A Journey without Travelling

After years and years of not communicating with you on social media, I now found a good reason to start that again. As most of you might already know, I Changed my job and now also my living status. Now I am going to Change my way of communication towards you, too. I suppose I recently became one of those Changers. And I am really happy about that. Try it out, Change is fun!

But Change just for the sake of Change is pointless. So I actually have a task. I am now living the life of a digital nomad in Berlin. I am moving around quick and nimble from WG to WG in order to first have a great time in each of them and second to end up finding my dream WG. I would like to take as much time for that as I need to and have in any temporary WG the best possible time. 
 One says always that you need to leave your comfort zone to achieve your life goals. To me that is now leaving two of my comfort zones, one of actually being on the move in the city I love so much with nothing else but my backpack, my camera, my phone and my skills and the other is to actually tell that story to all of you without meeting you on a personal level.

The reason why I am looking for the nicest WG out there is, that I was living alone for the last year and a half and got sick of it. I enjoy being around people so much, that I gave my notice to the apartment for that single reason alone. And so far I haven’t regretted it for one second.

If anything I am having the time of my life. I have had great days in the huge and fantastic WG of my dearest Julia and my dearest friends Lawrence , Martin and Elmar. We cooked, drank wine or beer or coffee, built floats, celebrated birthdays, cleaned up balconies, reorganised rooms, watched football or just chatted together. And all that in just a few days alongside our jobs.

I also hope to get to know the city we all both love and hate even better and by the city I especially mean all the great and not so great and crazy and not so crazy people who live here and make that city so truly special.

My wish is, that this would keep going on for quite some time.

So if you feel like having me, I would be thrilled to live with you, even if it would be just for one night. Don’t get me wrong though, I am not looking for any sort of a pity spot. I always will be in good hands no matter what. But if you would like to spend some time with me, I am more than happy to.

I also would like to offer you a thank you for that and I can offer a wide variety of skills which include drinking wine or beer or coffee, helping to build anything from “piano-bars” to river floats, cleaning up balconies or replant those, taking photographs of any kind, help you with your business or financial plans for your company or any sort of idea, cooking delicious meals (even vegan), organizing parties, being a Hip-Hop DJ and many many more.

If you feel like it, you can follow my wellbeing and my story on Medium, Facebook or other social media channels. I am going to post my progress, pictures, videos and what not on some of those channels. I am also very curious about your opinions and I am happy about any help or tips that I can get.

One thing though is most important to me.

All of this wouldn’t be possible if I hadn’t the greatest friends ever!

Thank you!

Adrian aka Wulle