Wura Yakubu
Apr 29 · 1 min read

“Do you know what would be halfway nice?”

Scary thoughts that keep you up,

You exert a lot of mental training into avoiding them,

but like thieves in the night, they creep up from underneath the thoughts of your happy place,

They erase your thoughts of dancing without worries and

settle comfortably into your consciousness,

you catch yourself and then you travel your mind back to things you want.

“Do you know what would be halfway nice?”

I thought about seeing a therapist today,

male, intelligent (trust me), unbiased,

laying on a chair in my favorite jeans,

grilling him rather than the other way round,

but then I know it would be a waste of time,

we would talk about everything else other than why I’m actually there.

I always believed that talking about bad things was me giving it life,

life to actually became worse,

so I would hoard it within, evade, avoid until it faded away.

or I would write about it, but that doesn’t work these days, I’m too scared of writing it too

“So you know what would be halfway nice?”

A conversation with a stranger,

I hope you like drinking,

So I can tell you about everything else apart from what I really need to talk about,

we’ll dance at the edge of our problems but not speak them so as not to give them life.

I think that would be halfway nice.