake says. His voice and tone seem different than they were before. His facial expressions seem different to, almost as if this is a brand new Blake. Sarah just stares at him, wondering what happened while he was gone. His face seems void of all emotion. After a few minutes of silence Blake breaks the ice. "We are moving out, so I want everyone ready in an hour." Blake says as he walks out the door.

"Anybody know what's wrong with Blake?" Ray asks.

"No, I don't know, but I really hope he's okay?" Sarah says with a worried expression. "Anyway, let's get ready to leave alright." Sarah says. The group prepares everything, getting ready to return to their base.

An hour passes and the team exit the building. As soon as they walk out they are greeted by an angry mob of Tasanlons. Some are holding up weapons, while others are holding up signs. The signs talk about how the Devianlons are spawns of satan, who need to be wiped from the planet. "Just ignore the people and proceed towards the ship." Blake says. As the group starts walking, they are pelted with various objects. A rock hits Ray in the head causing him to look around. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the the little girl that he saved the other day. Her parents are standing right in front of her. He makes eye contact with her father, who mouths the words thank you. Ray nods his head and continues walking. After everyone enters the ship, the ship slowly rises before quickly taking off into the distance. The ship arrives at the base right before night time falls. After a long flight, everyone decides to get a good nights sleep. Jasmine writes in her journal about how excited she is to go on a date with Ray. After writing in her journal, she puts it away and turns the lights off in her room. She rests her head on her pillow and falls asleep with a big smile on her face.

Chapter 16

"Jasmine, wake up." Ray says as he shakes Jasmine. Jasmine wakes up and sees Ray standing at the edge of her bed. She scrambles for the covers, pulling them up to cover her chest. Ray looks on with a confused look on his face. "Umm are you okay?" Ray asks.

"Oh uh, It's just that I sleep in the nude and I don't want you to see me naked." Jasmine says. Jasmine comes to the realization of what she just said and starts to blush. She quickly comes to an upright position on the bed. The covers fall leaving her chest exposed. Jasmine quickly looks down and lets out a shriek before hiding back under the covers.

"Oh my bad, well I'll be waiting outside for you, just come out when you're dressed." Ray says. Ray walks out the room. Jasmine hops out of bed, every step filled with excitement. She dances around her room while singing. She stops in front of a mirror and realizes she's still naked. She puts on a nice crop top with some short jean shorts. She goes to the bathroom to do her makeup. After about 30 minutes, she meets up with Ray, who is waiting outside her door. They exit the base, heading towards the breakfast restaurant. They arrive, sit down, and order their food. Ray notices Jasmine shivering. "Here take this." Ray says as he gives his jacket to Jasmine.

"Thanks Ray." Jasmine says. A man behind Jasmine notices the symbol on the jacket of Jasmine. He marches over to the two, standing behind Ray.

"Excuse me sir, I'm gonna have to ask you to leave." The man says. Ray drinks his beverage, ignoring the man. The man grabs a chair and hits Ray over the head, causing the chair to break. "Listen you piece of shit!" The man yells. "I don't want any Devianlons in this restaurant!" He grabs another chair and tries to hit Jasmine with it. Before he can hit her, Ray rushes to stop the hit. Ray stares at the man. As he stares at the man his grip on the chair tightens. He snatches the chair from the man and throws it to the ground.

"You can hit me all you want, but the moment you hit someone I care about." Ray says. He looks up to reveal his eyes that are slowly forming into that of a dragon. "I will never forgive you." The man tries to punch Ray, but he blocks it. He punches him in the stomach, sending him flying through the restaurant. He crashes into a a table, going right through it and breaking the glass drinks that were on it. The dragon aura slowly starts to take over Ray. Jasmine looks over at Ray with concern, as Ray's body shakes slightly. The man gets up, immediately running towards Ray. He punches Ray straight in the face with all his might. Ray slowly turns his face towards the man, completely unaffected by the punch. The man backs up in fear, as Ray's aura begins to flare. As the man is backing up, he trips and falls to the ground.

"Please spare me, I'm sorry, I'll never hurt you again." The man says. Ray's starts to charge up a fiery blast. He smiles as he walks closer and closer to the man.

"Now, I'm going to make you feel the pain of my people." Ray says. Ray slowly raises his hand, taking aim at the man.

"Ray, please stop it!" Jasmine screams. Her face is red, with tears flowing from her eyes. "You're not like this, please stop!" The fire from Ray's hand slowly disappears, as he snaps out of his dragon state and falls to one knee. After realizing what happened Ray, remains in shock. Seeing an opportunity to strike, the man grabs a metal pipe. He viscously strikes Ray in the head, knocking him to the floor. As Ray is laying on the floor the man continues to strike him. The people in the restaurant just watch in horror. "Get off of him!" Jasmine yells as she runs towards the man. The man pushes her to the ground.

"Stay out of this girl, you'll get yours next." The man says. He turns his attention towards Ray. "Now for you, I say we keep making you bleed." As the man goes for one more strike, a hand grabs his wrist, stopping him from striking. The man looks over at the teenager. "Who the hell are you?" The man asks.

"The name's Blade." The teenager says.

"Well Blade, if you could be so kind as to let my hand go so I can continue teaching this piece of shit a lesson." The man says.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that." Blade says.

"Oh well then I guess I'll have to take care of you first." The man says. He quickly turns towards Blade, punching him in the jaw, causing Blade to let go of his hand. He swings the metal pipe at Blade, while a metal sword extends from the middle of his hand. Blade uses this to block the attack. "What the.. you're one of them too aren't you?" The man says as he quickly steps back. He trips over a stool, falling hard to the ground.

"Get out!" Blade yells. The man scrambles on the ground before running out the restaurant. Blade takes a deep breath before retracting his metal blade back into his hand. He looks over to see Jasmine comforting Ray who seems to be in a state of shock. "Mister are you okay?" Blade asks. He moves over to towards Ray and Jasmine. Jasmine attempts to comfort Ray, who just sits in silence. Ray's face is covered in a bruises, with a few minor scratches. There is only one cut that appears to be bleeding. Jasmine grabs a napkin that lies on the floor and wipes some of the blood off of Ray's face.

"Thanks for the help with that man" Jasmine says as she looks towards Blade. "What did you say your name was again?" Jasmine asks.

"Oh uh my name is Blade" Blade says as he stands up firmly. Jasmine chuckles. "What's so funny?"

"Oh there's no need to be so formal" Jasmine says. She gives Blade a small little smile. "Can you help me get my friend up please?" Jasmine asks. Blade nods, shuffling his body under Ray's other shoulder. Ray's body seems drained of all life, as his limbs just dangle. The two lift him up to his feet. Ray's limp body lays cold on Jasmine's shoulder.

"Do you need help?" Blade asks.

"No it's fine" Jasmine says. Blade nods, watching as the two slowly walk out the door.

"Man I would love to join the S.D.U.T someday" Blade says to himself.

After a long walk home, Jasmine and Ray arrive at their base. They see everyone crowded around the television. "Damn where have y'all been?" Destiny asks.

"We were on that da-" Jasmine tries to say.

"Shhh come watch this" Blake says, cutting off Jasmine. Jasmine moves slowly towards the couch. She leans Ray on the edge of the couch. Ray just lies on the couch, completely silent and staring into space. Jasmine finds a seat between Sky and Destiny.

"What's wrong with Ray?" Sky whispers.

"Oh I'll tell you later" Jasmine says. Jasmine focuses her attention towards the television. Her eyes widen with surprise with what she sees on the screen. The headline of the news reads "Devianlons... are they really good for our world, or are they truly spawns of satan?"

"Devianlons, are they right for this world?" A news reporter asks. "I think not, All they've done is destroy what we've worked so hard to create. They are the spawns of Satan, they all deserve to die."

"Who the hell does this guy think he is?" Sky yells furiously as she stands up and slams the table. "We've saved his ass more times than we can count.... He should be thanking us not trying to-"

"Sit down and shut up Sky!" Blake yells.

"But I-" Sky stutters.

"That's an order, so I suggest you follow it!" Blake says.

"Ugh fine" Sky groans.

"We urge all Devianlons to stop their activity and turn themselves in, please." The news reporter says. "We have done nothing wrong, we are not apart of your war. Our Mayor is on standby ready to announce his new legislation. Please welcome Mayor Vespus."

"Welcome all.. This is a very important matter that can very well affect our planet for many years to come." Vespus says. "The S.D.U.T and the Deathtalons have been fighting for centuries, halting our progress. Now it is our turn to fight this war. We will defeat the Deathtalons on our own, we ask that the S.D.U.T don't interfere for we are not at war with you. If you do happen to interfere then there will be dire consequences. We are willing to allow your people to live in peace with us but the Deathtalons must be eradicated."

"Is this guy crazy... There's no way that normal Tasanlons will stand a chance against the Deathtalons." Sarah says.

"I know he said not to help but I think we should, other wise they will wipe out the planet..." Susan says.

"Hmph let those idiots fight without our help, it will allow us time to come up with a plan to defeat the Deathtalons... Maybe even weaken their forces a bit." Sam says.

"I know but still, Tasanlons versus Devianlons is never a good match, especially when they say not interfere." Sarah says.T"here's something fishy about this whole scenario but I can't quite put my finger on it"

"This is dumb... they need our help, without us they would be nothing but a pile of ash and bones" Destiny says.

"Yeah without us the Deathtalons will annihilate them." Jordan says.

"Everyone quiet.... I'm trying to listen" Blake says.

"Luke if you're listening to this then your war with the S.D.U.T is over, and your war with the Tasanlons has just begun... You better bring everything you've got because we are-" Vespus says.

"Sir... We seem to have an incoming live message from Luke. Shall I patch you in?" The news reporter asks.

"Yes..." Vespus says.

"Ahh Vespus, my old friend, you're looking young as ever... Tell me what type of lotion do you use?" Luke asks.

"Ha ha, very funny... are you ready to pay for your actions in Trigola City." Vespus says.

"Trigola City? Oh it does ring a bell now." Luke says. "That's the city I blew out of existence or so I thought, cause apparently you guys still remember it."

"This isn't a joke Luke... You will pay for all those innocent lives you've mercilessly killed!" Vespus says.

"Oh my dear Vespus, if you really want war, then I will happily give it to you." Luke says. "Prepare yourself for the world you know and everything you love will be crushed by me."

The television suddenly turns off. Everyone watches as Blake slowly puts down the remote and walks away. "Blake what are we gonna do?" Sky asks.

"Give me some time to think about it... I'll let you guys know in the morning" Blake says. He continues walking slowly towards his room. He enters his room and the door closes slowly behind him. Everyone but Ray, Jasmine, and Susan get up and go towards their room.

"Susan can you help me take Ray to his room?" Jasmine asks. Susan nods her head and the two lift up Ray and walk him towards his room. They lay him on his bed softly. "May I have a quick moment with Ray alone.. please." Susan nods as she slowly backs out of the room, closing the door. Jasmine looks over at Ray's desk, seeing an old family photo of Ray. She walks over and picks it up. After staring at it for a few minutes she puts it down and sits on the bed next to Ray. "I really hope you feel better Ray... Today was probably the best day of my life and I haven't really had many of those. I always thought that life was never really worth living after my parents died... But you showed me there is more to life so I thank you for that." Jasmine says. She kisses Ray on the forehead and walks out the room. "Goodnight Ray" She says as she turns off the lights, closing the door to the room.

Chapter 17

A mysterious aura fills the cold, hollow, and stone hallway in Ray's mind. Ever since he was unconscious, Ray wonders through the mysterious place, trying to find answers. He walks into a big room that is only lit by candles. The candles leave some parts of the room pitch black. Ray looks around and sees many different paintings of a dragon. Ray walks up to the painting to examine it further. In the painting he sees a gigantic dragon that is standing on top of rocks, that are being pounded by waves. The area around the dragon shows a dangerous storm going on with waves crashing against the rocks. "You know.. I used to be one terrifying dragon back in the day." Draco says. Ray panics, causing the painting to fall to the floor. He turns around to see Draco wearing a bright red robe, with a half eaten apple in his hand. "Could you please not destroy my home"

"This is where you live?" Ray asks with a puzzled expression on his face. Draco takes a big bite of his apple and scorches it before he throws it to the ground.

"Yep" Draco says. "This is where I chill when we aren't talking"

"Okay... why are you here?" Ray asks. Draco pulls up a chair and points for Ray to sit down.

"We need to talk about your dragon abilities.. and how to control them." Draco says.

"How do I control it?" Ray asks. "The power I felt when I first used it was amazing but it was very difficult to control.. Like today when I was fighting that man, my body. I lost control and almost killed him, That's not like me... So tell me why I can't control it."

"That's because you brought the power out through sheer anger and hate." Draco says. "The second time was seeing someone you care about being hurt. While those are great ways to unlock the dragon ability they do not allow you to control it and master it. The anger you felt seeing Jasmine threatened, took over your body. The anger guided you, and when you snapped out of it, well you saw the effect it had on your body. It took you out completely, leaving you with no control of your body. You must learn to control it, because ff you lack control of the dragon ability... then the results on your body... Well let's just say it won't end well."

"Okay so how do I control it?" Ray asks. "What do I need to do... I need this power so I can end the-"

"Ah stop right there... You need to relax and calm down first. Focus your energy, take control of your emotions." Draco says. "Stop hiding your emotions and let them flow, only then can you master dragon mode."

"How do I take control of my emotions?" Ray asks.

"Accept your past, stop running from it.. Let it empower your energy... Allow it to fuel your rage" Draco says.

"But I can't... The memories haunt me to this day." Ray says. "I was weak, I wasn't able to save them and because of that they're both dead... I couldn't save them... And because of that my sister has to suffer..."

"Well then, accept that and allow it to fuel your rage even further, Dragon Mode mastery comes from the equilibrium of your emotions" Draco says.

"Equilibrium of my emotions? How do I do that?" Ray asks.

Draco: "Alright... First you must take control of your emotions... You must unleash your anger and at the same time you must not be angry... Unleash your fear but at the same time feel no fear.... Be happy, but at the same time feel no joy. Let your emotions run wild, but at the same time you must feel nothing."

"Ummm what the hell are you talking about?" Ray asks. "Unleash my emotions but feel nothing? That doesn't make sense..."

"A lot of things in life don't make sense.... It's up to us to figure it out for ourselves." Draco says. "Now we're not gonna learn anything sitting here so let's go train.."

"Train? Here? Isn't this my mind? How can we train here?" Ray asks.

"Yes... Another thing you must do in order to master the dragon mode is become one with me, and the best way to do that is to fight me." Draco says. "Let's see how you do against a real dragon..."

"What? Are you crazy?" Ray says. "You'd kill me with ease... I'm no match for you, especially if I can't master dragon mode.."

"Don't worry, if you die then I cease to exist for awhile and I have to start the whole reincarnation cycle again, and I'd rather not have to do that." Draco says. "You're gonna fight me using your dragon mode, I want you to activate this power during our fight and use it to fight me... In order to master this form you must first get used to it. So if you're ready I want you to activate this form and fight me... If you don't then you will die... And yes I will be using the form too so you must use your form to beat me... So let's stop this useless sitting and begin your training!"

Draco stands up with force, pushing the chair back to the ground. He takes off his robe to reveal a sleeveless top with a dragon insignia on it. "Now to show you the true power of dragon mode!" Draco yells. Energy slowly swirls around Draco, as he clenches his fist. His hair slowly spikes up as his body becomes surrounded by a clear aura. He lets out a scream that causes Ray to fall back in his chair. Ray looks over the chair and sees Draco standing, fully transformed into his dragon mode. It looks similar to his form only Draco seems to have more control over his. "This is the true power of the dragon named Draco... Now fight me with all your might!" Ray stands in awe as he watches Draco move into fighting position. "Number one rule of fighting with a dragon" Draco lunges towards Ray, kneeing him in the stomach. "Never let your guard down" Draco hits Ray on the head and knocks him to the ground. "Come on.. You're gonna have to do a lot better than that if you want to beat me. Now get up and fight me." Ray slowly gets up from the ground. He lets out a burst of energy as his body gets surrounded by a flaming aura.

"Is this what you want from me? Well then you're gonna see the extent of my potential!" Ray yells. Ray charges towards Draco, hitting him with a flurry of punches. After awhile Draco laughs as he grabs Ray's fist before they make contact with his face. "Wha" Draco head-butts Ray, then throws him across the room. He zooms over and hits him the face, knocking him across the room again.

"Stop playing around or you'll die!" Draco yells. He jabs Ray on the side of his stomach. Ray lets out a small scream of pain before Draco kicks him hard in the stomach, sending him to the ground. "If this is the best you've got then you're pathetic." Draco kicks Ray and sends him across the room. "No wonder why you weren't able to save your family... You're so weak" Ray stands up slowly, panting hard. "You might as well give up kid... You're still weak, at this rate everyone you know and love will perish" Ray's body begins to pulsate slowly. "Oh what's wrong? Did I strike a nerve.... No wonder why both your parents are dead.. Soon you and your sister will follow in your parents footsteps" A powerful energy begins to engulf Ray's body. "Finally I got his dragon mode to unlock.... we still need a lot more training but this is a start" Draco whispers to himself. The ground beneath Ray begins to crumble as Ray's body releases an extreme amount of energy. Ray's body undergoes the transformation as he enters the dragon mode. With tears in his eyes, Ray looks up at Draco, revealing his piercing yellow dragon eyes.

"Don't ever talk about my family like that... I will do whatever it takes to keep my sister alive, even if it means giving up my own life!" Ray yells. Ray charges towards Draco, with incredible speed. As Draco prepares to block the attack, Ray suddenly disappears out of nowhere causing Draco to look frantically for Ray. "Rule number one of fighting with a dragon..." Ray says. Draco looks up to see Ray in the air charging up a punch. "Never let your guard down!" Ray says as he punches Draco viscously in the face, sending him flying through the air. Before Draco makes contact with the wall, Ray dashes in front of his back and shoots him with a mix of fire and dragon energy. In the smoke that was created by the blast, Draco's hand quickly reaches out of the smoke to punch Ray. Ray grabs his fist, knees him in the stomach and throws him to the ground. "How's that for dragon strength?" Ray asks. Draco sweeps Ray off his feet, he then jumps to his feet, immediately kicking Ray hard in the stomach, sending him flying. Ray manages to catch himself, before he hit's the wall.

"Come on now... Didn't I tell you to never let your guard down, especially against an opponent as dangerous as me" Draco says. Draco takes a deep breath as his body returns to it's normal form. "Now Ray I want you to return to your normal form."

"How do I do that?" Ray asks.

"You must releases all of the energy in a short burst then quickly absorb it into your body" Draco says. Ray clenches his fist, tightening up all his muscles in an attempt to return to his normal state. "No, no, no... You must relax your body, let the energy flow out of you then back into you" Ray nods his head, closes his eyes, and relaxes his body. The aura around Ray slowly fades away, as he takes a deep breath. Ray opens his eyes to reveal that he is back in his normal form. Throughout the battle, Draco has been carefully analyzing all of Ray's strengths and weakness. "Well that's all for today's lesson, there will be more in the future... Try not to use it that much for you have not completely mastered it"

"Shit" Ray mutters under his breath. Draco looks at him with a perplexed look. "How am I gonna get back to my body... I don't even know how long it's been!" Ray says frantically.

"Relax... Right now your body is sound asleep, it's only been the equivalent of one night in your world." Draco says.

"Okay... But how am I going to return to my world." Ray says. Draco slowly walks up to Ray and extends his palm.

"Don't worry I'll take care of that... See ya later friend." Draco says.

"Wha... wait-" Ray attempts to say as Draco pushes hard on his chest, sending him flying towards the dark hallway. As his body picks up speed, Ray's only reaction is to scream. Before he hits the ground, he comes to in his regular body and jolts awake suddenly. Ray looks around trying to gather his surroundings, he looks at the clock to see that it is indeed morning time, just like Draco told him.

"Wow what a dream" Ray says to himself.

Chapter 18

As Ray slowly gathers his bearings, as he looks around the room. A loud snoring noise alerts his attention to the left side of his room. He gets up, slowly walking towards the noise, only to find a huge lump sitting in the chair, covered by a blanket. He slowly moves the blanket, revealing Jasmine's face. Ray gives a little smile before picking her slowly, being careful as to not remove the blanket completely. Ray walks out of his room, making way towards Jasmine's room to lay her down on her bed. As he is walking a loud boom is heard and the ground trembles, almost causing Ray to lose his balance. "What the hell was that?" Ray asks himself. He arrives at Jasmines room and puts her down slowly. "Thanks for watching over me" Ray says as he exits the room. He quickly runs down to the briefing room, where he sees Blake working frantically. "Yo Blake are you okay? You look like you didn't sleep at all last night... Maybe you should take a break." Blake stops moving as he takes a deep breath.

"It's hard to get sleep with Cargonia city is under attack" Blake says.

"Wha... Cargonia city is under attack?" Ray says. Blake nods as he walks over to a computer screen. After a sequence of buttons Blake pulls up a live feed of the city. The feed shows drones and Deathtalons wreaking havoc in the city.

" Late last night the Deathtalons unleashed an assault against Cargonia city.." Blake says.

"If that's the case, why aren't we going to help Cargonia city!" Ray yells.

"Arson told us to wait for the signal before we go in... But I haven't gotten anything yet so I planned on getting everyone ready by the afternoon." Blake says. Ray clenches his fist, and grits his teeth. A loud beeping noise is heard from the computer. Blake runs over, quickly reading the message. The message is from S.D.U.T headquarters informing Blake to move his team out immediately. "Ray, get the team ready we are going to have a mission briefing in two hours."

"Right" Ray says as he runs up the stairs to get everyone ready. Ray arrives upstairs, immediately pressing a button that emits a loud ringing noise. Sky slams open her door as she lets out a big yawn.

"Uhhh what's going on... Why the loud noises?" Sky asks.

"New mission... meet us in the briefing room in two hours, and make sure to tell everyone" Ray says.

"Alright! Woo-hoo!" Sky yells. She quickly runs into her room, slamming the door behind her. Destiny, Jordan, Sarah, Angel, and Jasmine are in the dining room eating breakfast.

"Guys make sure you get ready!" Ray yells.

"We know!" The group yells. Ray continues running through the hallway, coming to a stop when he sees Sam fully dressed in his combat gear.

"I can see you're prepared" Ray says. He slowly walks up to Sam. Sam chuckles a bit.

"Of course I'm ready to end this war and bring peace to our people" Sam says. Sam and Ray shake hands.

"Thanks for always being there for me Sam... I really appreciate it" Ray says.

"No problem... It's been an honor to be friends with you" Sam says with a smirk on his face. Sam turns around looking towards the mirror, watching as Ray slowly exits the room. "Soon you and your sister will join your mom and dad" Sam whispers to himself.

2 hours pass as everyone arrives in the briefing room. The air is filled with tension, as Blake brings up the holo map of Cargonia city. The map shows various points where Cargonia city has been attacked. He zooms in on one of the points, creating a holographic map of the city.

"Late last night, the Deathtalons unleashed an attack on Cargonia City." Blake says. "The Tasanlon military mobilized their forces, only to be quickly destroyed."

"Ha, I knew that would happened"Sky says.

"What about the S.D.U.T? What have we done?" Sarah asks.

"Well Arson took in a small force to provide reinforcements for the Tasanlon forces... He didn't want them to be too upset with our interference in their war." Blake says.

"So what about us? How do we play a role?" Destiny asks.

"Originally Arson wanted all teams to remain back as him and his team take care of the Deathtalon forces, but just a few hours ago we lost all contact with him and his team." Blake says. "Recently we received a message from our headquarters saying they need us as backup... So I wanted to know what should we do?"

"I think we should... It's our duty as members of the S.D.U.T to help the planet, no matter what they have done." Jasmine says.

"I agree with Jasmine, the people need us, so I say we go" Angel says.

"Okay, that's two for going... What about the others?" Blake asks.

"I say we let those bastards get what's coming to them" Sky says.

"Come on Sky... This could be fun... I'm in, oh and Jordan's in too" Destiny says.

"Can you shut up, I don't need you to speak for me!" Jordan yells.

"Come on, you know you were going to say yes.." Destiny says.

"Jordan, what's your answer?" Blake asks.

"Ughhh I'm in" Jordan says.

"Ha I knew it!" Destiny says.

"Shut up!" Jordan says.

"Okay that's four for going... Sky, Sarah, Ray, and Sam I need your answers" Blake says.

"I guess I'll go... But if we die I'm blaming you guys" Sky says.

"Oh shut up, we'll be fine... I'm in too." Sarah says.

"To protect the people of this planet... To avenge my mom and dad." Ray says. "That is why I join the S.D.U.T... This is my one chance to kill Luke and bring this world one step closer to peace, so you know damn well I'm in"

"Okay that's seven... Alright Sam what do you think?" Blake asks. Sam laughs immediately after hearing Blake ask his questions.

"What do I think?" Sam asks.

"What's so funny?" Blake asks.

"You are all so foolish and ignorant to how this world works." Sam says.

"What are you talking about Sam?" Blake asks.

"The weak always depend on the strong to protect them." Sam says. "When the weak are able to defend themselves they turn their back on the strong... Then the cycle continues to repeat itself, so is the cycle of our people. So I offer a suggestion..."

"What are you talking about?" Ray asks.

"It seems that you're still ignorant..... You cling on to hope but there is none left for these people... They must learn their place beneath us" Sam says.

"What the hell are you talking about Sam?" Jasmine asks.

"Sam you don't mean this do you?" Susan asks.

"I do... Anyone who is dumb enough to stand in my wall shall die... Just like your friend Nathan... heh" Sam says.

"What do you know about Nathan?" Sky asks.

"The reason he is dead..... Is because of me!" Sam says, with a sadistic smile on his face.

"No..... It can't be" Sarah says, as she falls to her knees.

"Sam... please tell me this isn't true" Susan says.

"He was yet another ignorant fool who would not listen to reason and had to be shown the truth." Sam says. "All the members of the S.D.U.T are ignorant fools who always protect the weak... The weak do not deserve to hinder the strong... The strong deserve to be on top and if need be we must destroy the weak... And build a brand new world where the Devianlons are on top!"

"Yo you need to chill out... This isn't like you, this isn't the Sam I met all those years ago." Destiny says.

"You need to stop all this crazy talk" Jordan says.

"Please Sam... Don't do it, you're better then this" Susan says.

"I have already made my decision and I will follow in my father's foot steps." Sam says. "No... I'll become a stronger man than he ever was!"

"Hmph.... I always knew their was something suspicious about you, but do you really think that it was smart to reveal your intentions here?" Blake asks. "In front of all of us? We know all of your strength and weaknesses, plus it's eight against one, there's no way you can win."

"On the contrary, there are things about me you have yet to find out." Sam says. "I will show this world what the Devianlons are capable of... God cannot save them from this for it is his will..."

"You're wrong Sam!" Ray yells. "That isn't the way to earn peace and you know it!"

"Am I?" Sam asks. "In this world there is no such thing as right or wrong... Only what you believe and what you do to achieve that belief... I am doing nothing wrong, I am simply doing whatever it takes to achieve my belief... The only thing you can do wrong is not have a stance or do nothing to achieve what you believe... So don't put me in the category of being evil, I am just following my perspective on life as are you, To you of course I am evil, but to me... I am only doing what I believe is right, It's all about your perspective in life, there is no definitive right or wrong... There are no true facts in this world, only opinions... That is why people continue to fight, that is why no matter what war will always wage... People preach the idea of peace but the moment things don't go that way they rebel and turn violent, destroying the peace they wanted so badly, It is an endless cycle... I will change that by getting rid of the weak, purging the innocent, and allowing the strong to take charge..."

"Well I believe in a world where Devianlons and Tasnlons can live in peace, and I will fight for my dream." Ray says. "If that means having to take you down then I have no choice... My father died fighting for his dream, and I will gladly do the same..."

"Ahhh your father..." Sam says. "What a strong man, but at the same time ignorant to how the world worked... It's so sad that my father was way stronger.."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ray asks.

"Oh Ray don't you know... I am the son of Luke... I am Samuel Blast..." Sam says. Susan starts to tear up as Ray snarls at Sam.

"Shut up and stop lying! None of this is true... It can't be..." Susan yells, her voice completely distraught.

"You Bastard! You lied to us, for all these years knowing your father killed ours!" Ray yells.

"I had to, in order for my plan to come together..." Sam says.

"Well it just fell apart" Jordan says.

"You can bet your ass that I'm gonna personally shoot to that big ass head of yours" Destiny says.

"So you're father was the one to kill Armaneus?" Sky asks. "Well if that's the case I have no more reason to hold back... You're no longer a former friend, you are just an enemy who needs to be exterminated"

"A man like you is to dangerous to be left alive... I'm sorry Sam but this is where you die" Sarah says.

"I'm gonna tear you to pieces!" Ray yells. He pushes his chair back and leans over the table.

"Ray please calm down...." Jasmine says.

"Yes Ray, please calm down.." Sam says.

"Shut the hell up, you have no right to tell me to calm down!" Ray yells.

"Ray calm down now..." Blake says. Ray grunts as he sits back down. "Well Sam like I said before you're chance of escaping is low but now that we know that you're the son of Luke.... We have no choice but to kill you here and now!" Sam laughs at his statement.

"Is that so?" Sam asks. "Well before I leave there is just one last thing I must take care of..."

"Hmmm and what would tha-" Blake tries to ask. Before Blake can finish his questions a bright blue beam zooms across the table, entering his chest, right where his heart is. The whole team looks on in shock, as they notice Sam, who is holding one finger up, with a bright blue beam coming from it. Blake starts to cough as he lowly looks down at the beam that has penetrated his chest. His vision starts to fade as blood leaks from the wound. "What... Have... You... Done...?" Blake slowly says. Each word takes time to escape his mouth. Sam laughs as he stands up slowly..

"Blake... I am glad to say... You have been relieved of your duty as a member of the S.D.U.T" Sam says. He increases the intensity of the beam, causing Blake to scream in pain. Blood slowly flows from Blake's mouth, staining his teeth. The blood slowly trickles down his lips, as his body slowly loses life. Sam retracts the beam from Blake's chest. Blake's body slowly falls to the side, as he falls out of his chair. He lands with a big thud as his body makes contact with the hard metal floor.

"Blake!" Sarah screams. Her eyes fill with tears as she runs over to check on Blake. She violently shakes his body, continuously screams his name. She checks for a pulse but is horrified to realize that he has no pulse. She hugs him tightly as she begins to cry.

"So after seeing a hint of my potential.... Do any of you want to join me?" Sam asks.

"Like hell if I will!" Sky yells. She jumps out of her chair, quickly running across the table. She attempts to kick Sam, only to have him grab her leg.

"So pathetic... People like you should just die" Sam says. He throws Sky at the computers on the wall. The computers let out a strong electrical charge as Sky lands on them. Destiny fires a blast at Sam, only to have him block it and send a wave of energy towards her, knocking her to the floor. Jordan tries fighting Sam, only to have each one of his attacks blocked with ease. Sam elbows Jordan hard in the stomach, causing Jordan to lose consciousness. "Well it looks like I'm all alone". Angel, Jasmine, Susan, and Ray watch in shock as Sam easily defeats each of their friends. Susan slowly walks towards Sam.

"Susan, what the hell are you doing?"Ray asks. Sam smiles as Susan stands by his side.

"It looks like your sister has decided to join me" Sam says.

"Susan why?" Ray asks as tears begin to fill his eyes.

"I know his father killed mom and dad, but I can't help but be with him... Please forgive me Ray" Susan says. Her eyes begin to tear up. "Maybe he's right... Don't you think the strong should be in control, I mean isn't that why they're strong?"

"No there's a better way to earn peace, I know it" Ray says.

"I have already made my choice brother, you cannot stop me" Susan says. She wipes the tears off her face.

"No! I won't let you!" Ray yells as he runs towards Susan. Sam quickly grabs his left arm, with force.

"Brothers should always be supportive of what their younger sisters believe in... Even if it conflicts with their beliefs" Sam says. Ray's arm slowly becomes deprived up all fluid. Sam uses an new ability to absorb all of the liquid in Ray's arm. Ray screams in pain as his arm begins to shrivel up. His arm slowly becomes nothing but bone, losing all muscle that he once had. Ray falls to one knee as Sam continues to exert pressure on his arm.

"Stop it!" Jasmine yells. She runs towards Sam, turning her arm into an ice blade. Susan stands in her way, punching Jasmine in the head, in turn knocking her out cold. Angel stands, watching in horror.

"What good is an arm like this... Here let me handle it for you." Sam says. A beam of light appears around his hand, taking the form of a blade. With one shift slash, Sam cuts Ray's left arm off. Ray screams in pain, as he violently struggles on the floor. Sam puts his hand on Ray's head, knocking him unconscious to stop the screaming. Sam looks over at Angel and laughs. "Are you not gonna do anything?"

"No I'm far too weak to defeat you" Angel says.

"Hmph that explains why you were never able to kill Shadow. Why don't you join us?" Sam says.

"Join the Deathtalons? Yeah right" Angel says. Sam slowly walks up to her. She gets ready to fight him, only to be surprised that he walks right past her and to the door. "

"Oh well it was worth a try" Sam says. "Susan let's go"

"Right" Susan says as she quickly rushes towards Sam. She makes eye contact with Angel who only glares at her. The two leave the building and stand outside. The sky is cloudy, as rain drops begin to fall. "So what are we gonna do about the others?"

"Oh I'll make sure that they don't ever get in our way again" Sam says. He laughs as he pulls out a circular device with a big round red button on it. He presses the button and a loud and powerful explosion consumes the base. The explosion create a bright orange light that consumes the sky. Susan just stands there, watching everything. "Let's go" Sam presses another button that reveals a black ship. He walks on the ship, waiting for Susan to join him. "They're all dead... There's no way in hell they could have survived that... Now are you coming or not? I don't have all day." Susan comes out of her little trance.

"Coming Sam" Susan says. The two enter the ship, immediately preparing to take off. As the ship takes off, Susan stares at the burning building that has been destroyed beyond recognition. The two leave, making their way to Cargonia city, leaving behind a wake of death and destruction.

Chapter 19

Crimson flames permeate the air as they slowly destroy the base. The wood frame of the base becomes charred, slowly falling apart. The few parts of the base that are left after the explosion are slowly, burnt away. After a half hour the base finally caves in, falling apart on itself. Burnt wood and debris supposedly fall on the team, leaving no hope for survival. In the rubble a somewhat large shield made of golden energy emerges. The debris scatters all around the pink energy shield. Inside the energy shield, golden energy flows from her hands, helping to create the shield. After realizing that all the debris is gone, Angel releases the shield. She falls to her knees, panting heavily from the extreme use of her energy. One by one each remaining member of the team, slowly wakes up, with Ray being the last one. Before Ray wakes up, Angel informs the rest of the group about what happened while they were unconscious. Ray jolts awake, looking around frantically for his sister. "Susan!" Ray yells. "Susan, where are you!" He struggles to get up, due to his left arm being cut off. As he slowly gets up, he lets out a quick groan of pain. The sleeve where his arm was cut off blows in the wind. Ray's pupils dart around as he frantically looks for his sister. "Susan... Susan... Susan!" The rest of his teammates just watch, waiting for one of them to actually speak up.

"I'll tell him" Jasmine says. She slowly walks over to Ray, who has collapsed on his knees. Tears fill his eyes as he stares at the ground. He punches the concrete ground repeatedly, causing his knuckles to bleed. "Ray I hate to te-"

"She went with Sam didn't she" Ray says as he cuts off Jasmine. Jasmine hesitates, swallowing hard before giving her answer. A tear slowly rolls down her cheek.

"Yes" Jasmine says. Ray nods his head, taking a moment to process the truth of the situation. His loving sister, the one he has sworn to protect is now part of the Deathtalons. He slowly gets up, walking away from the team. "Ray where are you going?"

"I'm gonna save Susan and avenge Nathan's and Blake's death..." Ray says. He comes to a stop. As anger fills his body, he clenches his right fist. "That bastard and his family have taken away the things in my life that mean the most to me... I have to save my sister before it's too late"

"But Ray... You're in no condition to fight, especially with your arm being gone, you can't go" Jasmine says.

"Shut the hell up!" Ray yells. "You don't know what it's like... To have every single thing in your life taken away from you!" Destiny stands up, rubbing her head.

"Hey Ray, you need to calm down!" Destiny yells. "You're not the only one who has lost someone in this damn war" Destiny's body begins to tremble, as drops of tears hit the floor. "If you think that you're the only one to lose someone special to you... Then think again" Jordan walks up to Destiny, giving her a big hug to comfort her.

"I do know what it's like to lose everything... Because of my past I was left with nothing, then I found you guys" Jasmine says. She takes a quick pause as she meets with Ray's eyes. "You guys are the only thing that I have left, especially you Ray... I will do whatever it takes to protect you, even if it means laying down my life" Jasmine's eyes burn with determination.

"We've all lost someone that was important to us... That is why we are apart of the S.D.U.T" Jordan says.

"Then you understand that I have to go and save Susan... Even if it means not coming back" Ray says.

"Heh, not without me you aren't" Sky says. Ray looks over at Sky, who springs up from the ground, onto her feet. "I've made a promise to an old friend that I would never give up the fight... And I intend to keep that promise..." She walks over towards Ray, lightly punching the stub that is his left arm. "Plus you're gonna need someone to watch that left side of yours" Ray manages to crack a small smile.

"We may not live to tell the tale but it sure as hell beats dying doing nothing... We got your back Ray, no matter what" Jordan says.

"You already know that I love to pick a fight, I need to pay that Titanium girl and Sam a nice little visit... I've got a special delivery for them that travels through air gun" Destiny says, She twirls her guns as she walks towards Ray. Jordan quickly follows her.

"I'm going to do whatever I can to see that beautiful smile on your face once again... We will get Susan back, that I promise" Jasmine says. She walks over towards Ray, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"I know what it's like to lose my whole family and a sibling to the Deathtalons... I give everything I've got, in order to get Susan back to us" Angel says. At the same time however, Ray thinks about the words of Shadow, and how she is oblivious to Shadow's true intentions. Angel walks over towards the other Devialons, who are prepared for war. Everyone looks at Sarah, who has not said a word this whole time. Sarah takes a deep breath, wiping her face, before standing up.

"With Blake gone, you are now our team leader Ray... I will accompany you guys to the city but on one condition" Sarah says.

"And what is that?" Ray asks. Sarah turns around slowly, the tears in her eyes are blown away with the wind, her eyes filled with determination and rage.

"As long as I get to kill that bastard Sam, and avenge both Blake and Nathan" Sarah says. Ray and the others nod. Sarah walks up, joining the others as all seven stand together.

"United by loss, we stand together... Forging a light for this world, showing the world that Devialons are capable of being at peace with the Tasanlons" Ray says. He takes a quick pause before raising his right hand in the air. "We are going to bring peace to this world... We are the S.D.U.T!" Everyone follows in Ray's footsteps, raising their hands.

"Hold on... How the hell are we supposed to get to Cargonia city, our jet has been destroyed and the city is 100 miles away" Jordan says.

"Shit you're right" Destiny says. Everyone hands return to normal, as silence fills the air. Sky starts giggling, causing everyone to look towards her.

"I know a way we can get there" Sky says. Sarah gives Sky a nasty look.

"Oh hell no, we are not letting you drive... You're a terrible driver" Sarah says.

"Am not" Sky says.

"Oh please, you we're the one that crashed into a building" Sarah says.

"Okay and?" Sky says.

"You crashed into the 54th floor of the building" Sarah says.

"Okay and your point is" Sky says.

"That isn't even possible because cars can't fly" Sarah says.

"Hey, cut me a break... It was very foggy that day" Sky says.

"What the hell... Our planet doesn't even get fog" Sarah says.

"Ladies!" Ray yells. The two both look over at Ray. "This isn't the time to be arguing... We need to get to the city as fast as we can, so if Sky has to drive then so be it"

"Woo-hoo" Sky yells.

"Oh great... We're gonna die before the battle even begins" Sarah says, letting out a sigh.

"Alright guys follow me!" Sky says with enthusiasm. She leads the group a couple of miles away from the base, to an abandoned wooden house. The windows are broken, with moss growing on the wood.

"How do you know about this place?" Ray asks.

"Oh.. I used to live here, a very long time ago" Sky says. She walks into a cabin and puts her hand on a large item hidden by a cloth. "Ahh here it is" She quickly yanks off the cloth, revealing a beaten down car. "Ta-Da!"

"What the hell is that?" Destiny asks. Sky walks over, sprawling her body across the hood of the car. She inhales deeply, then blows off the dust from the car.

"It's the Sky-mobile" Sky says. Jordan approaches the car and bangs on the hood.

"Are you sure this thing is gonna work?" Jordan asks. Sky twirls her keys around while walking up to unlock the door.

"Well time to find out" Sky says as she enters the car. She puts the keys in the ignition, attempting to start the car. The engine stutters as smoke fills the air. She plops down on the seat, rolling down the window, as she sticks her head out. "Okay who wants shotgun?" She asks. Everyone looks around at each other, hoping for someone to volunteer. "Come on guys... We don't have that much time!" Ray steps in front of the group.

"I would like to volunteer...... Sarah" Ray says.

"Whaaa" Sarah says in shock. "Why me?"

"Because.. You've been friends with Sky longer than us" Ray says.

"Okay so? Don't volunteer me!" Sarah yells.

"Alright Sarah get your tiny ass in the front seat" Sky says. Sarah groans as she walks over towards the car.

"I swear to god if I die, I'm gonna haunt each and every one of you until you die." Sarah says as she sits down. The rest of the group piles into the back of the car.

"Ummm Sky... Where are the seatbelt?" Jasmine asks.

"Oh I don't know..." Sky says. Jasmine gulps as she lays back in her seat.

Ray pokes his head between the seats to talk to Sky. "Sky please try not to get us killed" Ray whispers. In response to Ray, Sky just laughs. Ray lets out a sigh as he lays back in his seat. He looks over at Jordan, only to see him sound asleep. Destiny is right next to him, twirling her guns, in a state of deep thought. Sky looks over at Sarah, who is praying to herself.

"Alright Devianlons let's get going!" Sky yells. She switches the gear to drive and presses hard on the gas pedal. The exhaust pipe spits out smoke as the car slowly speeds up. The car zooms out of the house and down the dirt path. The path ahead of them curves sharply to the right, causing Sky to swerve hard to the right. Jordan's body jerks hard to the right, causing him to hit his head on a piece of a metal. He rubs his head as he wakes up.

"What the hell Sky!" Jordan yells.

"Oh my bad, sorry" Sky says. She chuckles a as she turns around. "Okay guys, who's ready for super speed mode"

"What's super speed mode?" Jasmine asks.

"You'll find out.." Sky says as she winks at the group.

"Ummm sure" Ray says.

"No no no no no no" Sarah says frantically. "Sky don't you're not even a good driver, plus that mode makes me sick."

"Oh stop being such a scaredy cat Sarah" Sky says. She flips up a glass box, that reveals a red button with a rocket ship on it. She presses the button, causing rocket boosters to sprout out of the back of the car. Smoke exits the boosters, as they attempt to. "Super speed mode here we go!" The boosters release fire as the car zooms off, towards Cargonia City.

Chapter 20

Death and destruction fill the streets. Rubble covers the streets and buildings are destroyed. Bodies of men, women, and children litter the floor. One of the surviving Devianlons from the S.D.U.T hides from the Deathtalons, in a pile of rocks. He grabs his communication device, as he tries to send for help. "Hello this is Lucky... If anyone gets this call, please send help" He says. A blast destroys the rocks hiding him.

"Well looks like we found him Yuki" Yuriko says. The cannon from his hand, morphs back into a regular hand. Demonica jumps down behind him, as Yuki walks towards Lucky.

"I can't wait to dig into his flesh" Demonica says as she licks her lips.

"Hold it Demonica" Yuki says. Demonica retracts her claws, glaring at Yuki. "Let's play with him for a bit." Yuki kicks Lucky in the stomach, sending him flying to the ground. She walks up to him and lifts him up by his shirt collar. She cocks her hand back, slowly turning it into a sharp titanium blade. "I guess today isn't your lucky day" She impales him right in his chest, causing him to spit blood. The blood lands on Yuki's face. She quickly licks it off as she drops his body to the ground.

"Did you really kill him so you could just use that pun?" Demonica asks. Yuki licks the blood off of her arm as she nods. "What the hell! I could have eaten him while he was alive"

"Relax girl, you can still eat him now, he's barely breathing though so you might wanna hurry" Yuki says. Demonica hops onto Lucky, and starts devouring his body.

"This is so tedious" Yuriko says. He dusts his shoulders as he walks towards Yuki.

"It would be a lot easier to pick off these other Devianlons if Black was here" Yuki says.

"Well he's off on a mission all his own" Demonica says. She wipes the blood from her mouth as she slowly gets off Lucky's body.

"Way for him to leave before a big battle" Yuki groans. Wind consumes the area as a black ship arrives on the building near them. Everyone's attention is adverted towards the ship. They watch as Sam and Susan jump down from the building. The others draw their weapons, preparing to attack. "What the hell is she doing here!" Yuki snarls.

"She is on our side now" Sam says.

"What? How?" Yuriko asks.

"I will explain later... Now where is my father I must speak with him." Sam says.

"He is further in the city" Yuriko says.

"Come now my dear Susan, I want you to meet my father, so he can see what I've accomplished" Sam says. He grabs Susan's hand and walks towards the center of the city. After they leave, Yuki sees two kids hiding in a destroyed building out of the corner of her eye.

"Where are you going kids!" Yuki yells. One of the kids stumbles and falls to the ground. The boy tries to help his sister out but to no avail. Yuki turns around towards the kids, morphing her face into a cannon. A green dot appears on the stomachs of the kids as the cannon fully forms. The cannon slowly charges as the kids just stare. "Goodbye kiddies!" Yuki screams as she fires the blast. The blast fills the air with a purple color as it approaches the kids. Just before the blast can destroy the kids, a shadowy blast makes contact with the attack, causing a huge explosion of smoke. As the smoke clears it, Destiny stands in front of the kids, with smoke coming from the barrel of her gun.

"Not today Titanium bitch, you're gonna be fighting me" Destiny says. Yuki snarls at Destiny. "Go on kids get out of here it's not safe" The kids stare at Destiny for a bit, before getting up and running away.

"Sorry kids, it won't be that easy to escape" Yuriko says as he fires another blast. Before the blast hits the kids, Jordan jumps from the sky. He quickly draws his sword, deflecting the attack, sending it to a building. The building collapses, causing smoke to fill the area for a brief moment. "Meddling punk, mind your business!" Yuriko yells. Sky jumps from a building, landing directly between Jordan and Destiny.

"Well Demonica looks like we're gonna have that rematch after all." Sky says. Demonica smirks, cracking her knuckles. Ray, Jasmine, Angel, and Sarah arrive, walking slowly, coming to a stop behind Jordan. Sarah pukes on the ground, causing Ray and Jasmine to jump, in order to avoid it. Angel just stares at Sarah, while Sky just laughs at her.

"Sarah are you okay?" Angel asks.

"Yeah... I'm fine, just give me a second" Sarah says as she wraps her hand around her stomach. She bends over, puking once again. She wipes her mouth as she gets into a fighting stance. "Okay... I'm ready to fight"

"Oh no it looks out we're outnumbered" Yuki says as she puts the back of her hand on her forehead. Her face widens with a smile as she snaps her fingers. Selena, Shadow, Ivy, Lightning, Phil, Janet and Dust jump down from out of nowhere, surrounding Yuki. "Who's outnumbered now?" The air fills with silence as a cold wind slowly blows. Angel and Shadow make eye contact.

"I'm gonna fight Shadow... You guys handle the rest" Angel says. "Can I trust you guys with that?"

"Yeah we got this Angel" Ray says. Angel nods as she leaps into the air towards Shadow. In response to Angel, Shadow leaps towards her, causing the two to clash in the air. Shadow laughs, as Angel stares at him.

"Let's see how much you've grown sister" Shadow says. Ray watches in silence, constantly thinking about his meeting with Shadow.

"Everyone take a man and spread out... It'll be easier to fight that way. " Ray says.

"I agree" Sam says. Sam jumps from the lamppost and lands on the ground.

"Where's Susan you bastard?" Sarah asks.

"Oh I wouldn't worry about her at the moment" Sam says. Sarah snarls as she rushes towards him. Ray holds his hand out in front of her, shaking his head.

"Sarah and Jasmine you guys fight Lightning and Dust... I'll handle Sam and Selena" Ray says. Sarah takes a deep breath as she backs down. Sky cracks a smile as she cracks her knuckles.

"I guess I'll get Demonica and Janet" Sky says.

"Alright then Jordan and I will get the titanium twins" Destiny says.

"Alright S.D.U.T spread out and mobilize!" Ray yells. The other Devianlons spread out, leaving Ray, Selena, and Sam alone. Sam lets out a smirk as he unfolds his arm, moving his hair out of his face.

"Well before we get things started there's one thing I must take care of" Sam says.

"What?" Ray asks. Sam smirks, before quickly turning around and sending a plasma beam right through Selena's chest. Selena freezes in pain, as blood slowly leaks from the wound.

"What... Have... You... Done?" Selena asks, stuttering with each word. She spits out a bit of blood as her body begins to go numb.

"Sorry Selena, I just wanted to make sure that Ray and I could have a fair one on one fight... I hope you'll understand" Sam says. He retracts the blast back into his finger. Selena's body staggers a bit before, falling to the ground. Ray clenches his fist and grits his teeth.

"How could you do that to your own teammate?" Ray asks.

"Hmph she was weak and useless, she could barely kill an innocent child" Sam says. "But now with her out the way, we can go all out without any distractions" Sam surrounds himself with plasma energy, that illuminates the ground around him. Flashes of blue lightning surround his body as light blue plasma energy surrounds him. Ray takes a deep breath, closing his eyes in order to concentrate his energy. He enters a place in his mind, where there is a tiny light in the middle of a dark stone room. Draco walks into the light, as Ray opens his eyes.

"So you really want to activate dragon mode huh?" Draco asks.

"Yes... I have to it's the only way I can beat him." Ray says.

"You are aware of the repercussions it will have on your body since you're not fully healed after last time right?" Draco asks. Ray looks at him with sincerity and nods. "Alright... Just remember what I taught you" Draco says as he fades away. Outside in the real world, Sam impatiently waits for Ray to make his first move.

"Hello? Are you gonna fight or just stand there and let me kill you?" Sam ask. With his eyes still closed, Ray takes a deep breath. The ground beneath him trembles a bit, causing pebbles to fly up in the air. Ray's hair spikes up as his body glows red. His teeth and nails become longer and sharper than they were before. He releases a dispersion of energy that sends the rocks flying everywhere. Ray's stands tall as his body is surrounded by a red aura with black streaks in it. Ray slowly opens his eyes, revealing his bright yellow dragon eyes.

"Is this what you wanted Sam?" Ray ask with a look of confidence of his face.

"Yes... That is exactly what I wanted... For you to show me your true power!" Sam says. Tension fills the atmosphere of the city, as the two prepare to battle each other. The silence of the two fighters allows for one to hear even the softest of winds. "Now it's time for you to die!" Sam yells as he charges towards Ray. Ray stands his ground as Sam quickly approaches him with a powerful punch. Sam tries to punch Ray, only to have him block the punch with his right elbow. The force of the attack causes a massive shockwave of air. Sam flips back, quickly moving his foot towards Ray's face. Before his foot can hit him, Ray grabs it. In an attempt to reverse the block, Sam moves to his hands. He swings his other leg towards Ray. Ray drops thew other leg, immediately grabbing the one moving towards him. "Got ya" Sam says as Ray grabs the leg. With quickness Sam kicks Ray right in the chin. Ray's body flies up in the air as he staggers up. Sam jumps up, elbowing Ray in the stomach. Ray's body collides with the ground, allowing Sam to strike once more. Sam remains in the air as he fires a blast of plasma energy that explodes the moment it makes contact with the ground. The explosion causes a huge crater leaving behind smoke. The smoke clears revealing Ray, who stands tall with only a few scratches on him. His aura flares as he glares at Sam.

"Now it's my turn" Ray says as he vanishes into thin air. He appears behind Sam, kicking him in his back. The attack sends Sam into the air. As he is in the air, Ray intercepts his body, kicking him down. Right before his body hits the ground, Ray does a corkscrew flip, ending with a violent kick that smashes Sam to the ground. Ray flips back, using is hand and feet to slide on the ground to keep his balance. He ignites a fire in his right hand, that illuminates the area around him. The fire burns red with burst of black spheres appearing every so often. "Crimson Flame Burst!" Ray yells as he fires the blast. The blast consumes the area, leaving a destructive path of fire. Sam stands in the path, with his hands in a blocking motion. His arms are covered in black scorch marks. The path of destruction goes on for a couple 100 feet. Sam and Ray enter an exchange of punches and kicks. As one punches or kicks, the other blocks and evades the move. Ray kicks Sam in the chest, causing Sam to slide back. In response Sam punches Ray right on his jaw. Ray puts his hand on his jaw, in order to wipe the blood from his mouth. In retaliation Ray kicks Sam right on the side of the head. Sam shakes off the attack and knees Ray in the stomach. As Ray bends down in pain, Sam knees him straight in the face. Ray staggers back, allowing Sam to sweep his feet and punch him the stomach. The attack sends Ray's body flying, allowing Sam to get one last hit. Sam shoots a blue beam towards Ray that goes right through his chest. Ray's body falls to the ground, skidding a few feet from the force of the attack. Sam slowly walks towards Ray, panting heavily from the battle.

"It's over... you've loss" Sam says. Ray struggles to his feet clenching the wound on his chest. "Oh you're still up? We'll see about that after this" Sam dashes towards Ray, punching him so hard in the stomach, he coughs up blood. Ray slowly falls over to the ground. "Give up... It's over Ray"

"N-n-never" Ray says. Sam kicks Ray in the stomach.

"You ignorant fool just give up!" Sam yells. Sam repeatedly kicks Ray in his stomach, in an attempt to get him to give up. "Will you give up now?" Sam asks. Despite all the pain, Ray manages to shake his head. Sam snarls as he hits Ray one last time in the stomach. This time however the attack sends Ray flying. His body arches as he comes in contact with a metal poll. "Why? Why won't you give up... What drives you to keep on fighting despite all this pain?" Ray stands up, his body all beat up and bruised. His mouth is bleeding along with his arm. Even with all the pain, Ray manages to smirk.

"Heh, I can see right through you." Ray says with a smirk on his face.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Sam asks, breathing heavily.

"You're unwillingness to kill me and your determination it all makes sense..." Ray says. "You still see me as a friend."

"Are you really that dumb?" Sam asks. "You think after all I've done that I'm still your friend?"

"That's the only thing I can think of..." Ray says. Despite his weakened body, Sam manages to laugh at Ray.

"You ignorant fool!" Sam yells. "You have no idea what I think! I would never be friends with someone as weak as you!"

"Hmph considering how much trouble you're having defeating me... I wouldn't exactly call myself weak." Ray says.

"The world is full of ignorant people and you're one of them." Sam says. "The idea of never giving up, when there is no help... Is just idiotic. So why? Why do you people never give up? Tell me!"

"Because no matter how bad things may be, there is always a glimmer of hope... You just have to find it.." Ray says.

"Shut up with your bullshit!" Sam yells. "That is why you are weak! Hope is a construct created by those who aren't capable of taking control of their desires. That defines the weak, the weak will always rely on hope. That is why the strong will always survive... That is why the strong deserve to be on top! So I will ask you one last time... Give up now and I'll let you escape with your life."

"No... I will never give up!" Ray says.

"You idiot! Do you not care for your life?" Sam yells.

"No... It's not about my life... It's more than that" Ray says.

"What compels you to risk your life... Why won't you give up?" Sam asks.

"Because the people need me, so I will be there for them. I will be there beacon of hope!" Ray says.

"You idiot, I will kill you here and now!" Sam says.

Sam rushes towards Ray to deliver one final blow. Ray grabs his hand, squeezing it with all his strength. A loud snap is heard as Ray viciously kicks the side of Sam's arm, leaving it to dangle. Sam screams in pain, falling back on his butt. He scrambles on the ground as Ray stands in front of him. He slides back on the ground, holding his left arm, which has been broken. "Let me tell you something about me Sam" Ray says. Sam's eyes widen as Ray's aura surrounds his body. "You can punch me, kick me, break me, basically hurt me all you want" The ground begins to tremble as Ray clenches his fist. "But the moment you hurt someone I care about" His aura explodes, creating a powerful gust of wind. He glares at Sam, who just watches him. "I will stop at nothing to kill you!" Ray yells. Ray punches Sam up in the air, only to grab his face and smash it to the ground. The force of the attack causes the concrete ground to break and shatter apart. As Sam struggles to break Ray's grip, Ray ignites a flame in his hand. The impact of the attack causes a miniature flame vortex that leaves burn marks on Sam's face. "For all of the pain you have caused... This is your punishment, This is justice" Ray says as Sam screams in pain. Ray then forces Sam's body through the ground sending him a couple feet away. "Now you will die! Flaming Dragon Destroyer!"Ray yells. Blue flames surrounds Ray arms, taking the form of a dragon. Ray points towards Sam, causing the dragon to fly towards Sam. The dragon opens it's mouth as it approaches Sam. The attack makes contact with Sam, resulting in a huge pillar of blue fire. Sam falls to one knee, with severe burn marks all over his body, one hand covers his face, while the other is limp on the ground. "It's over Sam" Ray says as he walks over towards him. "I'll give you one more chance to live if you surrender now... I really don't want to kill you"

"If I am able to be defeated by you then I am not fit to live... Just kill me!" Sam yells. Ray slowly raises his hand, gathering dragon energy to deliver the final blow. Just before he can fire the attack, a pink burst of energy causes Ray to jump back to dodge it.

"Sam!" Susan yells as she jumps from a building, landing next to him. "Oh my are you hurt? Don't worry I'll help you." Susan bends down to put Sam's arm over her shoulder. She slowly gets up, being careful not to hurt Sam in the process.

"Susan get away from him, I need to finish what I started" Ray says.

"Ray..." Susan says slowly.

"Get away from him, I need to finish him off so he won't be able to hurt anyone else" Ray says. Susan just stares at him, standing in front of his body, with her hands out.

"I'm sorry Ray, but I refuse to let the man I love die without me doing anything to stop it" Susan says. Just as she says this Ray holds his hand up, creating a bright red flame.

"This is your last chance Susan, get away from him now" Ray says.

"You wanna kill him... You have to kill me." Susan says. Tears slowly drop from Ray's eyes as he slowly puts down his hand, causing the energy to vanish. Susan stares at Ray, before taking off with Sam on her shoulder. Ray takes a deep breath, returning back to his normal state. He groans in pain, as his body collapses to the ground.

"You okay?" A voice asks. Ray opens his eyes to see if he can locate where the voice originated.

"Who are you?" Ray asks.

"It's me Ivy" Ivy says. She stands over top of Ray, as he opens his eyes again. She holds her hands out to lift Ray up just a bit. Ray, who is still sitting down, manages to sit up with the help of Ivy. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah I'm fine I guess" Ray says. He stares at the ground, disappointed at his failure to rescue his sister Susan. "I really am weak aren't I?"

"What are you talking about?" Ivy asks.

"I wasn't able to save my sister... What type of older brother can't even protect their little sister... I'm pathetic!" Ray screams. He punches the ground as he starts to cry. "I mean look at me, I can't save anyone... All the people I care about die or ending leaving because of me"

"So what?" Ivy asks. "You can still get her back"

"How? She's gone off with Sam" Ray says.

"Maybe not now... but I know one day she'll realize the error of her ways and come back" Ivy says. She looks at Ray and smiles. "After all you were the one always preaching about hope... So don't give up just because things seem bad, you just have to keep fighting. Now we've got a battle to win, now get up so you can beat Luke and avenge your parents!" Ivy sticks her hand out, waiting for Ray to grab it. As Ray grabs it, Ivy helps him to his feet.

"Thanks Ivy... I really needed that" Ray says with a small smile on his face.

"Heh no problem... Oh and here take this" Ivy says as she sticks her hand out. She opens her hand, revealing a small vial of pink liquid.

"What is this?" Ray asks.

"It's a little healing concoction that I created" Ivy says. Ray grabs it from her hand, examining it. "Drink it and it'll heal you right up" Ray opens the vial, chugging the concoction. Ray shakes his head as the medicine takes full effect, healing his body.

"Thanks again Ivy" Ray says. Ivy smirks as she punches Ray hard in the shoulder. "Ah what was that for?"

"I just had to make sure that you were a tough guy" Ivy says. "Now it's time to focus on Luke"

"What about Selena and the others?" Ray asks.

"I'll heal Selena, so don't worry about her... After that me and her will help out your teammates if need be." Ivy says. Ivy reaches into her pocket and pulls out another healing vial. She walks over to Selena's body, and puts it into her mouth. Slowly lifting her head up to allow the liquid to flow down her throat. After a few seconds Selena trembles for a bit, before jumping awake.

"Wha... What happened?" Selena asks.

"I'll tell you a little bit later" Ivy says as she helps Selena to her feet. "Alright Ray, we'll let you go fight Luke"

"Ray please be careful... We'll try to be there as soon as we can" Selena says.

"Thanks Guys, will do" Ray says. Ray runs off into the city, in order to find Luke.

"Alright Selena let's go... The quicker we help out the S.D.U.T... The quicker we can help Ray fight Luke" Ivy says.

"Right" Selena says as she nods her head. The two head out into the city, in order to help the other S.D.U.T members in their individuals battles if need be.

Chapter 21

Shockwaves of air fill the sky as Angel and Shadow fight. Shadow kicks Angel with the heel of his foot, sending her to the ground. "Is that all you've got sister?" Shadow says. Angel slowly gets up from the ground, wiping the dust off of herself. Shadow descends to the ground, standing a few feet from Angel.

"If this is all you've got then you have no chance of beating me." Shadow says. "Hmph mom and dad would be so disappointed in you. Their weakling daughter."

"I'm not weak! I am strong and I will defeat you no matter what!" Angel yells.

"Is that so?" Shadow asks.

"Yes... It's true after the death of mom and dad I wasn't the same." Angel says. "I felt alone and isolated because I truly thought that no one knew what I was going through. To have the person you look up to most, betray you and kill the people you love. That is a pain my heart will never forget, but I have to fight. I have to fight for those who believe in me. Ever since I joined the S.D.U.T I've been treated like an actual person, they saw me as a friend. Even when I didn't talk, they would find a way to include me. It's because of them that I continued to fight despite all of my pain. I will live up to my name, and like the others I will stand as a beacon of hope..."

"Hmmm so you have matured over these years huh?" Shadow asks. "No matter how strong you've become you'll never have the strength to kill me. To kill your own brother... Do you truly have enough hate in you to do it. To kill the man who murdered your parents... Even if that man is your brother."

"The fact that your my brother doesn't change anything." Angel says. "You're still a cold blooded killer. The world isn't safe with a monster like you around. I've already felt the pain of loneliness, but now I have people who will be there for me... No matter what."

"All those times I've allowed you to live... They have been for this very moment, the day where we both fight to the death." Shadow says. "At full strength.., With nothing held back! Are you prepared to die?"

"No I won't die... For Blake, Nathan and all those who have fallen." Angel says. "I refuse to lose. And most importantly for all those who have put their faith in me, I will defeat you here and now!"

"Are you really powerful? Or are you all talk?" Shadow asks. "Sure you can have people believe in you, but that doesn't mean you just gain strength. If you've truly been holding back all this time... Then I urge you to go all out this time."

"Alright... Only if you promise to go all out." Angel says.

"Heh sure... I'll make you eat those words." Shadow says. "In fact I'll show you something scarier than hell itself."

"Oh please, you've already made my life a living hell, theres nothing you can do to make me feel fear anymore." Angel says.

"Well then enough talk! The battle between siblings begins now!" Shadow yells.

Shadow's eyes glow bright red as his body surrounds itself with a shadowy energy. Black veins appear over his arms and face. "This is my true power" Shadow says.

"Heh... I guess you weren't joking around" Angel says. "Now it's my turn" A beam of light appears from the sky, consuming Angel. Angel's hair glows gold as well as her eyes. The beam of light vanishes revealing Angel's true power. Her outfit is completely white, with tiny bits of gold. Her body is surrounded by a gold like aura, while a halo lays on top of her head.

"Impressive" Shadow says as he claps his hands. "Now shall we begin?" Angel nods her head as she gets into a fighting stance. Shadow rushes towards her punching her right in her jaw. Angel stands tall unfazed by the attack.

"I thought you weren't gonna hold back?" Angel asks. Shadow smirks as he jumps back.

"I was just making sure that you could handle my full power" Shadow says. "Now the real fight begins!" Shadow charges towards Angel, who stands her ground. As Shadow throws a punch, Angel puts her hand up to block the attack. Angel throws back the punch, kicking in response, only to have Shadow take a few steps back to dodge the kick. Shadow releases a quick ball of black matter out of his hand towards Angel. Angel turns the halo above her head into a shield, quickly blocking the attack. As the attack explodes Shadow, tries to throw a punch at Angel. She ducks and uppercuts him right in his chin, sending his body a couple of inches in the air. She then creates a sphere of light energy with her hand and pushes it into Shadow's stomach. The contact of the attack sends Shadow's body flying, sending him right into a building. The building collapses down on Shadow, covering his body with rocks. Angel walks over to see if he is still alive. From under the rocks a shadow maneuvers it's way towards Angel's feet. It grabs her feet, keeping her in place. She struggles to move as Shadow emerges from the rubble. With all his might he punches her in the face, sending her body straight to the ground. Her body bounces off the ground allowing him to knee her in the stomach, lifting her up in the air again. Shadow connects both his hands, and smashes Angel to the ground. As Angel hits the ground, the ground beneath her crumbles and she coughs up a bit of blood. While she is on the ground, Angel signals for the halo to attack Shadow from behind. Shadow stands over her, pressing his foot against her skull. Angel screams in pain, as Shadow increases the pressure. The halo creates a loud swirling noise as it approaches Shadow. Shadow quickly turns around to intercept the attack, allowing Angel to sweep his feet, taking him off balance. Angel slowly gets to her feet, taking a few steps back to gain distance from Shadow. The halo returns to Angel, but not to her head, but her hand. The halo morphs into a sword made of gold light energy. Shadow smashes his hand on the ground, creating miniature shadow hands below Angel. Angel jumps up, creating an explosion of light energy that extinguishes the shadow hands. Just as she does Shadow charges her with his own sword made of dark matter. Angel blocks the attack with her own sword. The two clash in a battle of swords, each swing stronger than the last. As Shadow swings, Angel blocks, and vice versa. The collision of the swords causes various ripples in the air. With one last swing, Shadow shatters Angel's light sword. The force of the attack causes Angel to stagger a bit, leaving her wide open to be attacked. Shadow flips in the air, extending his foot so the back of his heel makes contact with Angel's head. Angel is sent flying to the ground, but using her hands and feet she is able to catch herself. As soon as she does, Shadow sends a wave of dark matter towards her. Angel extends her hand, catching the wave, stopping it in it's tracks. It causes her to struggle a bit, almost overwhelming her. Her feet dig into the ground as it slowly pushes her back. "Come on Angel... You can do this, I know you can" Shadow says to himself. Angel holds the blast in place, ensuring that it doesn't hit her. Angel takes a deep breath, and with her remaining strength, she manages to deflect the blast towards the sky. Deflecting the blast leaves Angel, exhausted and tired. She breaths heavily as she tries to continue to stand. "Impressive... I guess you aren't as pathetic as mom and dad" Shadow says. Shadow descends to the ground, standing in front of Angel. "At this rate, you'll die if you don't step it up." Angel, who is still exhausted from defending the attack, just stares at Shadow. "You know after your death... I'll move on to your friends" Shadow begins to laugh as he walks up closer to her, getting right in her face. "One by one killing them slowly, so they can suffer" Angel's eyes widen at the horrific thought of all her friends being killed. Filled with unbridle rage, She punches Shadow, sending him flying to the ground. Her body trembles as her body glows gold. She looks towards Shadow, revealing the anger in her eyes.

"You won't be killing anyone else...." Angel says. "Your life ends here!" Angel lets out a loud scream filled with rage. Her eyes glow even brighter as her body slowly starts to levitate. Gold energy surrounds her body in excess, slowly taking the form of a person. The glow from her eyes disappears as the gold energy finishes surrounding her. She looks at her hands, surprised by the amount of power she possesses. All her built of anger allows her to create an angelic spirit made completely of light energy. The angel acts as an extra layer of protection for Angel, only standing a foot taller than the Angel. Shadow gets up, in complete shock at Angel's new awoken ability.

"It seems you've done it..." Shadow says with a smile on his face.

"Done what?" Angel asks.

"You've unlocked your Elemental Soul Guardian" Shadow says as he folds his arms.