Thoughts on the Red Line towards Glenmont

where is my financial freedom?

to often I abandon my slumber, in place of nightmares and televised stress

my body drained and my mind sleepy eyed
the capital is my destination
where I work for a corporation
trading time for a skimp check, every bi-week pay period
Lobbyists breathing down my neck, just cause I asked for some relief
Rent to damn high to function
A couple payments behind until I’m homeless- another faceless body rummaging on concrete slabs

where is my financial stability?

the capital is my destination
my nation guarded so heavily against its blood
policed back into submission
Capital Walled Streets
Fury is my temptation
Complex industrial complexes
Prisons structured for debt indentured servants
Can I not pay my bills now?

13 years been lied too
4 years cried too
100,000 dollars and I got was this lousy degree
And not a damn job opening for me
My sense of the America dream was murdered on the way to a supermarket check out lines only to be told
My credit card is overdrawn upon
Can I feed my family now?

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