Hey y’all what’s good?! Hope you’re having a good day.

I was just thinking randomly because I am searching for cars to buy and I thought about phrases that I don’t agree with. I.E. — ”buying a house”.

When I hear someone say they “bought a house” — no you didn’t. No you didn’t. I even say that to myself when I think, briefly, about buying one — ”no you ain’t, Shim”. Why? Because you’re still paying someone back whether it’s the bank or someone else — WITH interest might I add which suggests you don’t own it and someone’s taking extra money out of your pocket.

If you buy candy, it’s yours — no payments. If you buy shoes, they are yours — again no payments. It’s like putting money down on a car and making payments — you are “LEASING to buy”.

The same goes for a house. You ONLY put 10–20% down (that’s pretty good if you can do that tho — good for you👍🏾👏🏾👏🏾), which means you have 80% left. It’s not YOUR house — it can be foreclosed for not paying, just as anyone else can get evicted for not paying rent.

I consider “buying” a house paying only property taxes — that’s why buying land is so powerful (another story for another day), and even then that’s still probably not your house because of the property taxes — shit lol. “Buying” something, to me, means that you completely own it and it’s paid off.

Now I’m not saying “buying a house” is bad but I just wanted to explore some rhetoric that gets misconstrued👍🏾. Maybe this phrase is supposed to get people excited about the next step in “ownership”. You can say what you want but if you didn’t pay the full price, you don’t fully own it…thus, you really didn’t “buy it”. The system is very tricky with its psychology.

Short one today. Adios.

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