It’s not Hard to Sell, It’s Heart to Sell [part 2]

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What you have done there is to keep the prospect’s attention in your court. You have risen his attention up, making him curious and wanting to know where you are heading with this. Hold on, you haven’t earned the attention just yet.

Boom! Drop your Elevator’s Pitch

This explains what your product [the solution] is.

You don’t need to bore the prospect with exhaustive descriptions of your product but instead be creative with your explanation. It’s not about you or your product but about the prospect [never forget].

For example; a company called Creative Technologies invented the first mp3 player but failed to grow because they pitched it as “a 5GB mp3 player”. This same product was released by Apple a year later as “1000 songs in your pocket”.

Wow, it’s fascinating to know I could have a THOUSAND songs in my tiny pocket but I’m probably not familiar with the term GB and what the hell is an mp3 player? This is the mindset of a prospect back then.

Moral lesson; your elevator’s pitch has to be fascinating.

To Do’s During Pitch

You need to be compelling by talking calmly in a low tone so they know you’ve got this in a non-aggressive way. Remember you are not giving a pep talk. Tip: Don’t rush your words. Another way to own your audience is by pausing at climaxes of your speech [so prospect has a second to reflect]. Also calling prospect by name consistently while pitching and looking directly into prospect’s eyes. Please note that this takes practice.

No one likes to feel intimidated by a know-it-all so try being relatable by making yourself look bad in a cute way. By this I mean telling a few jokes about your flaws, let’s say your height or your bulgy eyeballs.

Getting anyone to laugh is golden so that’s a huge plus for y’all funny lot.

Never mention the B word, I want you to “buy” this product. I repeat Never! Use lines like “we are offering…” Selling is like taking a girl out on date. You never say “I Love You” on your first date except you want to be tagged as a creep. Instead you offer a teaser about yourself [or product] to wow the prospect which forms a connection between both parties and thus a relationship.

Another trick to be more likable is to find a common interest between yourself and the prospect. This is why you need to do your homework and find out all you can about the prospect. Stalk their tweets and find out things like what shows they love, the kind of music they listen to or the clubs they support. So now you know what they like, make it your thing and build a conversation around it. You see, people get fascinated and increase their like for you[to a significant level] when they realize you share a common interest.

Always leave a sincere compliment. And “cute dress” isn’t enough. Go further and ask “where did you get it from?” “what’s the name of the brand?” Show you care and build a conversation around it.

Always end with a call-to-action. This is when you talk about how they can get the product or leave a tips about deals they can currently get on your product. Also make sure you drop your business card even without prospect asking.

After Sales Pitch:

Send a thank you note before the end of that day and add other random details like something interesting you just discovered about your [yourself and the prospect] common interest or talk about how you can’t stop thinking about the delicious chicken you both had at your meet up point.

Oh and one last thing, it doesn’t end here. If you liked it please recommend and leave a comment if you would love to read more. Thanks you :-)