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(1) FIRST POST!! — IMPERATIVE that you read this one first (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya lol)

What’s up everyone! My name is shim (“sheem”) and I was just told about “medium” from my brother and I decided to give this thing a try. I love to talk about any and everything, and I love to write and to say my opinion on things — mostly after having “mini-think tank” discussions with people around the world to organize my thoughts and to think about how I feel. I’m really open-minded, free spirited and I speak my mind a lot on Facebook but it’s just not the same platform as this appears to be. This is kinda cool because I feel I am on to something! People have told me a lot over the years that I should blog so now I’m not procrastinating any longer — I’m taking a step into the abyss. I’m not really doing this for fame or anything but moreso for self expression, releasing my creative energy and for reaching people like you and to have people like you just feel what I’m saying about my view of the world and to encourage people to pay more attention to the world around them — because there’s A LOT going on that you may, or may not see. Hopefully we can see some of the same points of view on some things. You know how you feel when you are doing something that you feel you are meant to be doing? That’s how I feel right now…


Ok since this my house a few things I wanna get out of the way:

  1. I will FULLY take advantage of the first amendment, specifically the freedom of speech part lol. THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE SPACE. If you get BUTTHURT easily, this page isn’t for you — my intentions are good, I promise 😂. If you wanna have some fun and learn something, come on in! I’m a great person and I assume you are too. There’s normally, a lesson involved, and shoot, I wanna learn from y’all too. I ain’t gonna judge you and try not to judge me — too much lol. I’m going to keep it real with ya. I’m not always right but this is gonna be my spin on things lol. I want you to read with an open mind because I want to encourage REALNESS in an age where people seem to want to fit in and lose their incredibly unique selves in the process — can’t be a good feeling for authenticity.
  2. Respect everyone’s opinion — myself included. I ain’t always right lol. I don’t seek to offend, I seek release creative energy, to entertain and to curb some bigotry out here — probably impossible but hey, I try. Feel free to say how you feel, respectfully. We we are all adults, ya dig? Let’s not try not to have a war zone in the comments like every other platform, ok? Does this even have a comment section? Idk, I’m brand new to this thing.
  3. Nothing is taboo. Talking about any and everything is great because you get to learn all sides of the issue and may get to learn something in the process.


A little about me: I’m a meteorologist (if a job sees this and judges me too much, I’m probably not a good fit anyways lol), former athlete (still ball some — you can get this work lol), love sports, world traveler (went to 6 countries this past April), and a people person (extraverted). You will learn more as time goes on, I’m sure of it. It’s a beautiful thing when you are comfortable with you and I hope to make people more comfortable with speaking up by me speaking up on some things and also to have you like: “you know what? I was thinking about this too the other day”, know what I mean? It’s about connecting with people on a personal level.

Again welcome welcome welcome!! annnnd this concludes my first post. Like a referee, I just call it how I see it. Peace.

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