(22) 2 weeks in…On to Geneva, Switzerland

Hey guys! I know I haven’t written you in a while but this trip has been AWESOME! I’m really learning a lot about myself as I travel by myself. This is going to be my 5th country. I have met some of the most magnificent people I have ever met on this trip. People with SUCH good energy. I’m used to a lot of stuff going wrong in my life but EVERYTHING is going right, right now!

This train ride is amazing…The Swiss alps will be on my right according to the conductor. He was very nice and boy do the French love cheese! Almost as much as I do. It’s very fresh and the way they mix it with other cheeses is amazing to experience:

It’s starting to get a little hilly now as we approach the Swiss alps. The land is SO green…almost like a lime green and there are lots of livestock just chillin’ in the lime green pastures. I can’t help but be humbled by this as many of you will never get a chance to experience this in your lifetime…I hope you do though.

There are a lot of Asians on this train who are very friendly, even with the language barrier. I’m curious to see if there is a huge asian population in Geneva or if it’s just a coincidence on this train — just a HUGE asian family lol. I try not to make judgments but I just call things how I see them. Everyone knows I’m American IMMEDIATELY and look at me with a certain level of curiosity and when I speak on how I want to study climate change, people greet me with warm and genuine smiles. I also take the time to ask questions about the French, English and Dutch cultures. People say the French are “snobby” but the thing is, if YOU make effort, THEY will make effort — just like with anything else in life. I’m REALLY curious to see what the Swiss are like!

There’s no wifi which allows me to kinda isolate myself and my thought. I kinda enjoy being off the grid.

In the country, I see dirt bike tracks and stoney and non-stoney hills like I’ve never seen. Southern France is REALLY beautiful — I feel like I’m in a dream.

My ears are poppin’ from the increase in altitude which is pretty interesting. 330 miles in 3 hours and 6 minutes — not bad! The train is comfortable and you don’t have to worry about a weight limit — plus I get to see the AMAZING landscape of Europe!

I have met some really cool Australians (I feel like that’s all I have met!!!) and a Chinese girl from Seattle who was really cool along with another girl from Australia who lives in London. Both are genuinely cool peoples. The women I have been meeting have INSTANTLY clicked with me…every…last…one. There is no “stand-off-ish-ness” or anything like that. I think that’s very refreshing and they tell me that my honesty and intelligence is refreshing — I feel the same about them. They don’t care about my color…I don’t even feel “black” here. World wars are engraved into the fabric of Europe so they have gotten all of that stuff mostly out of the way, it seems. I also tip very well and the people appreciate it and always ask me where I am from. I seem to be making a good impression of America — that’s one of the main goals. I want people to see that America is really inclusive and interested in the world around them. I believe we are but we need to be exposed and that’s why I post so many videos and pics:

The buildings are centuries old and yet they stand just as strong and as cultured as ever. In America, we would tear it down and build a skyscraper lol.

I have not encountered ANY racism on my trip…not any. Yes some people are afraid of a 6’ 1” 225 lb black male and when I make any eye contact they snatch their head in the other direction in fear but it’s all good — most of the people are just curious though. I don’t know why I am so scary when the early Europeans (spaniards, English, etc) really destroyed everything in history — black people were forced to come to North America via slavery, so who REALLY are the monsters and who should we REALLY be nervous around? This is real talk if you study your history. Lots of black history has been stuffed down and a lot of my family and other black families have HUGE voids in their history due to this. Garrett A. Morgan, a black man, created the gas mask and the traffic light — things that are EXTREMELY useful even today.

I really need to get a case for my MacBook Pro — just as a random side note. I am doing well as far as budgeting for my trip — sometimes it’s good to not take a 10 hour bus for 30 Euros because that wastes time. Sometimes it’s better to take a 79 Euro train to save that time — I have less than 4 weeks left — 26 days to be exact…boy does the time fly.

I’m seriously thinking about giving up my life in America. Sometimes you have to leave some people behind in order to reach your full potential — dead weight if you will…no hard feelings. You have to go get it in life and right now it’s about creating the live that I want for myself RIGHT NOW. That’s most important to me out of anything. It’s about shim in 2017. Those that want to be around me will be able to reach me and those who don’t put in the effort will fade — that’s just the way life works. Even the seasons are made for renewing.

I hope I can get a job in Geneva, or Copenhagen to stay in my weather field. If not, I’ll work in IT or do anything to live in Europe…I feel like I was born to be here. I feel like I ‘fit in’ and am culturally and intellectually stimulated. I just CAN’T STAND monotony…working at a desk 10 hours a day wasting my body away and my life.

I’ve gotten a lot of good advice about where to visit, such as Barcelona after this (staying until Saturday in Geneva then to Barcelona…I could change that though depending on how things go at the WMO) and then on to Morocco. I really appreciate everyone’s recommendations and help — you all have been great. I can’t take any of this for granted — the chances of coming out the hood, becoming a meteorologist, without every being in jail (or dead) as a black man in America is like 1/1000000000000 — I’ve had some close calls…thank you Lord. My professor responded and I have contacts in the World Meteorological Organization and they know I’m here and in Copenhagen to try to save the world and gain employment overseas.

Whatever your dreams are in life, go get it! People will help you when they see you are SERIOUS!

Aight I’m out. Until next time….

-The Juicemane

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