Idea Dairy #4

For this weeks idea dairy I’ve decided to write about both the theme of the week and my own reflections and thoughts surrounding my current idea.

The theme of the week was a question about what kind of contributor I want to be. I’ve thought about this and I think the best way to describe what kind of contributor I want to be in the MPS program is an “engaging contributor”. Right now I feel my contribution efforts can be described as static. I find that I’ll contribute to multiple discussions one day but then won’t return for a week or so. This style is a disservice to both myself and my peers in the program.

To combat this and change my contributing style I’ve come up with a couple skills that I think will help improve my contributions. The first is improve my organization, part of the reason for my static responses is because I have poor organization and I forget where I’ve written a response so then I forget to back to it and see any posts following. The second is my time management this is key to not only my contributing but my life as a whole. Due to my poor time management sometimes I’ll just skip the contribution all together because I’m in a rush and don’t have the time to finish a thoughtful response to someones work. I’m going to combat this by allotting myself 30 minutes a day to review posts and offer a response or my own thoughts.

On to my reflections about the state of my current idea. I’m enjoying exploring the concept of 4 roommates creating a start-up ad agency out of their condo and documenting the experience in form of some sort of web series. I think with the technological revolution shaking the Ad world as much as every other industry it opens up different opportunities to deliver the content for the narrative. Because the story is suppose to portray a legitimate ad agency it could be interactive to create mock social media accounts for this agency to add an engaging element for the viewer of the web series.

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