Storage Beds

Beds or Cots - always run into the dilemma of “ Do we have storage under them”. In most cases, it’s a yes. But the actual question and various options are after the decision of getting storage. Do you opt for drawers, open spaces at the end of the cot, or lift up bed etc.

While the mechanism or the hardware part of it has constantly evolved for better and better stuff, the basic idea of lifting up the whole bed to access a small item is a bad idea.

Drawers provide sorting of items along with the ease of access to them too, multiple drawers provide the ultimate in grouping and accessing. The only glitch is to remember where you kept a particular item.

Lift up bed

The open spaces at the end of the cot are elegant

We could have storage especially for books in the headboard …

While it’s a personal taste on what the color and design of the bed should be, it logical to go for the storage options based on the lifestyle and bedroom size.

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