7 Secrets of Working in Customer Service

Adina Bernstein
3 min readNov 6, 2022

There are inside secrets in any industry that are only known to those who make a living from it. I’ve been in customer service for most of my career. Though my job may seem simple, it’s not. What am I about to tell you will make your experience a pleasant one and my job much easier.

Note: The following emails are based on real emails/voicemails/messages I have received over my career.

  1. Customer Email: I need an update on my order. (Note that the email is lacking any information in regards to what they ordered.)

CS Rep Response: Can you provide your order details?

The Secret: We cannot read your mind. The more information you provide to us, the quicker we can respond to you.

2. Customer Email: I need a response ASAP (Part 1). (This email comes in after hours or on the weekends when no one is working. The customer then proceeds to send more emails or leave multiple voicemails, aware that no one is working when the original message is sent.)

CS Rep Response: We still respond to you when the office reopens.

The Secret: We understand that you need help, but if you contact us when we are closed, we will respond only during business hours.

3. Customer Email: I need (enter need here).

CS Rep Response: Unfortunately, I cannot do x. I can only do y.

The Secret: I would love to give you exactly what you want, but I have rules and procedures to follow. I can, however, work with you (within certain boundaries) if you are reasonable.

4. Customer email: I am upset about….

CS Rep Response: I understand that you are upset. But the more you yell at me, the less likely I will be willing to do more than the minimum to help you.

The Secret: I am more than willing to help if you are not figuratively biting my head off.

5. Customer Email: I contacted you already. You have not responded.

CS Rep Response: There are two scenarios in this case. The first is that we did miss the email. The second is that we did respond, but the customer did not get it.

The Secret: We are all human, and sometimes, we don’t get back to customers in a timely manner. In that case, I apologize and do what I can to get the problem solved as quickly as possible. If we did get back to them and they didn’t see it, it is likely that they did not see the email. Sometimes, emails that we sent to customers may end up in their spam or junk boxes.

6. Customer Email: I need a response ASAP (Part 2): (Note: In a panic, they leave multiple messages via email and phone, and contact us using another method. All of this occurs in a short amount of time during regular working hours).

CS Response: We understand the urgency, but we are working with another customer and will get back to you in x amount of time.

The Secret: We have multiple clients who are in need of assistance. We are not ignoring you, but we ask that you be patient.

7. Customer email: I left you a message, I need (enter need here). (Note: they have been informed about the best way to contact us).

CS Response: The best way to correspond with us is…..

The Secret: We don’t ask for a specific way of reaching out to us for kicks and giggles. In my organization, we only accept orders via email. This is for documentation reasons. If there is a problem, the existing paperwork allows us to figure out what went wrong and determine how to fix it.

Photo by Icons8 Team on Unsplash