How to deal with cranky, parasitic entities (lolchons pls go)

If you’re secular minded, feel free to consider this guide a mind exercise. If you’re not, fill in any labeling with that of the faith of your choice. Demons, vampires, reptilian ESP, archons, asura, djinn, blah blah blah etc etc, all of them have SOMETHING to describe such things. This is a loose map, a home remedy exorcism.

Movies like The Exorcist have most people think this has to be a dramatic, deadly grueling process. Con organizations like Scientology will make you pay for a temporary purge to lure you in, then stuff more back in you so that you’re in the control loop of hell. Beware of any map that leads people to believe that the solutions are unattainable by most. True liberation is attainable to all.

  1. Forgive yourself. You don’t have to believe in the literal Jesus to realize he had a good point. Parasitic entities feast on your shame and self-hatred.
  2. Drink a lot of water. Mind, body and spirit are connected, so hydrating yourself regularly to clear out your crud helps. Note that I said water and not soda. Fuck your soda. Showers and baths are also nice.
  3. Get fresh air and spend time in something related to nature. Some people are stuck in dense cities without wilderness. A garden works just the same, or even trees along the street. Appreciate the critters around you and soak in some sunlight.
  4. Reevaluate your priorities in life. If you’re not happy in your money and status treadmill, isn’t that a sign that a lifestyle of money and status treadmilling is stupid? Reconnect with your authentic interests and passions. Right now, don’t put it off for your retirement date.
  5. Burn sage. I don’t know how this works, it just does.
  6. Find music that moves you and dance to it. Dancing is very helpful because it connects your body and spirit without your mind getting in the way. Your mind is the weak point that negativities attach to. Dancing is a good way to get physically healthier without paying a dime for gym membership or being bored doing the same reps every day. It doesn’t matter if you can’t dance well. Keep doing it alone in your room.
  7. Flavor your food with sea salt. Throw it around if you’re feeling particularly woo. Why not? Make ‘em salty.
  8. Forgive yourself!
  9. Parasitic entities have an easy hold on people locked into mindless ritualized behavior. Random is resistance! Follow your inner child and whimsy. Shake things up and shift from an unchanging attachment lifestyle to a flow lifestyle. The subgenius slogan is Give Me Slack or Kill Me. USE YOUR BOB GIVEN SLACK OR THEY WILL KILL YOU.
  10. If you feel like fapping a lot, just fap. If you don’t, don’t. The only thing that matters is whether you’re stressing over it or not. Maps that demand you stop fapping lock you into the same shame cycle parasites feed on and you end up still focused on your loins anyway. It doesn’t matter if you’re wanking.
  11. Eating more or less healthier helps, but you don’t need a specialized diet with a bunch of restrictions and rules. As a general rule, anything with a bunch of arbitrary rigid rules is a crap map.
  12. Forgive yourself. And other people.
  13. Indulge in absurdity based humor. I make this distinct from cruelty based humor, because the parasites are hunky dory with that shit. It’s absurdity based humor that will help you. Laugh at evil.
  14. Apparently, they really, really hate My Little Pony and this is VERY AMUSING when you learn this enough to use it to your advantage. Friendship is Magic.

These are all the things that worked for me through process of intuition, trial and error. Your experiences might vary. As I was dealing with this stuff, I was purging out pure cold air, but that was also when I was purposely trolling the shit and not everyone needs to or should do this.

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