Williams & Sonoma 2016 Catalogue Product Pitches


Mold Arena

Inject cheese with sustainably grown mold right from your own home. Mold comes ready to cultivate in a moist bathroom sink, with syringe for injection into the cheese of your choosing. $349.50

Authentic Truffle-Hunting Hog

A unique twist on the family pet that adds an element of sophistication to your home — and your dinner table. $8,225.00

Apple Peel Spirals

Leveraging the proprietary technology of Babybel cheese, these apple peel spirals give you access to apple skins peeled & spiraled with the skill of a 19th century peasant. Great for garnishes. Guaranteed to leave your guests wanting more! $34.95

Pre-Traditional Thanksgiving Harvest

Complete with salted cod, pickled herring, whole lime, and fermented barley mash. Start your own traditions! $129.99

At-Home Cranberry Bog

Finally enjoy fresh cranberries all year round in pies, sauces, and juices when you set up this New England-style cranberry bog on your homestead. 20,000 sq. ft. outdoor space required (minimum). $499.99 + $27,500.00 installation fee

Potato Famine Re-creation Kit

Includes blighted potatoes and clover root. Pickling kit sold separately. Perfect for families trying to make a point. $149.99

Water De-Magnetizing Wand

The harmful effects of magnets have been well documented, but we still don’t know the process most water treatment plants use to de-magnetize water. Lift the veil on the process by doing your own, at-home water de-magnetization with a powerful, technology-driven wand. $210.00

Alternative Media Newspaper Bundle

The Alternative Media Newspaper Bundle’s diverse reading list reflects your complex worldviews. Can be used for wrapping, packaging, or conversation-starting coffee table décor. $39.95

Egg Piercer

A device you use to pierce eggs. $27.99

Free Range Yeast Farm

Let your yeast roam free for a fresher tasting loaf without all the harmful chemicals of yeast particles that spent their lives constricted and constrained in a plastic package on store shelves. A gift any gourmet chef or baker would love to receive! $179.95

Water — Hint of Salt (6-Pack)

Recreate the taste of being on a deserted island next time you eat swordfish. $19.99

Miniature MSG-Infused Salt Shakers (Set of Two)

Salt sold separately; year of the rabbit currently out of stock. $47.50

Terrified Meat Subscription

When your meat dies scared it releases an endorphin called adrenaline, which science proves makes meat taste delicious. Empower yourself with a beef that tasted like something that had a chance. $89.99/mo


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