Top 10 Paradox.

Paradox may be a statement or a question. When do we observe that, is that true or false? What is the correct meaning? What is the correct conclusion? These are not related to logic. Don’t be confused. You will understand everything when we get to the subject. I will explain to you the top 10 Paradoxes in the world.

10. Bootstrap Paradox

This paradox is related to time travel. How this is, for example, You travel back in time and give yourself an object but, you got that object because your future self gave it to you in the past so the origin of the object is not known but the object exists. According to the paradox, we lose the creation point. I know it is somewhat difficult. But, listen to it again. This is a nice one.

9. Ship of Theseus

If we have a ship with us. It has 100 parts. Out of that, one part got damaged. We removed that damaged part and, left that in the storeroom and replaced it with a new part. Every part gets damaged on that ship along with the time. and, we replaced all the parts. Now, the twist is, we left all the damaged parts in the storeroom, right? If we make a ship with those damaged parts, then, what is the real ship? The ship with damaged parts or with the new parts?

8. Penrose triangle

Penrose triangle is also known as Penrose tribar. This is an optical illusion. You are watching, right? This is the one. It is also known as an Impossible image. It was created by a Swedish artist Oscar Reutersvärd in 1934. This image is visible in two perceptions. But, we can’t confirm what is that correct perception? A single image is visible in two ways. In reality, we can’t make the physical 3D object of this which is visible to us. It’s just artwork. Isn’t it beautiful?

7. Paradox of court

A Philosopher named Protagoras taught a law course to a pupil named Euathlus. But, according to their agreement, Euathlus should pay the fee to Protagoras, after the winning of a case. But, after the training, Euathlus decided to stop his career in law. Then, Protagoras files a case against him in court in the matter of payment of the fee. If Protagoras wins the case, Then, Euathlus should have to pay the fee as per the court judgment. If Euathlus wins the case, then, as per their agreement, he should have to pay the fee as he won his first case. Either way, Euathlus should have to pay the fee. This paradox was formed due to the counter dilemma of the statement.

6. Omnipotence Paradox

This paradox confuses the god also. What that is, if God is the most powerful, it is the challenge to God to create a stone even he can’t lift. If God creates the stone even he can’t lift, because he can’t lift it and the reason, everything is possible to God then he is not God! If he can’t create the stone, there is a stone that even God can’t create, he is not God. At last, we didn’t leave God also.

5. Potato paradox

For example, we have 100 kgs of potatoes. That contains 99% of water. and, only 1% of it contains pure potato. But, due to Summer heat, some water evaporates in the night and, 98% of water remains in the morning. So, get ready to blow your mind. How many kgs of potatoes remain with us? The answer is.. 50 kgs only. Yes, it’s mathematically correct. If it is 100 kgs when it contains 1% potato and 99% of water, to get 1% to 2%, half of the total water needs to evaporate. In that way, there should be 50kgs only. If you want, you can calculate that.

4. Epimenides Paradox

The statement of this paradox is, This statement is false. If the statement was told by me, according to this statement, this means, this statement is true. It means, this statement is false. It means, the same statement is true. It means It has no conclusion.

3. The Grandfather Paradox

This paradox is also related to time traveling. It’s a famous paradox. What this is, you go to the past in a time machine, you kill your grandfather before your grandmother marries him, where could you be born, is this paradox. There is more time to travel in time.

2. Wife and Husband paradox

This is a little bit interesting. This paradox is, we never decide that our husband tells is true or false. For example, when a husband is with his wife if anyone asks ‘Is your wife good?’ if he tells ‘Yes, she is.’ that maybe because of the fear of his wife. But we can’t tell whether that is true. When the husband is with his wife, if he tells that his wife is bad, that means, she gives him more freedom to say she is bad. It means, definitely his wife is good. In this case also, what he said is false. When we see this, it shows that no husband will tell the truth in front of his wife. Just kidding.

1. Socrates Bridge Paradox

According to this paradox, Socrates, while traveling on a bridge, Plato obstructed him in the middle and asked him to say the truth about him. If it is true, I will leave you. Otherwise, I will throw you into the water. Then, Socrates said, Now, you will throw me into the water. If Plato thought to throw him into the water, then, what Socrates said is correct. So, he had to let him go. If he let him go, what Socrates told is a lie. As Plato was in dilemma, he couldn’t make a decision. So, he released Socrates.

How are they? Did I put some stress on your brain? No problem. We have to use it sometimes. if you can’t convince someone, confuse them. There are so many ways to confuse others.

Thanks for reading.



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