The Asian Holocaust Killed Twice As Many People As The Nazis Did

I’ve known about the horrors during the second world war in the Pacific through my family history.

My uncle (an Army doctor) was a survivor of the Bataan Death March and spent 34 months as a POW in the Philippines. He witnessed many of the atrocities you’ve described, and wrote of his experiences in a story published by the Saturday Evening Post in 1946. Amazingly, he later volunteered and served in Korea (as many other veterans did including my father, a Merchant Marine).

Also, my Aunt was a POW along with a group of about 100 Army nurses who survived illness, starvation and more. Their story was published in 2000, in the book We Band of Angels by Elizabeth Norman.

It is my good fortune to have several letters they sent to my grandparents after being liberated.

Thank you for bringing this documentary to my attention. Difficult to read, but necessary for all of us to know about and understand.

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