The real divide in the US isn’t red vs. blue
Will Potter

I was introduced to you by a mutual friend, Errol Siegel. I came to the talk you had at University of Texas in Austin earlier this year. It was the first book I read in a step I took earlier this year to stop living in ignorant bliss and to have my eyes opened to what is going on.

Don’t get me wrong I was an Animal Activist in my early 20’s and quit because it literally became this screaming match where no rational thought took place and I could not see the point in that. I have been an on again and off again Vegetarian in that time span between 20–50 (now) and last year I went Vegan halfheartedly. I then took a 30 day solo no speak trip this year and came back a changed woman…one of the things I saw repeatedly on this trip was super large commercial dairy farms “hidden” in the most off the road places and it was there I realized that I had to make a complete commitment to a Compassionate Lifestyle change…change my views on consumerism, food, how I actually lived my life from where I earned my money and where I spent it and how I banked with it…not an easy process and one I am STILL working on extricating myself from…

Then the election happened and EVERYONE went nuts and the only thing I could think of …well the light is now on, and now the real work begins…

All I could think of when your chat ended earlier this year was that I would give my right arm to sit down and just have a coffee and conversation with you.

Have thought about how I could go to work supporting your organization…I am a writer and photographer and have been searching for ways to use it towards the advancement of social issues I have become very interested in. Was very interested in your drone program. The full implications of what we do to prisoners was also disheartening. Never mind the color issue, the loss of life and hope after prison, the loss of rights. The inequality of time to the true nature of assigning sentence to fit the crime. I am of the opinion that one voice can and does make a difference. WE change the world by having open honest conversation with the people in our lives.

And that would be the sticking point, I still believe and practice that you and I do not have to agree to have great and deep conversation BUT I allow myself to take in what you say and make changes in my thoughts by truly listening to how it applies to me and the Universe as a whole.

It is why I REALLY agree with the viewpoint in your article. I hope you actually get to read this. I would welcome a conversation with you. I will continue to look forward to reading and following you…and I will support your work when I wear the T-Shirt I bought from Green is the New Red. I will hashtag it on my Instagram account…part of what I do to support local music and artisans and social changes I believe in.

Thank you for the work you do, I hope I get a chance to Check the “have an in-person conversation with Will Potter” off of my bucket list.


Miriam Rieck, Wylde Soul Photography