Wynyard Group Explains How Geographic Profiling is a Key Technique in Crime Analysis

Crime Analysis has long been the method of examining, detecting and preventing a crime. Any methodology or technique that points to the principals of crime analysis is a key element one of which is, geographic profiling. Kim Rossmo discovered geographic profiling while studying under the professor-duo, Paul and Patricia Brantingham, who devised a theoretical crime model. The model focused on detecting locations where crimes were most likely to take place based on the study of an offender’s location of residence, leisure activity, and workplace. The technique introduced by Rossmo is a continuation of the same which is generally used for studying serial crimes like, rape, murder, abduction, etc. It is popularly used as a key element of crime analysis to help detect and prevent an event of a serial crime. The use of this technique is supported and promoted by Wynyard Group which is a notable name in the arena of crime analytics.

Role of Geographic Profiling in Crime Analysis Explained

Discovering the most probable area of criminal occurrence by analyzing the suspect’s base of activities is called Geographic Profiling (Rossmo, 2000). Used especially while investigating serial crimes, the technology helps law enforcements to apprehend the offender faster with investment of lesser time and resources demanded.

The following factors explain why geographic profiling is a hit in the crime analysis arena:

  • Prioritize: The technique is employed for not only analyzing suspect location, but also prioritizing multiple suspects based on their residence information. This helps shortlist those who are more likely to be the offenders in a case for further investigation.
  • Management: Geospatial profiling also helps law enforcement officials to manage suspect records based on their geographical information as in some cases the number of suspects could be more than hundreds and thousands.
  • Prioritize: Crime analysts can use the geographical records to prioritize the suspect records owned by police departments, such as arrest details, jail booking sheets, field interview which include address, charges prior to arrest, and physical description of the suspects.
  • Awareness: The crime analysts can use gained profiles of suspects to spread awareness amongst local area residents, neighboring watch groups, or conduct media campaigns to prevent similar occurrences in future.

Wynyard Group features Advanced Crime Analytics software that can be of significant help during detection and prevention of serial crimes. Geospatial profiling being one of the many superior services offered by ACA software can make it a helpful aid for crime analysts to detect crime patterns and law enforcements to prevent their occurrences by catching hold of the offender from the potential suspects.