The PDF deserves PDFpen, version 9

Recently, PDFpen and PDFpen Pro (MacOS) have risen up to version 9 and, as a result, the PDF format has become more friendly. The new features list speaks for itself. Let me choose my favourites:

– Selection of multiple annotations.
– Selection of multiple items in tables of contents.
– Exporting to JPG and PNG image formats.
– Removal of the OCR layer.
– Highlighting of all instances of a search.
– Hand tool for navigation.

I was one of the petitioners for the last one. The hand tool gives the user manoeuvrability: zoom in, move the page with the hand tool, zoom a little bit out, move the page again, zoom in to the new focus of your attention… This is the beauty of a PDF page more at hand.

Good job, Smile. You have me as a long-time user and a glad one.

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