(14) SUPERBOWL!!!! (YES, I got a ticket!!!)

(After the fact):

Hey everyone what’s going on? I hope everyone is going well. Well…I’m on my way to Houston, Texas…the site of Super Bowl LI. As I’m at 35,000 feet, I can’t help but feel like I’m in a time machine. What do I mean by that? Well, I feel as though I’m 7 years old even though I am 31. I used to fly on planes a lot as a kid, which fueled my passion for meteorology. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to be in the building. Only a SMALL percentage of the people in the WORLD get to attend the event. Millions, will be watching the event across the globe. Idk where I’m sitting yet but I do know I’ll be at a private tailgate and stuff😎.

I’m getting so many visuals in my mind as I have my headphones on. I remember when I was a kid, everyone seemed to have but I lacked a lot…and now times have changed…I’m finally one of the “lucky” ones. I used to go to my best friend’s house to “take notes”. I used to be like: “I’m gonna have that, and that, and this one day”.

I’m excited as hell but I feel, like I said like I’m in a time warp. It’s like I’m in 2 places at once. Maybe this may not make sense but then again this really is a dream come true. Also, I’m listening to a old playlist so these are the songs I was listening too while coming up with plans when I was younger when things were less established for me. Kinda hungry, kinda not…you know how it is when you’re excited. I head to Detroit/Toronto next weekend…another kinda mini vacation. This playlist is HITTIN’!!

It’s been a very hard 2–3 years but I survived a few years of very tough circumstances. I’m very vocal about my goals and I feel that that’s helped people to help me to get to this point — and a lot of people have been willing to help…that’s awesome! I hope that I can be a beacon of HOPE for people to go after their dreams. I remember when I was 3 years old, I took a puff of my older brother’s cigarette when I stayed in the projects — like I said, so many flashbacks.

I’ve accomplish a lot: meteorology degree, worked in my field, traveled the world but for some reason, this is probably one of the most excited feelings I’ve ever felt. I’m appreciative for everything but I feel as though the super bowl is such an exclusive event. This ranks right up there with being at the 2015 all-star game were I met Dikembe Mutombo, snoop dogg and a few others (check out my IG — >juice8815):

I’ve done so many things that others haven’t and I can’t help but realize that some people seem to hate/ignore me for it (often subtly), which is kinda unfortunate because I’m one of the nicest people you’ll meet. Ok Maybe, just MAYBE, I’m a little jaded for some of the ways people have treated me due to my success (it’s so annoying when people try to slow you up🙄) but I think people should be happy if they see someone succeeding. A lot of people stepped back but its all good — they had their reasons. Over the past few years, the more I do, somehow, the more I feel isolated. Half of me is like: “whatever” and the other half is like: “this sucks because who doesn’t want to connect with people?”. I’m just trying to be myself in a world that is trying CONSTANTLY trying to make me someone else — trying to make me this “quiet, ‘monk-like’ “ creature lol. Do you ever feel that way? That’s not me — I’m grateful in my own way. A quote that explains this perfectly:

“Don’t be so humble, you’re not THAT great” — Golda Mier💯😄😎

I sometimes feel like people liked me more when I wasn’t doing anything lol. It’s such a weird space to be in. I guess success changes how people view you due to projection and insecurities. People LOVE to blame others for their mistakes and failures in life — I’m not like that…because my mom was quick to tell me anything and everything I did wrong first so I can handle any “truth” people tell me that is ACTUALLY truth (and is not some delusional attack to try to lower my self- esteem —it won’t work LOL — many have tried, many have failed — >I know my strengths and limitations thoroughly and this is the REAL me…hate it or love it💯). But here is the funny part: then you say truth about them in return to try to help and they run or can’t take it

The great thing about people pulling you down to “knock you off the pedestal” (when they put you there in the FIRST PLACE LOL) is that you get better because haters ALWAYS try to tell you what you’re bad at or act like they are ignoring you but watch you on the low…so at that point you focus on making that a strength faster — then they get even more mad. Who they gonna blame then?😂😂🤔😄😛😎….I challenge everyone to be AUTHENTIC. You can say what you want about me but I’m Genuine and honest…hold up….sexy ass flight attendant lol…she keep brushing up against me, I may have to get the number 😎👀📱

Ok where was I….oh yea….(ahem) I prefer to be friends with people over enemies ANY day of the week but some people leave you no choice — not my call. I guess this is what famous people go through — imagine having to work THAT MUCH HARDER to get people not to hate you for just living your life and having certain opportunities. I work hard man….REALLY hard. Sometimes when it’s a small group of people who “hate” it seems like everyone because they work together to knock you off track. I really believe most people are in my corner — just can’t tell sometimes lol. One thing’s for sure, it makes me GO HARDER!!!😎👍🏾💯. People everywhere I go connect with me so meeting new people is ALWAYS the answer! They know what’s up! Always best to where you’re celebrated and not where you’re only tolerated💯.

I’ve had my house robbed, I was sued by my own uncle — over money that wasn’t his, and he almost killed my grandma over getting her money — some real messed up stuff and some of which I’ll never tell anyone even though I’m a very open person. Nothing I’m ashamed of tho, just most people wouldn’t be able to relate or believe me if I told them. I’ve seen, firsthand, how money and jealousy can destroy relationships and families. Many sleepless nights. Many night drives for clarity. My mom used to always tear me down, until I cut her off — I had to if I was going to continue to grow — some other people I had to cut off too — nothing personal…I just can’t be dragged down/blamed for everything anymore — people refuse to take personal responsibility nowadays…they just can’t handle the truth. It is what it is — wish them the best!

With this said, my mom taught me a valuable lesson — nothing weighs on you like REGRET — that’s why I try to “go so hard”. I don’t want to have any regrets and be an angry person within.

Money destroyed my family on my dad’s side but at least I still have a great relationship with my dad — >he sees what I’ve just explained to you. He is like: “son, when it comes to jealousy, you can’t do anything about that, but what you CAN do is keep trying to be the best PERSON you can be — that’s all you can control and I love you no matter what”. I’m really greatful to have a great relationship with him even though I haven’t seen him in 3 years. Love that guy even though he’s obsessed with football lol. This is important because I don’t have a relationship with my mother. I feel that my dad understands me better. I’m excited to see him.

(Side note: this guy at the window seat keeps on kicking me — one more time and I’m pulling the emergency thing and pushing him out lol😂jk)

I talk to homeless people when I see them because I once WAS once homeless — I know what that’s like…most people don’t. I lost my job and lost everything I had because people were threatened/intimidated by me. Don’t be jealous — you have a lot that I don’t have that I wish I had…remember that. Everyone has holes in their game and I’m on a mission to fill in those holes. This world is crazy — and it’s cold. Luckily, I had a lot of help from some of my close friends (I won’t say names because I don’t want people to feel left out) but again I thank you for understanding and being there.

**You can’t force anyone to be there, they have to WANT to be. They have to put in the effort.**💯💯

My grandma taught me a lot of my values that I still hold true to today. She taught me to be open, to be tough, to never give up, how to be loyal and how to be giving — especially giving of your time. She gave so much of her time to others and offered unwavering compassion to many other people. She’ll always be my favorite person for that. It really is tough not knowing what to say to her with her conditions worsening — I can’t help but feel angry for certain people speeding up this process. That’s just how I feel💯.

Well, now persevered and now I’m back on top!! — I thank God for making me tough. Unfortunately, I developed PTSD from all the “battle scars” in the war zone, so if I appear aggressive, I hope you can understand and be patient — I got a good heart. I feel like if you care enough to read this, you should know this about me — I’m not ashamed…I’m tough and TURNT (at least that’s what my lawyers say LOL😎). I won’t let this limit me! I guess people would like me better if I wasn’t doing anything huh? Lol. I can’t do that…I can’t settle…I can’t live a “normal” life — there has to be more. And I got more people to reach and to motivate/help grow.

Now, I will say most people are motivated and inspired and that’s so fulfilling. Like I said, I represent where I grew up (Durham, NC) my high school (northern durham high school), my college (NC State) among other things.

I look forward to posting many videos and pictures. I’m excited for my by Godfrey and his music career — check him out, he’s blowing up!!:

We are team dream chasers over here. I’m proud of my boy Jermaine who’s doing well at Cisco, my boy Jimmy who is traveling world and doing well, my boy alvin who has his own business, and so many others doing well — you motivate me too. Last but not least, I’m grateful for this opportunity provided to me by my good friend DB. He’s a good dude with a great heart like a lot of my friends. He was holding the NFC trophy — amazing! He works for the Falcons and went to NC State with me.

The team is keeping the good energy and supportive energy going!! Maybe I don’t say it enough that my friends motivate me and inspire me to persevere and to be patient. I’m always taking notes from my inspiring friendships and people that I meet. I can honestly say that I’m never jealous of anyone…envious at best which makes me wanna go get stuff for myself. I’m really greatful for the interactions — I mean I AM human lol. I can’t lie: I love proving people wrong and being like: “I told you so” lol. “Success is the best revenge” they say. And what a success story it is. I should be going to Europe for a month to further my meteorology career — still handling business on that. At 36,000 feet on this plane, the sky really is the limit.

When I’m at the SUPERBOWL I’ll be thinking about all y’all who are on my side:

Until next time, peace!! Stay tuned!! Keeping it Trill — True and real💯%. Remember: NO REGRETS. Nothing weighs on you like regret. You can do anything you put your mind to…I’m living proof. And time is something you can NEVER get back. So whatever you wanna and gotta do, you better do it👍🏾.

Never fear driven, but faith driven. Yea…I’m obviously doing a lot right😉.

-the Juice man

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