It’s not Hard to Sell, It’s Heart to Sell

Hey there, listen to this. You can make a great sale by not selling. Crazy right? Well the greatest salesmen alive had to be crazy to be the greatest and this post explains how you can not just make a sale but stand out as a great salesperson.

Before Sales Pitch:
Believe You Can

Every single thing starts from your thoughts and then results into actions. You need to first have a changed mindset that you can triple your sales and come out tops. You need to believe [without a single doubt] that it will happen. In more practical sense you need faith.

How can you believe?

Faith comes by consistent hearing of The Word of God and this is the same way believing comes from consistently reading / listening to materials on improving sales. Also you need understand that you will receive a lot of “nos” initially so make sure you don’t focus on the negatives because they are inevitable. Instead try and block it out by watching some comedy or listening to shake it off by Taylor Swift. Also, don’t forget to set very specific goals of the results you want to see.

Know your Product Inside-Out:

You will be surprised how little people know about not just their product but also the company they represent. You need to know every single depth of your product as though you created it. This makes you appear highly professional to prospects. Unexpected questions will always come up during pitch so make sure you take a conscious step to come up with possible questions that could be asked by prospect and think of brilliant ways to reply them.

Personal Branding:

Always dress to impress so it makes you appear to be on top of your game without even saying a word. I can’t stress the importance of this because good looking people are more likable. Don’t forget to double check your fresh breath [I mean it] and to add a cherry on top, smell extra nice. Have the most creative business card money can buy. You business card represents you and what you stand for.

Do your Homework:

You need to find every possible thing you can find about prospect before hand. The internet is your oyster and google is your best friend. If you know someone that knows someone that knows your prospect, reach out to the person to give you every single detail about your prospect. Then tailor your pitch towards with this information.

During Sales Pitch
Always Start with the Why

What exactly is the why? the why is the problem, the gap, the reason for your product/company existence. You need to point out specifically what you are trying to solve and this should be the major focus of your pitch. You could use 2 different approaches to this. 1. Tell a story and make sure it’s a good one [remember we salesmen are the con artists for goodwill]. 2. Engage the prospect by asking questions specifically pointing to the direction of the problem.

To back this point with facts, did you know the greatest man to ever walk the face of the earth used these 2 approaches to win the world over? I’m talking about Jesus Christ and how he wowed the crowd everywhere he went. He always expressed his points with the most intriguing stories and he always engaged his audience by asking questions even though he already knew the answers to them.

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