Tech Nazi Halo

The nineties were a fine time to be a feral autistic teen, at least for me. By feral, I mean drunk. I won’t be ashamed of that anymore. Without diagnosis yet and without medication, a method to reduce social anxiety from 100% to Fuck You came in handy to explore the world and people outside of my room. For some reason, it always spiraled back to Nazis. I suppose it’s my lot in life.

Yes, skinheads were a thing around my state at the time. I had quite a few encounters with these people who just love to move in packs against individuals they perceive weaker than themselves, but all these stories might be a detour for another time. In short, I never came out these scraps impressed or intimidated. When I’m being hit, I’m laughing because my blood being spilled doesn’t matter and you’re pathetic for trying. But, they… you… keep hitting others…

Here we are, nearly twenty years later on the internet. In spite of my very real experiences grinding in the point that a white supremacist is anything but and those he hates are usually those who remind him of that, I still fell into the edge for a time. Apparently, this kind of thing tends to happen when you’re a prideful, contrary autistic person on the internet who never REALLY fit in anywhere and loves to argue. It tends to happen when offline life fades behind the screen and all that’s true in your life anymore is that screen and everything is abstract and not really real, is it? It’s all just a joke, a fantasy.

I’ve never been to a university and I’m not part of any other scene, so the following language doesn’t come naturally. The ability to play with racial and sexual supremacy and genocidal hatred without any care or concern for the impact of such ideas on real lives is the core of your white male privilege on the internet. Don’t take this to mean I believe you’re living The Good Life and oppressing me. You’re mostly insecure sad sacks. I wouldn’t trade places.

(I know. You think you’re so above your counterparts on the street. No.)

You want to be a mysterious, scary thing. Dark Enlightenment, a torrent of rambling pomp and arrogance. You tragic genius, so under appreciated by the sheeple. You’ll show them all. It’s all a joke, it’s all trolling but LOL YOU TAKE YOURSELVES SO DAMN SERIOUSLY, DON’T YOU? We can witness your insecurity in your reactions, reactionaries. Hell, let’s call a cracker a cracker. Obfuscated white supremacists, fellow travelers and useful idiots. Behind the delusions of persecution, Joffrey with a computer.

There is a squid here with a few tentacles and a lot of ink. Your ink cloud is larger than the squid. Compartmentalize and multitask. Insist on the idea that all these websites and all the subforums within the websites are separate communities unto themselves. If I were driven to spread bad ideas, it would be very easy to alt account my presence on every single one of these spaces and to pretend that I Am Legion (no disrespect meant to Anon of empathy and conscience. The non-nazis).

The spear is pointed at feminism. Exploitation of sexual shame and frustration is the bread and butter of authoritarian movements and the internet provides opportunity in abundance. Are you Forever Alone? It’s their fault. No, you know you’re terrible BUT IT’S STILL THEIR FAULT. Here, have some scapegoats. Even though you’re barely old enough to know what planet you’re on.

Do you like jailbait? Do you like them a lot smaller than jailbait? How frustrating. How shameful and how isolating. I could feel for you, easily. Who would choose this? But, oh… someone is telling you that rape and abuse and the damage of child molestation is a feminist lie to seize power for the gynocracy. This, even while one hand is on the cock stroking to the tears, screaming and blood of others. Now you’re UNFAIRLY oppressed and now you have a scapegoat and now you’re just a total asshole. Oh, and someone else knows you downloaded that child porn and that means you can be controlled for life. Political corruption doesn’t just run on money. It runs on blackmail. A tyrant might have disgust for you “degenerates,” but a tyrant allows what he can control. Under every sexual taboo, the tyrant finds a toolbox and he can promise you virgins in his vision of utopia. Do what you need to do or be exposed and thrown to the mob.

It’s a rational choice and you are rational men.