Crack the code for sticking to healthy eating: (The 2018 easy-to-follow guide to avoid unmindful snacking –Part 1)

Why our resolve weakens so easily?

  • Satiety 2) Energy density of foods

Satiety- the key to your self-control for healthy eating:

What role leptin has in our diet control?

Is there a way to prevent imbalances of satiety hormones to promote healthy eating?

What you have in the morning plays a huge role in your resolve for healthy eating:

Fibre in your breakfast:

Fruit or fruit juices for breakfast?

Protein diet in breakfast can stop you from unwanted snacking during work hours:

  1. In most of the asian families we make our own yogurt. By doing so we can avoid consuming extra added sugar found in commercially sold flavored yogurts.
  1. Every 1 tablespoon of Chia seeds has 2.5gms of protein and 5gms of fibre. Check the link below to know the recipe of Berries and Chia seeds parfait by my favorite food blogger shanazrafiq. Berries & Chia Seeds Parfait
  2. Every 100 ml of Coconut water has 4% carbohydrate. This can be the best healthy carbohydrate drink to help you perform better at work.

Let’s get real for healthy eating:




Pharmaceutical analyst and a freelance medical and health writer. Blogger

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Pharmaceutical analyst and a freelance medical and health writer. Blogger

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