I fully agree it’s wrong, in whatever circumstances, but we’re human, and most people don’t have…
Marc Milgrom

Marc Milgrom While I hear your argument, those kind of people/officers don’t need to be in the positions that they hold. There’s no way that keeping a code of silence against someone (like an officer) who is doing wrong is a badge of honor or commendable. That’s a disgrace, corruption and doesn’t help us as a country at all. “Land of the free and the home of the BRAVE.” When did we become the home of cowards and not have the courage to stand up for right and wrong and the fair treatment of all. It’s unfortunate that you wouldn’t have the heart to risk doing what’s right. It’s also unfortunate for you to make a unverified statement about what you “think” I can’t do, when actually I’ve done it before; quite a few times. It’s called being altruistic.