Why don’t we trust women?
Kasey Jones

Click this link please: https://youtu.be/n2jhcxiWh3c

All I’m going to say is that I think women in this country have a lot more power than they complain about. Go to the middle east and see how much women get away with. Women can go on many dates and get free meals/drinks, doors opened, off of a sinking ship first with the kids, win 97% of alimony cases (as a black male, I DEF wouldn’t win😂), initiate 70% of divorces, etc. in America. Women have ALL sorts of leverage. And I think that all this “pedestaling” makes them unhappy. When you have everything at your feet, you won’t appreciate anything. Studies show that women were happier with gender roles. Men and women will just never be equal — we weren’t created to be equal. We were made to compliment one another and to become one. Once women become more understanding of these facts that America is overly feminized, everyone will be happier and maybe most women can be less SELF-absorbed and we can get back to men and women being a team again and our family structures will be better and more in tact. Remember: looks WILL fade. Search Dr. Helen Smith. People will even listen to a woman more than a male with stuff like this — that’s what Dr. Smith has stated.

As a writer myself, I respect your opinions tho. Keep it up!

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