A slut’s day in office — Part I

If you have read my first story you will know that I am a slut. I fuck and fuck and keep fucking. I have fucked my friends in school, my teachers, my gym teacher, my science teacher and everyone around. Did I mention I got double fucked by the janitor and gardener. Hell no they were not the last ones to make me scream. Every guy I dated has fucked me. Every nice dick in school has cummed in my holes. Oh I love being used and fucked.

Being a woman who loves sex and is an instant slut for any guy doesn’t mean I sleep around all day doing nothing. In fact I have a good job who works in a private Software firm as Sr Analyst.

I have just joined my new company about 6 months and my boss already is fond of me. No one knew about me initially. The first few days were normal. Learning about new projects, meeting people, analysis, code merge, deployment etc. One find E day my boss called me in his cabin to discuss about the requirements and our estimate etc. As usual I was wearing a short skirt, I mean very short showing my thunder thighs and a top which was screaming my now 36dd tits to come out. If I have not said before I am a bit chubby and guys seem to like my curves. My boss was a nice guy but who was trying desperately to take his take his eyes off such a bombshell. He was trying to have a normal conversation so as to make me feel comfortable, he was literally trying hard to avoid his gaze on my “fuck me” physique.

I was enjoying the moment and started moving my legs and boobs to excite him further. It was certain by now there has to be a tent in his pants. Nothing happened then, we finished out discussion and came back to my seat.

In about few more days I was in another meeting session with him one to one. This time I was in a tight jeans and a top with a deep cut neck showing an enormous cleavage. My cleavage crack will probably make any cock stand up instantly and so did his. My boss has to show something on the white board but with an erect cock how was he suppose to do so. Finally I decided to take things in my control. In his ears I whispered “why don’t you allow me to release your tension”. He was taken aback but nodded silently. Moments later I was giving him head in his office under the conference table which made him cum instantly. His cock, now limp came back to original size. I smiled and came back to my place. Next few days It was quick blowjobs until one day he just pulled me towards him made me sit on the conference table, spread my legs and inserted his dick inside me. Oh that feeling !! Not that I didn’t fuck anyone recently I was waiting for his cock to be inside me. He kept fucking me as if this was the last fuck of his life.

Oh yeeeaaaah right there right there…. fuck me you asshole mother fucker

Oops, did I mention I have a habit of abusing and talking dirty while getting screwed.

I doubt almost everyone in office was able to listen to our “meeting”. By the time he was done and I opened the door everyone was peeping there. I smiled and went back to my chair thinking of the days to come… of all the cocks drilling my holes. I came again !!

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